Leonardo DiCaprio Will Play Russian Mystic Rasputin In The Upcoming Biopic


Earlier this year Leonardo DiCaprio came out in an interview and said he planned to take a really long break from acting, and I’m starting to seriously doubt that game plane. He has so many movies lined up, it’s insane! Gatsby just dropped, he’s got that JFK movie coming up, and we also heard his name attached to a film set during The Great Depression. Now we’re learning that he’s set to produce and star in a biopic about famed Russian mystic, Rasputin. So, yeah. Methinks that break is DUNZO before it began. Click inside for more!

Indiewire has the deets:

Warner Bros. has snapped up [Jason] Hall’s pitch for “Rasputin,” with Leonardo DiCaprio to produce and star. The famed Russian mystic was also a wildly controversial person, who seemed to gain more enemies as prominence grew. Known equally for his supposed powers as his sexual proclivities and other unorthodox behaviors, he was assassinated at the age of 47. The larger than life figure of course inspired movies about his life, the most recent efforts being the 2011 French TV flick “Raspoutine” with Gerard Depardieu as the title character, and 1996’s HBO effort “Rasputin” with Alan Rickman in the lead. So yeah, there’s room for another version. And it’s easy to see the appeal: period costuming, eccentric character, accents!

Of course, this is all a long, long way off, as a script needs to be written, DiCaprio needs to approve, a director needs to be found and DiCaprio still needs to be interested after all that happens, and hopefully not too distracted by any of the other projects that come his way. Still, an interesting prospect to consider.

A lot of the readers on Indiewire are calling Leo Oscar-hungry, arguing that he’s now only taking on roles that could lead to a big win. Not sure if that’s true, but even if it is, it doesn’t make me less excited about any of his upcoming projects.

I’ve heard the name Rasputin plenty, but I’m not especially familiar with his story so I’m definitely looking forward to checking this one out.

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  • Natalea

    For reals? Leo could totally pull this off. I was obsessed with the Romanovs as a child and am all too familiar with the creepiness that was Rasputin. This biopic has the potential to be really good. And yes, Leo probably is Oscar hungry, but boo deserves it!