‘I’d Let Him Bend Me Over A Barrel And Show Me The 50 States,’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


This was a big week in sexy here on PITNB. Between our Hot-Person-Of-The-Week revival with Jax from Sons of Anarchy, the Ginuwine Throwback Thursday post, and every outfit Miranda Kerr wore I was inspired to start working out again and to do my hair. In fact, I write this with the Dr. Miracles hour-long conditioner still currently in place… lmao. We also had a few interesting discussions about the definition of sexy, which was inspired by some new Twitter photos from Miley Cyrus. All in all, it was another week of awesomeness via PITNB reader comments. Click inside for just a handful of some of my faves!

PITNBr fab4runner joined in on our celebration of the hotness that is Charlie Hunnam AKA Jax Teller from Sons Of Anarchy:

Loooove, love, love SoA. Top three favorite show of all time for me, and I am a TV addict. Season three is by far my favorite. but I love them all.

Jax is insanely hot. He does really violent and crazy things… and it just makes me love him more! I’d let him bend me over a barrel and show me the 50 states. I also love Opie, though… and he gets more adorable for each season.

Can’t wait until the new season this fall. Welcome to the SoA fan club, Shannon :)

I wanna thank all of you who welcomed me into the SOA fan club with open arms. Many PITNBrs (i.e. Vicky and Sabrina) mentioned their desire to do unspeakable things to Jax, and I also appreciate all of the recommendations for his other shows and movies. Y’all are the best!

PITNBr Meghan had me rollin’ when she brilliantly commented on our first look at the new Elizabeth Taylor biopic from BBC, starring Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West:

Liz & Dick was the SNL skit version of this film.

PITNBr Ella joined many of us who reacted strongly to the news about Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt. I really appreciate Ella for sharing a personal comment (you can read the full comment HERE), and for shedding a little light on the issue of depression, which so many of us still don’t fully understand:

This is super sad news.
You never know what’s going on under the surface. Too often people lose loved ones to suicide and they are left floundering because they didn’t see any signs. Those of us who suffer with depression are top-notch actors…

PITNBr Katy simply did not see the ‘sexy’ in Miley Cyrus’s new booty-poppin’ Twit pic:

If she’s going for ‘cat in heat’, she’s succeeding.

PITNBr Lulu, thank you for commenting on the post about Lorde (and BTW, if y’all missed it, you gotta check out this New Zealand pop star who comes strongly recommended by many of our PITNBr Kiwis). Even though the video was unrelated, you know I always appreciate a good laugh, especially if it’s related to the hilariousness that is parenting. Here’s the video Lulu sent me:


PITNBr ella had some major concerns about Justin Bieber’s upcoming trip into outer space:

Could the first concert ever performed in space please NOT be by Justin Bieber…?

PITNBr swile71 also commented on a Justin Bieber story, though this one was about the swaggerific ensemble he wore to the Miami Heat game. I still don’t know exactly what a K-Mart pimp is, but this was still hilarious:

He was there strictly for the attention. Who the hell goes to watch a game dressed like a K-Mart pimp? The photos make it look like a life size Bieber doll was at the game.

PITNBr Emily also admitted to some confusion about Bieber’s outfit… and Kanye’s forthcoming baby? LMAO:

Twitter was blowing up last night with people making fun of leather onesies. I assumed it had something to do with Bieber, but hoped it was about Kanye’s baby. I suppose at this point, there’s not much difference between the two – Kanye’s unborn has more maturity though.

PITNBr Stanley, I’m sooo glad you joined in on our Ginuwine Throwback Thursday extravaganza. So glad:

Every time someone mentions Ginuwine, I feel compelled to mention this, so why should PITNB be different? I am a social worker, and I had a client who named her baby that. Ginuwine. Yes. That is all. Carry on.

You guys rock, you already know!

It’s about time to wash this conditioner out. Blow-dry, flat-iron, wrap, and I’ll be finished just in time for Mad Men. Nobody call me!

  • Alecia

    LMAO Shannon! You wrote this during your leave-in time? I love it.
    Thanks for the Convos with My 2 Year Old Video. Gotta love how dramatic the man playing the baby was!

    • Shannon

      Alecia, I don’t wanna brag… but uh… this week I became the unofficial queen of doing 5 things at once and it was glorious.

      So glad you liked that video Lulu posted– hilarious, right? I’m about to watch episode 2 :)

    • Alecia

      I saw episode 2 and I have to say it was even funnier! I’m excited about episode 3 coming out Wednesday!

  • nicole

    that video was great. i kind of wish i went pee before i watched episode 2..that one was so funny & hard on the bladder.

  • fab4runner

    Lol! Glad you appreciated my comment. Sadly, I can’t take credit for it. It’s from the (underrated) movie Horrible Bosses…but I love to break it out from time to time! It’s very accurate, because I really would let him do that, haha.

    • Heather Lea Armstrong

      I knew I recognized that from somewhere! You’re right, totally underrated.

  • Emily

    Thanks for the shout out Shannon! Re: that Miami Heat game where he wore a leather onesie and had a body guard blocking views. Remember the girl he was sitting next to? She’s a random Heats fan and had an awkward time sitting there … http://i.imgur.com/Nqya7tJ.png?1