Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler (Finally) Got Hitched!


First they were engaged, then they were totally broken up, then they were engaged again … then came the pregnancy, but still no wedding. The baby was born last August and … today, many, many months after the couple failed to get married the first time around, we learn that Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears are finally man and wife. Instead of going for a big wedding, Kristin and Jay decided to get themselves hitched in a private, very intimate ceremony. So … at last, we can offer our love and congrats to the happily married couple!!

Touchdown! Kristin Cavallari and her papa Bear, Jay Cutler, have tied the knot. “Im officially Kristin Elizabeth Cutler!!!!!” she Tweeted Friday with a photo of their rings. The announcement that the former Laguna Beach reality starlet, 26, wed the pro quarterback, 30, came just hours after they got a marriage license in Nashville. The pair’s nuptials follow their Nov. 2011 engagement – a second for the pair, who called off their first in July 2011. “I think we both knew from the moment we met that we wanted to marry each other,” she told PEOPLE shortly after Cutler’s first proposal. “It’s been a great situation.” Once reunited after their split, the happy pair wasted no time starting a family. Cavallari and Cutler announced in January 2012 they were expecting their first child. The TV personality gave birth to son, Camden Jack in August of that year. “It was the most incredible moment I’ve ever felt,” she said of childbirth. “With Camden, I’ve realized what really matters. We’re a family.”

Dang, finally! This is a couple that has gone thru a lot over the course of their relationship. The first time they got engaged, it looked like they were on track for a MASSIVE wedding … then it all fell apart. I’m really happy to see that they have been able to put in the work necessary to enjoy a happy relationship together. With a beautiful baby boy and now a new marriage, it is my sincere hope that Kristin and Jay can share a very happy life together. You old skool readers should remember that my lurve for Kristin Cavallari goes WAY back to her days on MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. It is from her that the phrase DUNZO! was borne into pop culture (and my vocabulary) and for that, I will love her forever. Let’s send all of our love and congrats to the happy couple today. May they truly live happily ever after.

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  • janaegal

    I kind of got the feeling they are still having a wedding (wouldn’t be surprised if it’s today or in the very near future). I love the idea of getting married privately before and THEN having the wedding(aka party). I think it’s romantic.

  • Jamie O.

    Yes! Like you, Trent, I’ve always been Team Kristin even purchasing a Hollister tshirt proclaiming my allegiance way back in the Laguna Beach days. I’m very happy for her!