Amber Rose Continues To Tease Photos Of Baby Sebastian


At this point in the game we know what to expect from Amber Rose’s Instagram. Baby Sebastian’s face remains a mystery, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been able to experience his cuteness in bits and pieces. We’ve seen some baby thigh fat, some controversial baby weed socks, some pudgy fingers, and we’ve seen Papa Wiz Khalifa holding the baby. If we put all those pieces together, we totally, almost have a full picture of this child, lol. Today Amber took to Instagram to further tease a look at Bash. Click inside for more!

Baby Feet Make Life Happy:


Lol I love when Sebastian curls his toes around my finger :-)

Amber also shared a pic of Wiz and the baby having what appears to be a total blast:


Sebastian has the best Dad ever! #FatherandSon #Sebastian #Wiz:-)

Cuteness! And Amber’s right– there are few greater feelings than that of baby toes around your fingers. It’s cool to see that she’s getting to enjoy all the little things.

As much as I would love to see a picture of Bash’s actual face, I gotta agree with one of Amber’s followers who wrote in support of her keeping the baby to herself and her family: It aint nobody business unless they changing diapers. LMAO. Yup, pretty much.

Oh, and get ready for the Amber/Wiz nuptials! Amber teased this photo of her wedding dress a while back:


It’s going down! For some reason, I’m as excited to eventually see her dress as I am to see Wiz’s tux. Something tells me he’s gonna rock something funky. And maybe we’ll finally get to see Bash in the wedding pictures, lol.


  • nicole

    Shannon..did you see the pics she posted of her new hair? i didnt even recognize her! looks completely different.

    • Shannon

      nicole, yes. I just saw those today. I’m assuming she was just playing around with a new wig– I can’t imagine her looking like that all the time!