Watch: Beyoncé’s Team Finally Confirms That The Singer Is ‘Absolutely Not Pregnant’


Okay, so I think it’s maybe, officially safe to say that Beyoncé is not pregnant. The other day she laughed off the rumors on the Today show, and now her team is finally speaking out. Gayle King announced on CBS’s This Morning that she spoke directly with Bey’s peoples and they say the star and her husband Jay-Z are ‘absolutely, positively not pregnant at this time.’ One could argue that we are still getting all these denials second-hand, but what do y’all think? Case closed? Peep the video and decide for yourself!


  • Linnea

    All i can think of is do every person in Beyonce’s team pay her
    25 000 dollars every week just to be in her team, or is it just for those who are dumb enough to join the team now?

    • Krissy

      That is a special thing that is being auctioned for charity. It isn’t a real “job”, it is being with her team on tour.

  • miguel

    …but when is the album coming out. Now there is NO EXCUSE for this ridiculously delayed mess of an era. Ugh. I started stanning for this woman because my friend gifted ‘4’ to me…oh, how I regret that day.

  • Krissy

    I REALLY hate the idea of a woman being forced to confirm or deny pregnancy rumors. That is so personal, many women don’t even tell close family members like their own mothers until they are in their 2nd trimester. Why should the public feel entitled to that medical information? Just because you bought a ticket or a cd doesn’t mean that you have the right to medical info.

    Nature can be cruel and harsh and I think this is something that all women, celeb or not, should be left alone about. E! news was so trashy when they said that “souces” confirmed that Beyonce was pregnant. Classless.

    • Gillian

      I agree with you. It really is a personal subject, especially if you have miscarried in the past. It really shouldn’t be anyone else’s business. Unfortunately if you make your living based on your body (in B’s case its singing and dancing) you cant blame people for wanting to know. I would be incredibly curious to know IF I had bought tickets. Tickets that cost hundreds of dollars… I’d want to know what kind of show I’d be paying for. I’d be upset if I was expecting to get power weave tossing, intense dance moves, and stunning costumes… But got her standing still, waddling when she did move, and cupping her belly instead

    • Krissy

      But many performers have toured while pregnant, like Christina Aguilera, and people didn’t complain and demand a refund. A pregnant woman can do a lot of moving through 2/3rds of her pregnancy. If you bought tickets and then found out all of a sudden she was 8 months along, it would be a different story! ;)

    • Gillian

      That is very true! But not all woman are able to do it all while pregnant. I think people go overboard because she is the queen B! People expect a lot from her, so it’s easy to see how they’d be worried/disappointed