Here Are 10 Reasons Why Ginuwine Was The Sexiest Guy In R&B For A Really Long Time


Guys, I know I’m late but I just got on the Pandora train and I am in luuuurve. Somehow I got lost in a vortex the other day and decided to hang out on the ‘Ginuwine’ station. Sigh. Lemme tell you about Ginuwine for a second. Ya know how we recently revived our hot-person-of-the-week post? Well, if this was 1996, Ginuwine would be my hot-person-of-the-week… every week. I legitimately did not know what a sex symbol was until I walked into a record store when I was like 10 years old and saw the Ginuwine poster to end all Ginuwine posters. He was shirtless, sweaty, and I needed that poster in my life. Desperately. But something told me that if I asked my mom to get it for me… there was, like, a 75% chance she might just turn around and slap me. LMAO. And that, my friends, is how I discovered sex, sex symbols, and probably my own budding sexuality. In a record store, staring at a poster of Ginuwine. Please click inside so we can celebrate the amazingness that was this guy’s body/voice back in the day!

10 Reasons Why Ginuwine Was The Sexiest ‘Bachelor’ In R&B For A Really Long Time

1. Pony


Really. What do you expect me to say about this video?! I’d never even heard anything that sounded anything like this song, but I can specifically remember every girl in my sixth grade class losing her damn mind when they played it at the spring dance. LMAO… wait. Wait, stop. His jeans are SO effing baggy in this video, I cannot! Love it!

2. So Anxious


OMG, I still do not want my mom to hear me listening to this song. Do you remember that feeling? When a super-sexual song would come on in the car and you’d be with your mom, and it’d be all awkward ’cause the sex would be, like, permeating the sacred air betwixt mother and child? Yeah. That feeling. Every time this song comes on… and my eyes roll to the back of my head and then I look around to make sure my mom’s not watching me enjoy it. As in, enjoy it. LMAO. OMG, we need more Timbaland please.

3. In Those Jeans

Ginuwine – In Those Jeans by Dante35


Okay, when I first heard this I was like You’ve got to be kidding me. A song. About women and their… jeans? Based on, like, the worst pick-up line of all time: Is there any more room for me in those jeans? LMAO! Awful. But… it’s Ginuwine! And he made it sound so hawt! You have to admit, if a guy who looked like Ginuwine sang that line to you, it’d be a little less corny. Plus, you got Kimora Lee in the video, plus that half-naked chick (incidentally, not ‘wearing’ her jeans at all) with the ginormously perfect hair bun. Sigh. Back when video girls rules the world, lol!

4. Same Ol’ G

Ginuwine – Same Ol' G by klmbaby


It’s the same ol’ Ginuwine, y’all. He’s still grinding with the baggiest of baggy pants on. And he still looks hot doing it. Don’t hate him ’cause y’all are still thuggin and he’s gotta be a grown ass man! LMAO, omg. No. Seriously. I need to hear more of Timbaland’s voice in life.

5. None Of Ur Friend’s Business


NobodyTALKTOMEEEEEEeeeeee! You have no idea. No. You have no idea how much it is none of ur friend’s business right now! The best part of this video is that he and Solé– with her ridiculously amazing fedora– eventually got married and had, like, 8 kids right? Wait, do you know what my part is? When I see you wit’ yo friends under my breath all I can say is mmmh, mmmh, damn, mmmmhhhh! OMG, Ginuwine takes ‘em to church on that one! These kids don’t know how to write lyrics like that anymore, lol!

And do you remember how Solé was a rapper? She and Ginuwine teamed up on this little gem:


More Throwback Ginuwine (and his abs) on the next page!

  • nicole

    ‘What’s So Different’ & ‘Differences” still get mad plays from me. and thanks to Magic Mike, so does ‘Pony’ lol.
    but come on..WAS the sexiest guy? pretty sure he’s still up there – at least for me lol. he’s a classic.

    • Shannon

      nicole, ‘he’s a classic’– you’re so right. And I’d definitely still hit that… what?!

    • Reeses

      Ohhhh genu”fine” one of the hottest pieces of chocolate in the R&B business! So Anxious was my song, I’d literally start sweating and squeezing bcuz I just knew Genuwine was singing to me and don’t get me started on Sole, I wanted snatch her bald! Oh those were the days….

  • apriljan

    You had me at Pony.

    • Shannon

      apriljan, LOL. HE had me at Pony :)

  • Vicky

    I haven’t heard Pony in a long time. That was definitely the first song I ever dirty danced too. Brings back memories!

  • Krissy

    “. Do you remember that feeling? When a super-sexual song would come on in the car and you’d be with your mom, and it’d be all awkward ’cause the sex would be, like, permeating the sacred air betwixt mother and child? Yeah. That feeling. ”

    LMAO. I can’t stop laughing. I love the way you capture humanity!

    • Shannon

      Krissy, glad I’m not alone on that one ;)

  • Alecia

    Yeah I know that feeling and unfortunately it still happens to me. Anytime “Let’s Get It On” comes on, I feel 10 again and ready to hide. My manager had it on her office the other week and started singing to it- I was like get me outta here!
    Anyway, Ginuwine was and still is poppin’. The braids, the tats, the moves, and most importantly the best abs in 90s R&B hands down.
    My jams were So Anxious- that’s like required pre-puberty listening right there, Pony- that beat’s inescapable, You Owe Me as bad as it is lyrically, and most importantly Same Ol G’- he had so many hits it’s hard to like just one.

  • Stanley

    Every time someone mentions Ginuwine, I feel compelled to mention this, so why should PITNB be different? I am a social worker, and I had a client who named her baby that. Ginuwine. Yes. That is all. Carry on.

    • Shannon

      Stanley, THANK YOU for sharing this. Seriously. Thank you.

  • Lindsay

    “There It Is” is everything. I can’t links to it now but the video…. “I ain’t doin this ish for nothin’!”

  • Devonte Antonio

    We are kindred spirits because I was JUST jamming some 90s R&B today at the gym! Missy and Tim really had it on LOCK in the 90s…RIP Aaliyah.

  • rOXy

    Why do I get the feeling Ginuwine is what Bieber wishes he could be when he grows up?

  • blaqfury

    Thank you for this throwback… i don’t think i realized how prominent Ginuwine was in my adolescent years until now… Like I lived for So Anxious… lol.

  • Dana J

    oh hold up Shannon you forgot “I’ll do anything/I’m sorry” by Ginuwine. Him dancing in the rain… abs…. yeahhhh *fans herself* just damn,
    [video-embed url=”http%3A//”]