A Photo Of Daft Punk WITHOUT Their Helmets Hits The Internets


The electronic music duo Daft Punk have built a reputation of mystery over the many years of their career because of their gimmick of only being seen in public while wearing their trademark helmets. That’s not to say that the members of Daft Punk, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, have never been out in public sans helmets but when they do appear in public they do not advertise their true identities … kind of like superheros. Well, all good things must come to an end. Now that Daft Punk is back with a new album and they are promoting that album in the age of social media, their attempt at keeping their “true identities” a secret has failed. The helmet-less Daft Punk guys were photographed playing beer pong with champagne (of course) inside the offices of Sony Music and, naturally, that photo was posted online. Altho it was quickly deleted, the photo was picked up by others and is now all over the place. Want to see what Daft Punk looks like without their helmets? Click below.

The photo was snapped by another electronic music duo called The Knocks (Ben B-Roc Ruttner and James JPatt Patterson) who were present at the “champagne pong” game and they uploaded the photo to their official Facebook profile. The photo didn’t stay up for long and was quickly deleted with this message from the band:


Even the apology message has since been deleted. Props to my homie Stacy Lambe, who writes for VH1 and created Texts from Hillary, for grabbing the screenshot above. I believe it’s his screenshot of the photo that is making the rounds all over the place. I guess this goes to show that it’s practically impossible to keep a secret from the Internets. And once a photo is posted online, it’s online forever. I have to admit, the Daft Punk guys do not look like I thought they would. In my mind, they were always more Kraftwerky-looking. Still, I love that they appear to be totally normal-looking dudes and not robots after all. Hurray for humans!

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  • Joanna

    I love that they look so normal and unassuming that up until now they could walk around in public sans helmets and not be noticed, no matter how famous they are with their helmets on. Yeah they don’t look like your typical mega celebrity, but who cares. They make music that transcends all cultural barriers. People of all races and creeds seem to love them and that’s all that matters in the end. “Get Lucky” happens to be my favorite song right now. I can’t help but be happy and smile when I hear it. Mission accomplished!

  • Patrick

    Most poeple forget this but Daft Punk didn’t start dressing like robots till the 2000’s. Their first album Homework actully has a picture of them playing with no helmets on . They started to dress like robot cause they wanted to be about the music not about what they look like. I love Daft Punk but i feel that now the robot look has become more then the music itself. I thnk it’s time reinvent them self drop the robot look and make about the music again. Long Live Daft Punk.

  • Jay

    And if you happened to be in a Wisconsin field in 1996, you would have seen them sans masks too…


    This is before Homework came out! Go Wisco underground.

  • Matt Beachey
  • Kyle Miner

    how is this news? a cursory search on google shows LOTS of pics of them without their masks on.