The First Promo Image From The New Elizabeth Taylor Biopic ‘Burton And Taylor’ Has Been Released


Back in June of 2012 we got our first look at Lindsay Lohan in character as Elizabeth Taylor as portrayed in the horrrrrrible Lifetime made-for-TV movie Liz & Dick. A few months after Liz & Dick aired last fall, it was reported back in February that a newer biopic on the life of Elizabeth Taylor was going into production by BBC America and would star Helena Bonham Carter as Taylor. Today we get our first look at Helena and her co-star Dominic West in character as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the forthcoming biopic TV movie Burton and Taylor in the just-released first promo image for the biopic. Have a look below and see what a serious Elizabeth Taylor biopic movie should look like.

Move over Lindsay Lohan, there’s a new Elizabath Taylor in town. BBC America today released the first pic of Helena Bonham Carter as the Oscar-winning actress alongside two-time husband Richard Burton as played by Dominic West. Unlike last year’s Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick, where Lohan co-starred with Grant Bowler’s Burton, all the drama in Burton And Taylor seems to be on screen as the film traces the divorced pair’s onstage reunion in a 1983 revival of the Noel Coward play, Private Lives. It ran for just 63 performances on Broadway. The BBC Drama Productions project will be co-produced by BBC America for its Dramaville block. In the UK, it will air on BBC Four, though no date is yet set. BBC Worldwide is distributing internationally.

Yes, people, THIS is the tribute that the late Elizabeth Taylor deserves. It is still INSANE to me that the first film made on the life of Taylor after her death was a “film” that starred LINDSAY LOHAN as Liz! If you consider the silliness of Liz & Dick when compared to the classiness of this new production, man, it just seems even more unfathomable that Liz & Dick ever went into production. I think everyone can agree that Helena Bonham Carter is an excellent actress and I, personally, have no doubt that she will do an amazing job portraying Liz Taylor properly in this new movie. I realize Burton and Taylor hasn’t even been released yet but I’m quite comfortable calling it the better of the two Liz Taylor biopics already … hands down, no question.


  • Meghan

    Liz & Dick was the SNL skit version of this film.

  • Krissy

    HBC is suuuuuuch a good actress. I have to admit, I am really excited to see her skills put to a role that isn’t in a Tim Burton film.

    And Meghan’s comment about Liz & Dick being an SNL skit is so true. Perfect description!

  • rOXy

    Much, much, MUCH better!

  • Nancy

    I could study that promo pic for an hour and STILL not see even a trace of HBC in it! Crazy!!!!

  • aubrey

    I feel like an idiot.. I saw “Burton and Taylor” and thought Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Taylor with TIM BURTON?

    Yeah. I know.

    • swile71

      LOL. Even with Tim Burton it would be light years better than that Lindsay Lohan travesty.