Mariah Carey Announces The Release Date Of Her New Album


Beyoncé may have decided to make us wait until November to release her new album but Mariah Carey has decided not to be so cruel. Mimi updated her official Twitter profile today with the happy news that her new album will be released in July! At this point, we don’t know what the album will be called nor do we know the names of the songs on the disc but we do know that MC’s new era of music will begin next month! Click below to see Mariah’s album release date announcement to learn when, exactly, we will get new Mimi music.

Woot!! July 23 is not that far off. If you consider that we will likely hear a new single between now and then, not to mention all of the exciting new album info that is surely to come soon (album title, tracklisting, album cover, etc.), we have a LOT of great things to look forward to in the coming month … AND THEN THE ALBUM IS OUT! This is great news! I am hoping for a SICK Emancipation of Mimi-type album this time around. Bring the heat, MC, we are SO ready!


  • nicole

    cant wait!!!