Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Pregnant!


Congratulations are in order for actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and boyfriend Brian Hallisay because we learn today that they are expecting the birth of their first child! As I understand it, J. Love and Brian started dating a little over a year ago after they met on their TV series The Client List and Voila! Now they’re gettin’ ready to be parents together. News of J. Love’s pregnancy has been confirmed by the actress, who released a statement to both US Weekly and People magazine. Click below to read both.

From US Weekly: Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant and expecting her first child with actor Brian Hallisay, Us Weekly can exclusively confirm. “We’re so thrilled and happy to start a family,” the Client List costars tell Us in a statement. A source says Hewitt is about three months along.

From People: Jennifer Love Hewitt is about to add mommy to her resume. The Client List starlet, 34, is expecting a child with costar and real-life beau Brian Hallisay, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. “This is a wonderful time and we are looking forward to starting our family together,” a statement reads.

This is really happy news, let’s send our love and congrats to the happy couple today! I have a feeling that Jennifer Love is going to make a really fantastic mom and something tells me that her Bump Watch is going to be fun. If she’s about 3 months along now, we won’t see baby Love until the new year … which is plenty of time to watch her bump grow. Yay!!

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  • nicole

    oh i didnt know they were dating! congrats to them, i have a feeling this will be a fun bump watch :)

  • rachel

    my first thought was “yikes! that poor little girl – her pregnant boobs are going to tip her right over!” mazel tov, jen!

    • Ben

      I’m glad you said that. I mean I was going to, but as a guy it felt a bit creepy.

  • Linnea

    Either it’s gonna be a boy or girl, it’s gonna have the most amazing eyes! Goooosh her eyes are to die for!

  • janaegal

    Wow her and Kate Winslet. Lots of unexpected pregnancy news today!

    • Krissy

      Kate is pregnant???? :0 PLEASE tell me it will have Winslet for a last name and not RocknRoll!

      Congrats to JLH! I used to loathe her on Kids Inc. (stacy ferguson was my fave), but over the years I have overcome my childhood grudge. ;)

    • Shannon

      janaegal, whaaaattttt?!?! OMG. I had no idea.
      Krissy, ‘PLEASE tell me it will have Winslet for a last name and not RocknRoll’– LMAOOOooo! I KNOW, right?!

  • DJ

    Did I miss something?
    When did JennyLuvHew become relevant again?

    • @DJ — I’d say the act of spawning is kinda relevant.

    • DJ

      Really. The obnoxiously loud and opinionated lady in the office down the hall from me is spawning. I do not really see that as relevant.

    • Krissy

      The fact that her Lifetime movie of the week was so successful that it was turned into an actual series shows that she has an audience that follows her.

    • DJ

      Lifetime? Relevant? Successful? Oh hunny… no.

    • Krissy

      Money is always relevant, sweetie! Lifetime makes MOW all the time, but the ratings for hers stood out to the point that other people invested their money in her for it to continue as a series. She has a strong following with older folks as well from Ghost Whisperer. You might not watch her shows and I might not watch her shows…but there are millions of people that do and millions of dollars are made from that.

      I see JLH getting a weight loss deal after her pregancy. At some point in the recent past, the female demographic really started to find her endearing and the money people see the value in that. Have you see the online reaction to her pregnancy news? People clearly have a lot of goodwill for JLH!

    • DJ

      Yeah… Ok… What you said… Sure… Rock on… You’re totally in the know… Congrats… (God, these people!)

  • Alecia

    She lost her mom recently so I know this is probably bittersweet for her. Congrats!

  • Britney’sBitch

    Now THAT is going to be a Love child! See what I did there!? Hah! I’m smart like that! XD