‘That Car Makes Me Sad’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


Last night was all kinds of cray for me, as we had a bunch of family over from the city so the kids could officially break summer in with the glory that is the slip-n-slide. There were, like, 7 kids in my backyard (as many of you saw on Instagram) having a blast and somewhere in all of the madness we turned on the AC and blew a fuse. We couldn’t fix it until my neighbors got home late last night which is why I’m just now posting the best comments of the week! They’re just as funny on a Monday morning y’all, I promise! Click inside for more!

PITNBr ClaireMichelle was emotionally affected by the ridiculousness of Justin Bieber’s new leopard-print car:

That car makes me sad.

PITNBr Joan echoed her concerns:

Yeah, that car shouldn’t exist.

The car was actually a big issue for lots of us, lol.

PITNBr nicole made a great observation about the custom-made catastrophe:

the only person who could get away with that car is Snooki. and even she wouldnt do it.

PITNBr Carl joined me in discovering and re-discovering a throwback reality show called Pretty Wild, which Emma Watson recently used to research her role in The Bling Ring. His Scandal reference was sooo on point, lol:

OMG that clip was priceless. Never heard of this show, or this girl, but wow….I love it. Is #TWENTYNINEDOLLARS the new “Where’s the Cytron card BILLYYYYYY?!?!”?? I suppose it could be allowed for the summer.

PITNBr BGLU Tia was nominated by fellow PITNBr MJ for her hilarious comment on the story about Miguel’s epic Billboard performance fail (and the fan who might be suing him):

Prince would have stuck the landing… in heels.

PITNBr fab4runner had to show some lurve to her mom when we read that amazing blog by the ‘Worst End Of School Year Mom Ever’:

I also love her post. I have no children, but my mom has five (plus two step sons), so I totally know where this woman is coming from. The older I get, the more I am like, “holy shit, my mom is/was superwoman and I should really thank her more.”

PITNBr Iris B had a slightly different response to the same story. It was awesome:

…This makes me not want kids. Ever. I can barely deal for myself… oh God. Please keep the horror stories coming. It helps my ovaries shrivel.

PITNBr Jennifer Wilson helped clarify some things when we learned that the internet meme Grumpy Cat was getting a movie. Like, for real:

i thought i read somewhere that the filmmaker had something to do with the adam sandler movie ‘jack and jill’….so……

PITNBr janaegal, thank you for helping me work through my ongoing Beyoncé/Jay-Z issues. I do need to start claiming my man more often, and the title should have read Beyoncé Shares Photos Of Herself Drinking Wine On MY Husband’s Lap:

I’m a little disappointed that the title didn’t read MY husband. We both know who he belongs to Shannon. CLAIM YOUR MAN.


So excited to start another week in awesomeness with y’all! It’s officially time to get my Monday on– nobody call me!

  • ClaireMichelle

    That car still makes me sad! Like, someone spent an insane amount of money on that, whether is was Justin or someone else. There is just no reason that car should be real.

    Also, thanks for the shout out!!! :) It really gives my life some validation.

    • Vicky

      The car wouldn’t be bad if it was a chick that owned it, but the fact that it’s a guy (or in this case little boy) just makes it totally ridiculous.

    • ClaireMichelle

      At this point, I almost need to see him driving around in. Because I don’t believe it. And it would also be absolutely hilarious.