I Just Started Watching ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ And Charlie Hunnam Is Hot


It’s been aaaaggggessssss since I nominated a hot person of the week– I know, I know. I’ve failed y’all. But now that Revenge and Scandal are on summer vacay, and I have a little break from those epic recaps, I can return to the important things in life like books, poetry, and newly-discovered hot people. So. Sons of Anarchy. I’d heard good things about it so when my partner-in-crime/babymaking asked if we should start watching it on Netflix I figured it’d be a good time. Let me just say I was sooo not ready for that first episode! And as soon as it started I had one of those moments where I was like… Is it just me, or is the main dude kinda cute? By the second episode I was all like, Yo let me IMDB this dude real quick because he is really cute and I feel like I know him from something. And OMG, it’s friggen Charlie Hunnam, the creepiest villain ever from Cold Mountain?! Aghhh! He’s… hot?! Yeah. No. Yeah. He’s hot. So join me inside as we revive our weekly Hot-Person-Who-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Was-Into-Until-Recently extravaganza!

So, this is how I remember Charlie:



Friggen Bosie in Cold Mountain. This guy lit’rally haunts my dreams, so let’s move on.

I like this Charlie much better:


Uhhh. Yespleasemorethankyou.

One of my favorite things about watching SOA is knowing that Charlie is really an English actor, so I like to listen and see if I can hear his accent slip through sometimes. And when it does? Sooo hot.

Some of y’all might also know him from Queer As Folk, and now that I know he’s in it, I have to see this movie I’ve been hearing about for ages, Green Street Hooligans.

Anybody else watching Sons of Anarchy? Is Jax hot or what? I know for those of y’all who’ve been watching I’m probably hella late, but it’s never too late to celebrate someone’s hotness. Cheers to Jax Teller!

  • Vicky

    Jax is the hottest of the hottest. THANK GOD we get to see his bare ass is multiple episodes. I would let him do unspeakable things to me. I won’t go into details, though, lol.

    • Shannon

      Vicky, thanks for the heads up on the bare ass-ness, lol. Looking forward!

    • Krissy

      ummm….is there anyway to flag a comment for review?

    • @Krissy — Handled

    • Krissy

      Wow, that was speedy! And you are on vacation too! I am both shocked and impressed!

      Don’t work too hard, sweetie! :)

    • @Krissy — xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Tiffany

    Oh yes he is, love the show.First time I saw him was UK Skins and he looks so much hotter now.

  • supercute

    Jax is smokin’. His body is just ridiculous. I also have to admit that I think Chibs is really hot too. SOA is one of my favorite shows, once you start watching you can’t stop, so much happens!

  • Tonya

    Fantastic show – though violent – I haven’t met a single person who didn’t love it.

  • nicole

    wait…that beautifulness on SOA? clearly i need to watch this show. asap.

  • Shannon m.

    I just wanted to say it’s been so long since i’ve heard you mention your partner in crime/babymaking/love of your life that I wasn’t sure if you were together! But.. I’m glad you are :)

    • Shannon

      Shannon m., well. You’ll notice I never refer to him as my ‘boyfriend.’ We are always together, just not always ‘together’ if that makes any sense. I will say that I expect us to stay very good friends forever ;)

    • Emily

      @Shannon – do they make a hallmark card for that?

    • Shannon m.

      Not that my opinion counts, but i’m pro-friends forever for the mere fact that you two make cute kids.

  • fab4runner

    Loooove, love, love SoA. Top three favorite show of all time for me, and I am a TV addict. Season three is by far my favorite. but I love them all.

    Jax is insanely hot. He does really violent and crazy things….and it just makes me love him more! I’d let him bend me over a barrel and show me the 50 states. I also love Opie, though…and he gets more adorable for each season.

    Can’t wait until the new season this fall. Welcome to the SoA fan club, Shannon :)

    • Shannon

      fab4runner, thanks for the warm welcome!

  • Lorraineliloe

    I recently Netflixed every season of SOA excluding the most recent, but man it’s pretty good! Jax is very hot but don’t let his badboyness ruin your attraction as the show progresses. Keep watching Trent, it gets better. I always laugh at how Katey Sagel somehow managed to downgrade TV husbands from Al Bundy to Clay. She’s awesome in this show too.

  • Lorraineliloe

    ^ Keep watching Shannon ;)

  • Sabrina

    OMG YES! Shannon I LOVE this show! I personally like Jax when he cuts his hair off. I too would like him do unspeakable things to me as well ;)

  • Lalala

    Jax is hot! I don’t usually like men with long hair, but he is the exception…. maaaaaan!

    Let us know if you also start to think Opie is hot. Man, he does it for me too.

  • Natalie

    Always thought he would be the perfect Finnick.

  • Amanda

    I first saw him in Queer As Folk UK
    “Nathan Maloney” thought he was adorable
    THEN saw him again in Green Street Hooligans
    Hot ragga’muffin . !!
    *Check out Green street hooligans – its AAAAAAAAAAAmazing !!

  • Katelin

    OH goodness he is so swoony. I love SOA so much and Charlie makes it even better.

    I had Cold Mountain on my “to watch” list solely because he’s in it but now I might have to pass as he looks way too creepy, haha. But I’ll definitely be watching Pacific Rim this summer and I sort of recommend Green Street Hooligans.

  • Beth

    Charlie is way beyond hot. Opie also does it for me and I’ve never been into guys with a huge beard. But back to Charlie, also check out the movie Nicholas Nickleby from 2002. He plays the title role, but is joined by a lot of other well known actors such as Anne Hathaway, Jamie Bell, Christopher Plummer, Jim Broadbent, Juliet Stevenson, Nathan Lane and Alan Cumming. A full movie of nothing but Charlie speaking in his British accent. Sigh…….

  • Emily

    Welcome to the awesomeness of SOA Shannon! A super duper big welcome to the Jax Teller is my secret baby daddy fan club. He makes that show really easy to watch. I’m always reminded of a young Brad Pitt.
    Holla to the rest of the PITNBRs who think Opie is hot! He totally is, but Imma have to shout out the producers here – did you not think we would notice you started to FLAT IRON HIS HAIR?!?! I just can’t get over that. Opie would never sit there with a flat iron unless he just shot someone and was killing time waiting for them to die.

  • Lindsay

    Shannon!! I am SO stoked you are joining the SOA “motorcycle club”!! You are going to be HOOKED!

    Jax Teller is amazeballs…and the rest of the cast is phenomenal. If you ever watched *Married with Children* (which I couldn’t because my parents were like *hell to the no*) – you are in for a whole new Peggy Bundy! oh! and “Opie” was the main character in *Remember the Titans*…Mind = blown!

    Get on it, girl!

    • Shannon

      Lindsay, ‘ “Opie” was the main character in *Remember the Titans*’ WHHHHHAAAAAAaaaaatttttttttt?! OMG. Yesssss!

  • Jason

    Charlie is BEST in Undeclared. Check it out, one of the best TV shows ever.

  • Cee

    Oh Shannon, welcome aboard SOA! Give it a couple of seasons and you’ll appreciate Theo Rossi also…

  • Heather

    My guy turned me onto SOA…and well Jax just turned me on. OH MY GOD!!!!! This man, the things I would LOVE to do to him!! Ok, enough of that! SOA is my all time favorite show, where else do you get to watch a bunch of bad ass bikers with old ladies that are just as fierce if not more so than they are? Kurt Sutter is a friggin genius!

  • hege

    HE’S HOT!
    kinda remind me of the late Heath Ledgerm dunno why

  • annabelle

    So, I’m bored and missing my SoA boys, so I googled “Hot guy of Sons” and now here I am. You will fall deeply in lust with these men. They are broken and they are gritty and I love this show so much that I watch past seasons during the down times.

    I tell you what I didn’t expect. I have come to deeply love Kim Coats. When I first started the show, I thought he is the perfect creepy guy. And he still is, but he plays the role with such depth that he grows on you in a weird and sick way.

    Also, these actors give back to the community and the fans in a really big way. I admire that.

    • Shannon

      annabelle, so glad you found us over here! The SoA boys are indeed ‘broken’ and ‘gritty’– definitely adds to the hot factor, lol. I promise to keep an eye on Kim!

  • Kiki

    Juice ;)