First Look: The Cover Art For Britney Spears’s New Single ‘Ooh La La’ Has Been Released


A few weeks ago the audio of Britney Spears’s new single Ooh La La leaked its way to the Internets well ahead of its scheduled release date of June 25. Today, still a few weeks away from the single release, we get our first look at the cover art for the single. Walmart will be among the retailers that will have Ooh La La for sale and they have updated their official website with the single cover art. Unfortunately, our dear Britney does not appear on the cover art but considering the single is meant for an animated film soundtrack, I guess that’s to be expected. Check out the cover art below.

The sticker affixed to the cover of this single says that this Limited Edition CD will only be available at Walmart but I’m assuming the digital version of the track will be available elsewhere (ie. iTunes). The sticker also reveals that Ooh La La will be joined by the song Vacation by G.R.L. It’s slightly possible that Britney have another song on the soundtrack as well but I think that is more wishful thinking than anything else. Ooh La La will be released officially on June 25. I can’t wait to hear if the official version of the song varies at all from the leaked version we’ve already heard.