‘Entertainment Weekly’ Pays Brilliant Homage To ‘The Rains Of Castamere’ Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’


So … last night’s episode of Game of Thrones … what a doozy, eh? I’m going to assume that those of you who have yet to watch the most recent ep of the series, titled The Rains of Castamere, then you’ve been avoiding social media, blogs and news sites like the plague today for fear of having your experience spoiled before you get to watch the episode yourselves. Well, this post is not for you. Even tho I don’t usually write up a post for episodes of Game of Thrones, last night’s was so epic that, yeah, it deserves some blog love. If you’re all caught up on your Game of Thrones, then I cordially invite you to click below and read on. If you’re not caught up, GET CAUGHT UP FAST!

HOLY SHIZZ did things go down last night! It was because of the events that took place in last night’s episode that I made sure I read the book before this new season of the show started a couple of months ago. At the end of last season, people were commenting publicly about the “red wedding” and I knew — damn, I better read the books before I find out what the red wedding is from some other person. When I read the book, I was so shocked by what I was reading that I had to re-read the scene over a few times so that I could be sure that I understood what was happening. I just couldn’t believe that so many characters were slaughtered all at once. A lot of plot moving events took place in last night’s ep but everything is overshadowed by the final scene of the ep, the scene that brought the red wedding to life. Entertainment Weekly magazine brilliantly worked up a wedding invite for the red wedding, which you can see here:

You’re invited to a very special day! HBO’s Game of Thrones just celebrated The Red Wedding, that infamous joining of House Stark and House Frey. Wasn’t it beautiful? I don’t know about you, but weddings always make me cry…

LOL. Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant! Even tho I knew this scene was coming, I wasn’t fully prepared for actually seeing it all take place on screen. The events that took place in the ep last night were changed slightly from the way it was described in the book … for the more horrid. In the book, Rob’s pregnant wife did NOT attend the wedding at The Twins. So when she was presented to Walder Frey at the start of the ep, I thought — OH NO! Watching the Frey men stab her pregnant belly to get the red wedding started, as it were, I was just as horrified as everyone else who had no idea what was going to happen. If it’s one thing you have to understand about Game of Thrones it’s that you cannot get attached to any character. NO ONE. Everyone is fair game for getting killed and if last night’s ep didn’t teach you that lesson then it’s prolly a lesson you’ll never learn. As horrid as it was to endure, I loved that this happened in the book and that it was kept intact for the series. It’s a harsh reality that everyone is vulnerable to death.

This season of Game of Thrones ends next week … and we’re only halfway thru the book that the season is based on. Next season will cover the second have of book 3, A Storm of Swords. My advice is to take the year and READ the books. That way, you can’t ever be spoiled again … and you’ll be better prepared for the surprises that are, undoubtedly, to come. A Storm of Swords has an ending that will have the same kind of impact that the red wedding has so … heed my advice, read the books.

Did you watch last night? Did you love it or … are you cursing the name of George RR Martin today?

PS: This is what Maisie Williams, the young actress who plays Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, shared on Vine after the episode aired last night:

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  • Tonya

    Episode 9 is always the best and this season didn’t disappoint once again. I’m sad this season is almost over, A Storm of Swords is my favorite of the books so it will be a long wait for the second half of it. (No spoilers…but it’s going to be a clusterf*ck!) It should be noted as well, that in the book Robb’s wife is a completely different person. Talisa Maegy/Stark doesn’t appear in the books at all.

    • @Tonya — “Robb’s wife is a completely different person” From what I understand, they changed her name because of how similar it sounded to Asha Greyjoy’s name.

    • Dianna L.

      They changed the name of Asha Greyjoy to Yara because the name was too similar to the already established Osha the wildling. Robb’s wife was named Jeyne Westerling in the books and she was never pregnant. I figured they’d kill off the TV wife once they said she was pregnant. I just didn’t think they’d do it like that. Ugh.

    • @Dianna L. — OOOOOH yes, that’s completely correct. I knew that Asha was involved in a name change somehow, I got it all confused. Thanks!!

  • Lacey

    My decision as to whom I liked better, Rob or Jon, is now easier. I am in shock from that episode, still trying to process it.

  • Bekah

    It was EPIC! When I read the thrid book, my reaction, like yours, Trent, was the same. I had to re-read those chapters several times before what happened really sunk in. I thought they did the scene justice since even though I knew what was going to happen, I was just as shocked as when I read the book!

    Can’t wait until next season’s big wedding ;-) That one will be awesome!

  • nicole

    im surprised they didnt save the red wedding for the season finale, i mean that would have been one amazing finale. but i’ve been waiting all season for that episode!

    • @nicole — I’m actually thankful that we get one more episode to process a bit what happened. If the final episode ended with Lady Stark’s, erm, exit and then fade to black I think people would’ve LOST IT even more than they did already. At least we have one more episode of action to try and assage the horrid events of episode 9.

    • nicole

      i dont know…i think with a show like this, that has so many amazing moments ahead..leaving a cliff hanger like that would have been perfect.

    • @nicole — Yes BUT, there’s still more to come from the Red Wedding. I’m glad they didn’t rush it all into one ep … there is STILL more to come O_O

    • Tonya

      Episode 9 is (thusfar) always one of the most dramatic…think Ned’s beheading in Season 1 and the battle at Blackwater in Season 2. But the finale’s always have their own WTF moment too. (The Dragon’s in S1 & the Wights in S2). I think I have an idea of what the S3 finale will reveal – and if I’m right, it’s awesome and very finale worthy.

    • Sam

      I keep wondering what they will put in the finale, was so sure this one was going to be it! What are you predicting, Tonya?

    • @Sam — Trust me, let’s not talk about what may come in the finale ep next week. A lot of people have not read the books.

    • Tonya

      I don’t want to say because it’s SUPER spoiler-y and I don’t want to be that douchebag who ruins it for people who haven’t read the books :) I will confirm on Trent’s post about the finale though!

    • @Tonya — I think I know what you’re talking about and OMG, I can’t wait.

    • Meghan

      Having read the books, I think I know what the final scene of season 3 will be. Remember, the last scene always has a supernatural element! Can’t wait!

    • nicole

      i think i know what you’re all hinting at..and i cant wait for it. this show is just amazing.

  • Meghan

    Knew it was coming, was prepared for it, but still blown away. Stabbing Robb’s pregnant wife in the belly??? Trauma!!!

  • BMcBride81

    I was the only person watching in my house that hadn’t read the books. I almost had to leave the room because of all of the stares I was getting as stuff was going down. I know I know…I’m not that much of a fantasy reader…until now.

    • @BMcBride81 — I’m telling you, the books are great! I say, get caught up with them by the time GoT returns next year. Wait til you find out what happens next season, OY!!

  • NoVARachel

    I dunno… I didn’t have the same reaction everyone else did. I haven’t read the books but I kind of saw something coming when they decided to go forward with trying to get Lord Walder to marry off one of his daughters even after Rob broke his promise to him. That was a really bad & arrogant idea. The Starks kind of had it coming, hate to say it b/c I love the Starks, but they did. And then when they were in front of Lord W and he was being so inappropriate with Rob’s wife – I knew something bad was bound to happen. When they shut the doors and the music changed at the wedding party, I knew it was time and it didn’t come as a surprise to me. Plus after the first year’s season finale, I came to terms with the fact that in this series, no one is sacred. If they could kill off Ned Stark in such a way, they are capable of killing off anyone… Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week!

  • sfmom

    Haven’t seen it, haven’t read the books but this sounds like the most horrible show ever! Who watches a pregnant woman get stabbed in the belly?!!!! And it wasn’t even in the book (?) so it’s added just for entertainment/shock value?! WTF human race?! I get that it’s all ancient and barbaric and stuff but still.

    • @sfmom — Yes, out of context it does sound horrible. But I can assure you, this fictional book series is among the best-written novels I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. It’s not as simple as people deciding to watch a pregnant woman get killed, it’s much more complex than that. Still … I totally understand your perspective having no context of the story at all.

  • Michela

    I read this chapter over a year ago while I was travelling alone and have been waiting for the episode so I can finally talk about it with my friends! Long awaited closure finally happened!

  • jessica

    wish i hadnt watched the last five minutes. after yesterday’s viewig experience I can’t get the image of her pregnant belly being stabbed like that out of my mind. what a destructive scene and probably exactly as things took place back in the day. Still… wish I hadn’t seen it. Yeesh.

  • Krissy


    Trent, I thought you might like this! A mash-up of the Red Wedding with the Princess Bride! Soooo cute, funny, and gory!