Watch: A New PSA Urges You To ‘Stop Talking About Amanda Bynes’


A new public service announcement was released today that tackles a very serious problem plaguing our nation right now … Amanda Bynes. As we are all WELL aware, Amanda Bynes has pretty much eaten up all of the attention in the pop culture world these days and that has to stop … says the PSA. LOL. It’s actually a very funny video clip, one that I think you will enjoy. Now I, personally, cannot heed this PSA’s advice — for professional reasons, you understand — but the message isn’t lost on me. Check out the embed above and find out what YOU can do to quell the spread of the biggest problem of our time … Amanda Bynes.

  • manuel nava

    Did you call your parents before you posted this? Lol.

  • Ama

    *And then I shared this with my friends on facebook- It just keeps going.*

    No, but seriously- I’m kind of tired of Amanda Bynes now and hearing about her, anything to do with her actually.

  • rOXy

    Stop it! Stop it, right now!!! They be looking at you, Trent. lololol