The Victim Of Miguel’s Billboard Awards Jump Kick Is Considering Legal Action


Is anything sacred anymore? I mean, once you become an internet meme or GIF, haven’t you already won in the game of life? Sigh. I was really disappointed to learn that Khyati Shah– the young woman on whom Miguel infamously landed during his performance at the 2013 Billboard Awards– was making plans to take legal action against the singer. Doesn’t that just take the fun out of THIS? LOL, but okay. Miguel kicked someone in the face and he may have to pay for it. Click inside for more.

E! has the story:

The last thing Miguel wants is a lawsuit. But he may just have one.

Khyati Shah—the audience member who was accidentally landed on by the singer during his performance at the Billboard Music Awards a few weeks back—is now “considering” legal action.

Shah’s attorney, Vip Bhola, tells E! News exclusively that a decision will be made soon on whether to file a lawsuit against Miguel pending Khyati’s most recent medical results. He noted that the fan has been experiencing “difficulties” as a result of the incident.

“We will determine that after we have feedback from medical providers,” Bhola told E! News, declining to give a timeline on when any civil action might be filed.

The attorney also added that he has not spoken to the performer’s legal representatives, but did leave open the possibility of a settlement.

Shortly after he crash-landed on top of her during a poorly timed jump across the stage, Khyati was all smiles in an interview alongside the crooner while holding an ice pack on her elbow.

I’m very curious to hear what y’all think. Khyati seemed fine right after the incident– does she still have a legitimate case against Miguel? If you got drop-kicked by this crooner, would you sue?

I dunno. Maybe all those memes just pissed her off…


  • Alicia Mayo-White

    I guess if she needed medical attention she had to pay for because of this injury, it would only be fair for him to pay it right?

  • Krissy

    That looked really painful to me. It was so dumb of him to do it. She could be really injured for all we know (ligament damage, etc.)

  • Missy

    She may have been fine right after (or felt fine, I should say), but sometimes it takes a while for that pain to set in. I fell down the stairs last year and didn’t start feeling it until almost an hour later, at which point I was bawling hysterically cause it felt like every muscle in my leg had been ripped in half. Adrenaline’s a tricky bitch.

  • Alecia

    Thankfully it wasn’t worse than it turned out to be but it was dumb of him to consider doing that.
    Miguel, you’re Prince-sized- do Prince type things- i.e. split, play the guitar, bootyless chaps, and screeching- that’s it.

  • Brenna

    I agree, she could have disc damage or whatever that she may have to deal with for life. Sometimes the pain definitely doesn’t set in until later. I say that he should pay. That move would have KILLED me and my herniated discs…..

  • Serenity

    I’ve heard that there are injuries and pains that won’t show up until later (I feel like I should Google for specific ailments, but the coffee I’m drinking is so good that I just want to sip it and lazily read, not research), and if this is the case with her, then I think it’s fair to seek some financial settlement to pay for the actual medical expenses.

    If she turns this into a case of “I am emotionally traumatized and need 50 gazillion dollars to heal my inner child,” then all bets are off.

  • BGLU Tia

    Prince would have stuck the landing…in heels.

    • Krissy

      LOVE THIS! :D

  • MJ

    LOL! That’s an “Awesome” comment of the week right there! :)

  • saavyzelda

    Pain definitely sets in later. Kind of like when your in a car accident. Your initially fine even with the smallest fender bender but the next day your sore etc etc. That fall seems like it it her her hard and then pinned her in an awkward position on stage. He should have to pay for her medical visits. Also going to therapy (muscle and chiropractic) is a major inconvenience if your going more than twice a week to so i wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted something back for time loss from work and such. Btw, how do you jump over a bunch of people, most people can barely leap frog over one persone?

    • saavyzelda


  • apriljan

    That meme though! ROFL!

    Hopefully they can figure things OUT of court.

  • Dot

    Each time I read about this I think of this post – hilarious!

  • Liz

    the girl that did the interviews and pictures after the show is different than the one he landed on. the one in the pictures/interviews is the girl on the right who just gets her am in the mix. I’m guessing the lawsuit is from the girl on the left, who he landed on.

  • Flo

    I’m not surprise anything at all. When I first saw that happen I thought to myself I smell a lawsuit coming

  • Luna

    I don’t know why but I actually found this pretty funny!

  • Rus

    omg it looked so painful watching it… and worse, he kept on performing after he did this to her.. pretty irresponsible. I say, it serves him right.