Sightings Around Town


I managed to get out of the house early enough yesterday that I was able to take care of a few errands and attend a business meeting. I was able to stay focused on my tasks at hand and, thankfully, can say that I had a pretty enjoyable day. As I’ve mentioned a few times before distractions have been a godsend in the past few months. After my appointment I made my way to handle my various errand runs and ran into a few celebs around town … technically. Along the way, I ran into a Real Housewife, a member of the Buffyverse and a very dear friend. The photo thumbnail to the left was my contribution for #throwbackthursday on Instagram … it’s my second grade photo. Yeah, it doesn’t really fit in with my theme of sightings but I figured I’d share it anyways.

Okay … so I stopped by the Starbucks on Robertson Ave in West Hollywood and I came upon Kim Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I know it’s not a major sighting but I do love that show so it was fun to see her out and about. I’m not sure who she was with but I can tell you it wasn’t anyone from any of the Real Housewives series. Inside Starbucks I spotted actor Harry Groener, who played Sunnydale Mayor Richard Wilkins III on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I wasn’t able to snap a pic because he was deep in conversation with someone but he looked great. I did “run into” Joss Whedon on the cover of this week’s issue of LA Weekly at the newsstand and managed to get a pic of him ;) My car has been in desperate need of a car wash so I took care of that and “ran into” my good friend Adriana in the greeting card aisle. One of Adriana’s childhood photos was procured by Awkward Family Photos and has been making the rounds for years on various merch items. I hadn’t actually see any of this stuff in person so I was very pleasantly surprised to find the cards yesterday … I bought all of them.

After I took care of all of my errands, I went down to the beach to hang out with Emma and Josh for a while. We had a nice night.

Tonight, I’m seeing Chvrches in concert at the Henry Fonda Theater so I’m looking forward to that. Another weekend is upon us, I hope all y’all have a great one!!

  • Rebecca

    Love the photos of you and Adriana. Have a great weekend, Trent!

  • Diana

    OMG, that’s your friend Adriana?! I love it! I saw that photo a long time ago and always thought, “Poor girl! I wonder where she is now?” Lol… Now I know, she’s friends with you. :)

  • Dezden

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that that is Adriana!!!!!!!!!!! How cool!!!!!!!!!!

  • rOXy

    Adriana is greeting card royalty? That’s unreal!

  • supercute

    Awwww, Trent, how cute are you?!?! The answer: So cute.