Michael Fassbender Spotted With New Girlfriend, British Olympian Louise Hazel


When I first saw Michael Fassbender in Shame, I– like many people– was blown a way by a lot of things in the film. The plot, the sex scenes, the shame and shamelessness of it all, the sex scenes. LOL. It was intense. But I was also really struck by Nicole Beharie’s character, and took it upon myself to Google-stalk her for a minute– which was all it took to find out that she was friggen dating Michael Fassbender! I don’t know why, but I was sooo into them as a couple! I guess it’s that thing where you want on-screen romances to really exist in life and then when they do, it’s awesome. But yeah. No. Apparently, these two went the way of DUNZO a while back because Fassy was just spotted on a dinner date with his new boo, Louise Hazel. Peep the gallery for more and click inside for some deets on this chic. Apparently, she’s an Olympian. With dimples. So that’s awesome for the rest of us.

E! has the story:

Dating Michael Fassbender is pretty much winning a gold medal in life.
And British olympian Louise Hazel might just be the girl who gets to call the Shame hunk her own. Last Friday, the 36-year-old hunk and the 27-year-old heptathlete were spotted enjoying a night out in London.

According to Us Weekly, the twosome met up with Fassbender’s pal, Bradley Cooper, for dinner at the Wolseley Café in Piccadilly before hitting up The Bulgari Hotel in Kensington until around 1 a.m.

“Michael has been talking to her while also filming X-Men: Days of Future Past in Montreal,” a source tells the mag. “He comes back to London to see her.”

Previously, Fassbender has been romantically linked to Zoe Saldana and Nicole Beharie. Lucky ladies!

Okay, look. I’m just gonna go ahead and address the elephant in the room. Zoë Kravitz (not Saldana, thank you PITNBr Hughley)? Nicole Beharie? And now Louise Hazel? Fassbender. If you were into super-talented, super-cute, women of color then I wish you woulda let me know a few years back! WTF?! LMAO, I’m sorry but he is just so cute and I keep seeing him boo’d up with all these ladies who I kinda, sorta look like (if you squint at me from, like, a few yards away) so I’m gonna go ahead and assume that Fassy’s really into me. Which is awkward. Because he has a girlfriend. LOL.

Anyway, I invite all of you to go ahead and build up your own Fassbender fantasy, where he’s not dating this new girl and he’s totally into you. It’s Friday, so it’s fine. Whatever.

[Source] [Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News]

  • janaegal

    That’s what I feel about Matt Damon. He married a brunette bartender. CLOSE ENOUGH!

  • Baybridget

    Wait…he’s STRAIGHT?? My gaydar is officially broken.

    • @Baybridget — “Wait…he’s STRAIGHT??”

      Yes :(

  • Hughley

    He was NOT with Zoe Saldana, he dated Zoe Kravitz. lol

    He and Nicole have been broken up for a while. Louise is super cute :)

    • Shannon

      Hughley, thank you! I was going by the E! article and I see they made a mistake. Zoe Kravitz makes a lot more sense, actually. And my theory still stands, lol :)

    • Hughley

      No problem. lol Your theory is spot on ;)

  • Alley Oop

    He’s walking apart from her as if they aren’t together. Damn!

  • Kalisha Alverine

    lol thank you for your positive yet witty complaint. Many ppl would go with the obvious negative about their union.