Beyoncé Says Her New Album Will Be Out ‘In November’


With the recent leak/release of Beyoncé‘s new song Grown Woman, folks have been wondering if the popstart might be getting close to releasing a new album. As you may know, Bey is currently on tour in Europe right now and she is scheduled to bring her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour stateside very soon … so it sounds like the perfect time to release a new album right? Well, reportedly according to Beyoncé herself we’re going to have a wait a bit longer for the release of her next album. When asked point blank by a fan when she will be releasing her new album, Bey icily responded “in November”.

Beyoncé has allegedly revealed that she will release her new album in November. The singer supposedly let slip the date to fans during a meet-and-greet session after her ‘Mrs Carter Show’ performance in Oslo this week. Fan Olivia Krantz posted in her blog that she won tickets to meet the star backstage at the concert, where she asked her about the highly-anticipated LP. She said: “Everything went so fast that I could only say that I love [new song] ‘Grown Woman’ and ask her when her album is coming. “‘In November’ was her answer before her gaze drifted to the next fan. Got a faint feeling that she disliked the question.”

Now, let’s be clear here … this information comes from a fan so it’s not really official information but I don’t really see why this particular fan would lie. If you consider the extra information that the fan got the impression that Beyoncé “disliked the question”, it sounds all the more believable. Honestly, I don’t even mind if the album is set for a November release … it’ll give us something to look forward to. Naturally, I’d love to have new Bey music TODAY but if we have to wait a few months, I’m good with that.


  • Serenity

    Where is all of this attitude coming from? Ooh, maybe she really is pregnant and this is all the hormones and stuff? (I’m not judging! Lysol commercials reduced me to tears when I was pregnant.) Anyways, even if she’s super rich and famous, at the end of the day, her attitude is unwarranted. You’d think she was the sole finder of a cure for cancer as opposed to a pop singer.

  • James

    I guess I just think this is poor marketing. Between the Superbowl, the tour, the buzz singles, the advertisements, the self-produced-self-directed-self-starring-self-indulgent documentary, etc., she would have been smart to have had a spring/ early summer release (like Madonna did last year). By the time November comes around I’m afraid that everyone will be a little sick of her. I mean, she is literally everywhere right now, and she’s not promoting anything new, just that she exists. Which we all knew. That being said, I’m sure it will still be successful because she is Beyonce. I just think that for someone so meticulous about controlling her image and business, she’s kind of dropping the ball.

  • nicole

    so shes doing a world tour, for a new album…thats coming out in november? what a mess. i get they probably wanted to start the tour after the hype of the super bowl…but they should have at least had a single ready or something. shes going to be her own downfall.