Mariah Carey Shares MORE Adorable Photos Of Dem Puppies, Dem Babies & Dat Hubby


Last week we got our first look at the newest members of Carey-Cannon family when we saw those photos of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s newly adopted puppies … brilliantly dubbed Dem Puppies. Today we get to see a few more CUTE ASS photos of Mimi, Nick, their children Monroe & Moroccan Scott and their ADORABLE baby puppies. Mariah has been soliciting fans to help her pick out names for the pups and to inspire follower interaction, she has been posting the cutest photos ever. Click below to see photos of Mimi’s adorably expanded family of babies and puppies. Brace yourselves, there’s a whole lotta cute headed your way.

C’mon!!!! Roc’s pup! #namedempuppies ASAP !!! / Roc&Daa Daaaa sleepTing ! Yaayie Daddy’s home!

Midnight snacks with miss Monroe!

I MEAN, are you kidding me? These wee little pups … omg, my heart aches just looking at their little faces. The babies are cute, of course, but the photo of Roc napping with Nick???? I’m having a severely hard time dealing. It is so rare to see intimate moments like this. If not for Mariah’s desire to share this special part of her life with the world, we’d never get to see this stuff. OY! So cute. It sounds like Mimi and Nick are getting close to picking out names for the pups so we’ll be sure to update when that happens. For now, enjoy these photos … gah, so damn cute!!!

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  • nicole

    oh my..Roc & the puppies! so cute!!!…and um im loving the variety of ice cream in that freezer. im actually kind of jealous.

  • Alecia

    So cute! I can’t help but smile seeing this.