Justin Bieber Shows Off His Abs And His Custom Leopard-Print Car


Hey. Remember when Justin Bieber got booed at the Billboard Awards, and he was going on and on about how only his music and the “craft” that he creates should be important, and all that other bull is irrelevant? And remember how some of us thought that was kind of hilarious? Yeah. Well. Enter these new photos. Bieber was spotted at his home in Calabasas on Saturday and made sure that photographers got a good look at the ‘craft’ that he has worked so hard to create… AKA his abs. Click inside for more!

This is not a gimmick. I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously and all this other bull should not be spoken of:


LMAO. Oh, Justin. I don’t know why, but he totally reminds me of Soulja Boy right now. Young, fun, but definitely not the guy who should go around proclaiming himself to be artistic. Then again, I don’t mean to poke fun at Soulja Boy. I kinda fell in love with him after he broke down and wept during the Whitney Houston tribute at the BET Awards that one time. So yeah, no. Justin reminds me… of Justin. Le sigh.


  • Gillian

    Seriously?! Baggy ass shorts with his ass hanging out and a wife beater… How can he look in the mirror and think this is a good look? It didn’t look good in 1995, and it doesn’t look good now. I REALLY hope his “fans” are as sick of this behaviour, as the rest of the sane world is. Do us all a favour and NOT buy his next album.

    If Justin wants to be taken seriously, perhaps he should put on his big boy clothes, and actually do something productive for a change.

  • Linnea

    I think he did that because he was angry. And i get him on this one. Having a helicopter flying over his home just to snap some pics to sell is serious disrespect. I feel sorry for this kid. He doesn’t get any privacy, and you guys ain’t helping him exactly. If you guys really have so much against him, just leave him alone ;) Remember, you guys are just making him more famous..

    • Gillian

      You’ve got be kidding right? He CHOSE to go stand outside. He CHOSE to lift his shirt in a douche bag fashion. Yes, I get it, flying over his house is an invasion of privacy. He could have chosen to go back inside, or to go do whatever else he planned to do for the day, or simply ignore it. Instead he CHOSE to stop and make it a photo moment. He could have PLENTY of privacy if he actually wanted it. No one should feel sorry for this guy. You reap what you sow

    • rOXy

      @Gillian: Yep. That’s what I always do when a helicopter flies over my yard. Lift my shirt and grab my crotch.

    • Kiki1976

      There is a plethora of celebs that have privacy issues and helicoptors flying over their personal air space. But not so many are as douchey as the Biebs. He could handle it like a man if he wanted to.

  • Selena

    I agree.. he is just a 19 yr old boy having fun… and anyone including this site that says shit about him is just jealous!! It’s amazing how everyone has an opinion of every little thing he does… but did you mention how he paid off London’s breast Cancer Center for Mothers day?? how about you start writing about the good things people do!! Stop trying to find a story in a innocent picture of his abs… the media is full of chatty cathy’s that talk a lot of BS!!!

    • rOXy

      @Selena: You can’t be serious. He is one of the biggest attention whores EVER. He LOVES when gossip sites follow his every move. He likes to make people laugh and he would CRY if we stopped talking about him. If he wasn’t such a douche then we might find time to focus on his better achievements. We keep waiting for him to get seriously busy with his big bad boy self, but all we get is a whiney Richy Rich.

    • Joan

      Selena, I’m sure that the stuff you DEMAND (such a Bieber quality) to be talked about here get talked about plenty on Belieber’s fansites. You know, next to shrine section for the very same abs he is showing and the very same crotch he is grabbing. So PITNBRs are a tough crowd for the Biebs….it happens!

  • nicole

    this guy owns some of the ugliest cars i’ve ever seen.

    • Joan

      Yeah, that car shouldn’t exist.

    • nicole

      the only person who could get away with that car is Snooki. and even she wouldnt do it.

  • ClaireMichelle

    That car makes me sad.

  • Alecia

    Why do this and get more attention and look like a bigger d-bag? Just ignore them and keep it moving. It’s not that big of a deal.

    • rOXy

      Agree, Alecia. He gifts the photogs with the money shot. If he just ignored them and went about his business, they’d have nothing to sell. It would be like, “oh, there’s Justin. In his yard. Walking to his car.” No money in that.

  • Isabelle

    Poor car, though. I feel for it.

  • adam
  • Cee

    The hilarity this little punk brings. I’m going to randomly walk past people with my shirt up and just pretend that’s how I roll.

  • Carl

    He puts the ASS in Calabasas…such a douche.

  • Megan

    Maybe the cars not his? It’s a women’s car, right? Maybe he has a lady friend over? I’m trying to help him out, cause it’s just all bad. Yikes

  • GemmaZ from Oz

    I loves me some leopard..infact i thought i had it all but i dont own that car and looking at it i dont want too! Seriously, that thing would pull up and you would be expecting a 60yr old cougar to get out but nope..its something worse. The Biebs. I am praying for the day this little douches 15mins of fame ends and we can all be done with him! Blergh….

  • t*

    I don’t like the car or his abs.