‘My Barbies Had Better Hair Than That’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


There’s no way around it. This was the week of Amanda Bynes… and not in a good way. In fact, the only thing good about Amanda Bynes and the madness that was her getting arrested this week, then getting two different (but equally disturbing) mug shots, then being released, then claiming that a policeman slapped her vagina, then telling Rihanna that Chris Brown beat her because she is ‘not pretty enough,’ is that we got some pretty hilarious reader comments out of it. Click inside to read just a few of our best reader comments of the week!

PITNBr Alexggb nailed it with this response to Amanda Bynes’s arrest/wig:

My Barbies had better hair than that. It looks like the hair that came on those Barbie imitations, “Nancy”. Sad.

In fact, we had many hilarious responses to the Amanda Bynes situation:

PITNBr Alecia wrote:

I know Trent. I can’t with that wig situation. If ever there were a time to encourage wig snatching- this would be it. It looks like Cousin It and Nicki Minaj had a blonde love child.

And PITNBr Sandy! had me cracking up with this one. Before the arrest, Amanda was caught up in some drama over some photos used in In Touch Weekly:

“That’s not my bed, those aren’t my toes” is SO going to be my next status update. And using Google as identification? Seriously? This girl has me rolling!
Amanda, boo, I’m sure they knew it was you. They can spot a trainwreck a mile away. Real talk, stop with the Blac Chyna makeover. Not a good look.

PITNBr Joan was one of many readers who found Justin Bieber’s response to getting booed at the Billboard Awards somewhat laughable:

Yeah, keep telling that to yourself, Biebs. Keep telling yourself that until you actually beliebe it. I think it’s kind of a joke to call himself an artist and DEMAND to be taken seriously (because that’s obviously how you get people to take you seriously) when Prince was closing the show. And KILLED IT! Sit down. Go home.

PITNBr cutitout also hilariously went in on Justin for his speech:

“I think I’m doing a pretty good job ”

“I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously and all this other bull should not be spoken of”

Two things better left unsaid and he crammed both of them into an acceptance speech for a made-up award that he did not deserve. He is arrogant and delusional. The fact is, HE LOST AT PUBERTY so he was not able to make his Usher/Justin Timberlake style post 18 years old transition into a young male sex symbol so he and his camp have been leaking “bad-boy” stuff (drinking, sexy models, pot) onto the internet to see if that sexy’s him up but he still smells like similac and baby powder, its just mixed with the smell of axe body spray, hair product and leather pants.

I can’t with him. He is not an artist he is the record label’s product, cash cow and whore.


PITNBr rOXy joined a whole crew of us who were losing it over that awesome YouTube video of the two husbands going through stimulated labor pains:

When I saw this, I laughed so hard I leaked. It’s awesome. The one guy in the Dutch version couldn’t even hang with it for the entire duration and his pale, sweaty face as he quit sent me over the edge.

PITNBr janaegal joined in on our epic Janet Jackson-inspired Throwback Thursday:

When i was in 4th grade we had to do a report on who we admired, with visuals. Most kids did reports on a president or superhero, with posters. I did mine on Janet Jackson, dressed as her in Rhythm Nation.

Scoring A’s on reports since forever.

Shouts-out to all the other PITNBrs who commented on the post and mentioned their fave Janet tracks. And PITNBr Nicole O’Brien, here’s hoping all that good music helped you get past that traumatic dance recital experience. I’m pullin’ for ya girl ;)

PITNBr Marcus_em had some really good news for those of who were worried that Pauly D from Jersey Shore had permanently DUNZOd his blowout:

I am from NJ and rest assured they were all together in seaside this morning and the blowout was in full affect lol slightly shorter but still just as gelled and shiney as ever ;-)

PITNBr Courtney, this comment made me so, inexplicably happy! So glad I posted that beautiful movie trailer for Ain’t Them Bodies Saints:

Long time reader first time poster here.

I’ve been waiting for this trailer since they filmed it last summer. That little baby you see at about 22 seconds happens to be my baby who was 6 weeks at the time. I’m a very proud mama!

Much much lurve to all you wonderful, wacky PITNBrs. I had to make today a short day because I’m battling one of those awesome colds that you get from your oldest son, and then pass on to your youngest, so I have a house full of beautiful, sick people to take care of right now. Nobody call me! Unless, of course, you figure out a way for me to hang out with Kerry Washington and Michelle Obama at the same time. In which case, call me. LMAO… Instagram joke betwixt myself and PITNBr heatherlea1340 ;)

Happy Sunday!

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  • Joan

    Similac and baby powder. Hahaha, that was amazing, cutitout!

  • rOXy

    This is all we need……

    an attention whore face-off between Justin and Amanda. Last week, Bynes took all.

    I practically live for a GOOD rant, and without the recap I would have missed cutitout’s.

  • Ash

    Aww, my Dancing Lobsters comment didn’t make it in :( The other comments made me lol though!

  • HeatherLea1340

    Shannon- I love you! You have been such a wonderful addition to the PITNB family. Love my shouts-out!

  • Alexggb

    Thanks! Honored to be mentioned!