Kanye West’s ‘New Slaves’ Projection Shut Down By Police In Houston, Texas


Yesterday we learned that Kanye West was planning another series of video projections across the globe for his latest single, New Slaves. Even though none of the projections were popping off in Nyack, NY I was still excited to see some new videos from other parts of the world (and PITNBr nicole was hoping for a second experience in Toronto). Unfortunately, all of last night’s projections didn’t go so smoothly, especially in Houston, Texas. Police apparently shut down the video at one location, while others experienced technical difficulties. Click inside to learn more.

Hypetrak has the deets:

While Kanye West announced more “New Slaves” projections across the world, Houston, TX wasn’t feeling it as the projection planned at the Rothko Chapel was stopped by police, who ordered everyone to leave or be arrested for trespassing. The Houston Chronicle further reports, that there were other projections planned in Houston — the George Bush Monument and the Central Library — but the library screening experienced “technical difficulties” whereas the monument was a “no show.”

A lot of people commented on Hypetrak and it sounds like there were other cities that had some problems with the projection. But some Houston residents said police unnecessarily intervened when the crowd was perfectly calm.

It really sucks that this happened, but now I’m very curious to know if these projections are all gonna go down again next weekend. And if so, maybe Houston will get a do-over.