Disney 24


OY! I’m having a bit of trouble keeping my eyes open even tho it’s noon on a Saturday but because I spent 6 hours playing inside Disneyland and Disney California Adventure just a few hours ago, I’m a bit behind on my sleep. For 24 hours yesterday, from 6AM to 6 AM, Disneyland and California Adventure were open to the public in celebration of the forthcoming release of the Disney Pixar film Monsters University. The first and only other time that the Disney parks were open for 24 hours, I got shut out of the experience because the parks were FULL to capacity by the time I showed up. This year, the parks weren’t nearly as full and I was able to get inside to play after midnight last night … er, earlier today. OY! It was a lot of fun, check out some photos below.

The only thing I ever wanted was to be able to say, “It’s 3AM and I’m IN Disneyland!” So my goal for the past year was to get to Disney in the wee hours then go home. When I got to the park jast after midnight, my plan was to stay until around 3 … but I ended up staying until 6AM when the park closed. I may have missed the start of the event the previous 6AM but I was there for the very end. I ran around for 6 hours doing everything I could but, surprisingly, the time flew by! I rode some rides, ate some snacks, ran into a few Pink readers AND my good friend Derek (the only person crazier for Disneyland than I am) and had a complete and utter blast. I know that Pink reader t_rex_in_arms was there last night but I missed her (she was on her way out when I was on my way in). All in all, I’m so glad I went … it was a Disney experience I will never forget.

Earlier in the night, I was planning to see the Detroit Cobras in concert in DTLA but the show sold out on me! I was bummed for a while but then I realized, THE DETROIT COBRAS SOLD OUT AN LA SHOW and I couldn’t get all that bummed at all. I have tix to see them tomorrow night in the OC so still have a chance to see them. The concert conflicts with a Smiths/Morrissey danceparty so … we’ll have to see. Today, I have no plans … but sleep. Happy Saturday!

  • Shannon

    Agh! This looks so fun. Rest up, Trent <3

  • rOXy


  • Megan

    That monsters hat is adorable!!

  • jnut

    Hi, Trent!

    I saw you there! I introduced myself in the Space Mountain line. I wish I hadn’t been so cracked out from being there at 6am and asked you for a quick pic. I hope you had fun…I did! =)


    • @jnut — You are my hero! If they do another 24 hour day, I *may* attempt to tackle the full day instead of just the last 6 hours. It was so nice running into you, we must do a photo next time :)