Wings Win! Hair Shorn! HuG Rocks!


Yesterday was a pretty bizzy day for me … I spent part of my evening watching the Detroit Red Wings defeat the Chicago Blackhawks, then I “ran into” the very same metal sign that Kanye West bashed his head on earlier this month, then I got my haircut, then I made my way out to Glendale, CA to see Hanzel und Gretyl live in concert. It was a late night for me but it turned out to be hella fun.

Let’s take things one at a time … my BFFs Sarah and Mark went to the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI last night to see the Detroit Red Wings game in person but, alas, I had to watch the game on TV:

Before the game got started, someone tossed a lucky octopus on the ice and, well, it worked … the Wings defeated the Blackhawks 2-0. They need only win one more game and then they go to the Western Conference Championship :D Go Wings!!

I couldn’t watch the whole game on TV cuz I had to get to Beverly Hills for my haircut … would you believe that I managed to bang my head on the very same metal sign that Kanye did a couple of weeks ago?

OY! Thankfully I was wearing a hat so I didn’t get hurt but boy, it was smarts. Damn paparazzi.

So, yeah, my haircut … I told Josh to give me a sweet new ‘do and he did just that:

I love it! I doubt I’ll be able to make my hair look this sculptured on my own but I’m gonna try. Hahaha, I look a bit like a cartoon character, don’t I?

I ended the night in Glendale at the Hanzel und Gretyl concert:

When HuG first came out, they were more electro … now they’re all death metal … but they’re still fun. The show was loud and the venue was pretty decent. I was introduced to Gulden Draak beer and FELL IN LOVE. Oh man, it’s so good. I was pretty surprised by how much fun I had last night so … yeah, it was a good day.

Today, I think I’m heading downtown to see The Detroit Cobras with JZ and later, I MAY try to go to Disneyland … at, like, 3AM. Disneyland is open for 24 hours today and I missed out on going to Disney the last time it was open for 24 hours so … we’ll see. It’s Friday, it’s the weekend and it’s about to be Memorial Day so … have fun, y’all!!

  • rOXy

    1. I feel sorry for the octopus 2. I want to know if you got severe tire damage 3. I like the new do, it does remind of an animated character, but I just can’t place which one atm 4. Auugghhh…on me missing out on the 24 hr Disney party. A family wedding is standing in the way of that AND seeing the legendary Dick Dale in SJC. I wonder if I suddenly came down with a case of purple measles if the fam would buy it. Have fun!

    • @rOXy — 1. the octopus would’ve been eaten since it was likely bought at a fish market, this way it serves a more noble purpose. 2. no severe tire damage was had. 3. jimmy neutron, maybe? 4. maybe you can get those measles at 3AM, I think that’s when I’m gonna try and go ;)

    • rOXy

      Yes! Jimmy Neutron was who I had in mind. haha

      You faired better than Kanye. He definitely got severe tire damage.

      I am stomping my feet and throwing a fit. Running into you at Dland sounds like a much better time than what’s on my agenda.

  • Hampton

    Great Haircut. Reminds me of Tintin! Have you ever been to the beach in So. Cal or do you get up after the sun goes down so you can be ready to go….maybe hear 30 Seconds to Mars!

  • nicole

    i love the new haircut!! looks great :)
    and LOL @ the sign, only you Trent.

  • Sergio

    Wasted food is not a ‘noble’ thing … Pretty busy …. but pretty lonely, I feel bad for the octopus too.

    • Vicky

      I am sure if octopusses could talk, this particular one would tell us that it would be thrilled to serve as a good luck charm for the Wings and would far prefer that over being dinner. But since they can’t talk, especially dead ones, we can just guess – but I am with Trent on this one!

    • Sergio

      In a broke/broken city, and anywhere in general, I think there are better things to do with food than throwing it away as a lucky charm! We can agree to disagree.

  • Sandy!

    Trent, I love you. but you just HAD to remind me about last night’s game, didn’t you? It was the most heartbreaking shutout I’ve seen in a while.
    Can you tell I’m a Hawks fan? lol
    I will say, Howard was a fricken wall last night!
    Hopefully, my boys can get it together on Saturday. The Cup really does need to come back to Chicago :)

    • @Sandy! — Hee Hee, tell you what … when the Wings bring the Cup home to Detroit, we’ll let you come on over and visit it :D

  • Megan

    Omg Trent, If I knew how I would so do a side by side of your hair cut next to Amanda Bynes haircut a couple weeks ago lol. It’d be brilliant!

  • Emily

    Trent, you are ROCKING that cut! LOL, I wear a hat when I’m going in for a cut too. I sit in the chair, take off the hat and say, “Make me look beautiful.” Then I feel extra sassy all day ’cause my hair is styled super fly. Judging by the pictures you were also feeling pretty sassy.

  • dancingdanie

    Awesome hair cut!