Watch: Mariah Carey Suffers A Wardrobe Malfunction On ‘Good Morning America’ As Her Dress POPS Open


Oh man … Amanda Bynes and her insanity are trying to eat up all the attention today but there are other things going on in the world, you know. Pop Queen Mariah Carey made an appearance on Good Morning America earlier today and things didn’t go very well for her. Not only did she accidentally exclaim Oh, shit! live on air but she also suffered a wardrobe malfunction when her Versace dress popped open in the back while she was LIVE on camera. You have to watch the video below … it’s effing hilarious. My fave part of the clip is when Mimi tries to blame Donatella Versace for the malfunction! LOL!!!

“Oh shoot, the back of my dress just popped!” said Mariah Carey as she was talking to “Good Morning America” anchor Lara Spencer this morning on a stage in Central Park. The diva singer and “American Idol” judge who came on stage awkwardly carrying her microphone pack, sang her first song as part of the show’s summer concert series, then started chatting with Spencer when — uh oh — something happened. Carey twirled around to show that the back of the long, sparkly, body-hugging gown had come undone halfway down her back. Her zipper appeared to have malfunctioned. “It popped, darling,” said Carey, 43. “What should we call this? The Central Park saga?” Said Spencer, “I daresay this is a TV moment” … They cut to commercial. When they returned, Carey was wearing the same dress. All seemed fine. After the next commercial break, Carey had changed into a hot pink number. “Ravishing,” said GMA’s Josh Elliott. “I’ve been working out. I’ve been trying to do the best I can to stay in shape. And these stress-fests, they help. But I need to catch my breath! Please talk.” She smiled. She then made her way up the stairs to sit in a big chair on a platform and could be heard uttering the s-word. “Oh, shit,” she said. Adding, “You didn’t hear that.” She had taken her shoes off so she could kick up her legs and bare feet to sing her new duet with Miguel.

LMAOOOO! “It seems like a You Tube moment“. See, Mariah has been delivering this kind of entertainment for YEARS. Amanda, baby, please take several seats and take notes. This is how you entertain people with not-really-crazy-but-just-crazy-enough-to-be-funny behavior. Hahahaha :D


  • nicole

    oh i just love her! lol

  • Sandy!

    I love how she said all of that so casually! I’m dying over here.
    Can I be Mariah Carey when I grow up?

  • Taylor Brown

    Trent, you obviously didn’t watch the whole 30 minute Mariah was on stage and chose to just watch the dress part. If you bother to see the last half hour of GMA you’ll know Mariah had problems with her dress from the start. When she came out she didn’t even have her microphone pack on. She held it in her hand through the entire “Alway be my baby” song. Then they were fixing it back there when she was chatting. Did you see her stylist run away when it came back from commercial break? In the clip above? The reason she said “Shit” is because something happen with her shoes before the start of #Beautiful. She even mention her shoes. So next time know the facts before you spit out stuff you have no knowledge about except was available on youtube!

    • @Taylor Brown — Um, ok? What exactly did I “spit out” that I had no knowledge of? I’m guessing you’re taking issue with the playful tone of the post because you’re a Mimi fan, which is cool. I’m a fan, too. MC was a mess today, no matter how long her wardrobe and shoes had been problematic. LOL

    • Devonte Antonio

      Umm…can you chill? This is not a trashy blog, take that somewhere else.

    • LaurenL

      Taylor what is UP with that tone? Seriously, I saw the segment and I concur with Trent. Chill out… Mimi is a diva, and she does her own thing no matter what her handlers tell her to do. It’s show business!

    • LaToya

      Chill Out!!!! This is PITNB it’s happiness over on this site angry people not allowed!

  • Devonte Antonio

    “This is how you entertain people with not-really-crazy-but-just-crazy-enough-to-be-funny behavior”….perfect…no better description…

  • BMcBride81

    As pointed out by Gawker ( her appearance really was a train wreck. I’d say the “wardrobe malfunction” was the least of her problems.

    • Megan

      Wow, that’s pretty bad. The edited version still sounded bad but the fact that they made it passable is crazy.

  • Luna

    HAHAHAHAHAHHHA “I love you Donatelle but it popped darling!” HAHAHAHHAHHA Love you Mimi!