Pauly D From ‘Jersey Shore’ Loses His Signature Blowout


First of all– in answer to the obvious question– yes. This is news! MTV’s Jersey Shore may be DUNZO, but the legacy of reality TV’s favorite guidos and guidettes lives on. We just saw the first trailer for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new movie Don Jon, and you can’t tell me he wasn’t channeling a little Ronnie/Pauly D/Mike in his role. Try as we might, we’ll never forget the Jersey Shore cast (well, okay… probably, like, 20 years from now we will) which is why I was shocked, concerned, and appalled to learn that DJ Pauly D had gotten rid of his signature blowout. Like… what?! What is the world coming to? Click inside to learn more about this disheartening situation.

People has the unfortunate deets, and here’s the picture from Pauly D’s Instagram:


From T-shirt time to suit and tie!

Pauly D – real name Paul DelVecchio – shared a new look with his Instagram followers on Monday.

The former Jersey Shore star posted a photo of himself giving a double thumbs up to a very different hair do. It appears Delvecchio, 32, swapped his trademark blow-out for a sleek new hairstyle.

The “Back to Love” deejay captioned the photo, “#TheGreatDJGatsby !!!”

Since the reality show that made him a household name wrapped in December, DelVecchio has continued his career as a deejay with gigs in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and New Orleans.

This is absolute madness y’all. We can only hope that this was for some kind of special event and is, therefore, an impermanent decision on his part. Because, honestly? What with Paris Hilton signing to Cash Money Records, I can’t take any more emotional blows. Here’s hoping he busts out the blowdryer and hair gel soon. Like. Really, really soon.


  • Jenn

    He’s 32???

  • Jstar

    he could wear a paper bag and be hot as heck! super fine!

  • Reagan

    Am I the only one that liked his blowout, lol? He’s fine either way and still the hottest guy from the Jersey Shore. Anyway I totally agree with you Shannon with the Paris Hilton thing. I was like is that a joke? Lil Wayne most of been stoned when he signed her.

    • Shannon

      Reagan, LOL! Lil Wayne was def on something. Though I’ve heard Cash Money loves signing people (and then doing very little with their careers) because it makes for good tac write-offs. Madness.

      And you’re not alone about Pauly D. I was being a little overly-dramatic in the post but things really aren’t the same without the blowout.

  • nicole

    i’ve always loved Pauly (and shout out to Vinny & the bromance!). i didnt mind the blowout, it was always entertaining watching him do his hair. but i kind of love this look.

  • Marcus_em

    I am from NJ and rest assured they were all together in seaside this morning and the blowout was in full affect lol slightly shorter but still just as gelled and shiney as ever ;-)

  • Ashen

    Didn’t even recognize him.

    He’s got that whole tall, dark, handsome, European thang going on now. Maybe it’s the soft filter, suit & tie, or the pose in front of the flowers he’s got going on but don’t those eyes just scream, “Come hither”?

  • rOXy

    Not really feeling the overly “sculpted” brows on him.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    He is a grown person now.The hard crown hairdo is out.He is a business person and the other “whatever it was”,does not looks good in the board room.No matter what he still has the dumb face of always.Goog luck PaulyD.

  • Alejandro

    Um… I feel weird saying this, but… he actually looks somewhat hot! haha… as opposed to how dorky and silly he looked with his previous look.