Kelly Rowland Releases The Tracklist For ‘Talk A Good Game’


Okay, you wanna hear something hilarious? There was a rumor going around that Beyoncé purposefully leaked those pregnancy rumors to detract from much of the hype surrounding Kelly Rowland’s latest, super-epic, super-impressive single (in which she shares intimate details about her friendship with the Queen Bey), Dirty Laundry. Isn’t that ridiculous?! I mean, I was kind of wondering if Bey was gonna make a statement (at least one of support) since Kelly really poured her heart out on that track, not only about Beyoncé but also about her experience in an abusive relationship. Bey hasn’t said a word (granted, she’s pretty busy), but I can’t imagine there’d be any bad blood between the two of them over the song… right??? Anywho, Kelly’s Talk A Good Game is about to hit the shelves, and I was excited to see she’d just released her tracklist. Click inside for more!

Kelly Rowland, Talk A Good Game:

1. Freak
2. Kisses Down Low
3. Gone (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)
4. Talk A Good Game (Feat. Kevin Cossom)
5. Down on Love
6. Dirty Laundry
7. You Changed (Feat. Beyoncé & Michelle Williams)
8. I Remember
9. Red Wine
10. This Is Love
11. Street Life (feat. Pusha T)
12. Stand In Front Of Me
13. Sky Walker (feat. The-Dream)
14. Put Your Name On It
15. #1

Yeeesssss to number 11!!! Kelly and Pusha T will make life sooo happy for me! And remember, y’all– the song featuring Bey and Michelle is not a Destiny’s Child song. It’s just a Kelly Rowland track… featuring Beyoncé and Michelle… LMAO.

Anyway, I’m so psyched for this! After we heard Dirty Laundry, I think we all felt like this is Kelly’s time to shine, and I can’t wait to hear the entire album.

Talk A Good Game will be released on June 18th.


  • Linnea

    I kind of feel that the track ft Bey and Michelle “you changed” is like a “continue” from Dirty Luandry. where Kelly keeps singing about her abusive relationship, and then Bey and Michelle comes in on the bridge or something and sings from their “perspective”.. But this is just me guessing. I hope so, cause i can’t get enough of dirty laundry..

  • James

    Wait, OMG y’all, I just made a drastic realization: In “Girl,” K-Row sings the part about being in an abusive/ at least not very great relationship where she’s not treated well. And she’s all defending him and what not and Beyonce and Michelle try to get her to leave him through friendship, girl power and the beauty of a down tempo yet head bobbing slow jam. I wonder if that was because of what was going on in real life, or was it just a coincidence? So what I’m saying is we all should have seen this coming. Wow. I miss Destiny’s Child. But I am so excited for Kelly Rowland to take over the world.

    • Shannon

      James, when we first heard ‘Dirty Laundry’ PITNBr Iris made a comment about ‘Girl’ and a few other tracks that hinted at abuse. It’s definitely been in the music before, just not like this.