Here Are 15 Reasons Janet Jackson Kinda Deserves To Be A Billionaire


If you follow Trent on Facebook you might have noticed that he had a Janet Jackson moment earlier this week, and made a note-to-self to re-learn the choreography from her 1993 music video If. The next day Janet was making headlines because she officially became a billionaire… like, with her own money. It just so happens that she’s also married to a billionaire, ya know. Just for fun… lol. Naturally, all this got me thinking about this woman’s unforgettable career and I was like, ya know? It makes perfect sense that she’s a billionaire! If I’d written Rhythm Nation, I’d expect to be a billionaire as well. So while we’re sitting over here waiting for Trent to post his remake of the If video on YouTube, we might as well get into some Throwback Janet Ms. Jackson, right? Click inside for more!

15 Reasons Janet Jackson Kinda Deserves To Be A Billionaire:

1. Rhythm Nation


Well, I have to start with this one since it was one of my very first introductions to the awesomeness of Janet. I must’ve been, like, 10 or 11 when my dance teacher chose this for our jazz dance recital performance so every Saturday for an entire year, this was my song. OMG, it was epic! Sadly, our costumes were not as cool as the wardrobe in the video, but we def broke down some of these dance moves (as only 10 year-olds can) and it was dope (at least in my memory it is)! Will this song/video ever get old? No. No, I think not.

2. If


Any hook that begins with the hypothetical,’If I was your girlfriend’ phrase is bound to go somewhere nasty. ‘I’d make you call out my name, I’d ask who it belongs to’– Whaaaat?!?! Okay, seriously Trent. Where is your video to this song though?

3. Nasty


OMG, I was literally a one year-old when this song dropped, lol! And yet, I remember hearing it alll the time when I was a kid! Like, all the time! Anyway, I need to start wearing all-black more often. This video is the hawtness.

4. Son Of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You), feat. Missy Elliot & Carly Simon


We can thank Carly Simon for some of the greatest lyrics in the history of music: I betcha think this song is about you. What?! Love it! And there’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned R&B revenge video.

5. I Get So Lonely remix, feat. Blackstreet


Yes, we had this one on the Valentine’s Day Throwback list and no– I don’t care. This song is eeeevvvverrrryyyyyyythiiiing! Nobody walks up and down a white hallway with as much cleavage and as much perfection as Janet Jackson. NOBODY. Sigh. Break it down, break it down, break it down.

This is just the beginning! More Throwback Janet Jackson (and her incomparable cleavage) on the next page!

  • Isabelle

    Big big fan on Janet here, have been for a long time. That said, I’m a mother and wife, I was psychologically abused as a child/teenager/young adult, My parents were way not rich, I have a (real) bipolar disorder, have to take meds and meds all day long to stay balanced, hypothyroidism to the max, blood tests every month, struggle in my relationship with my “husband” of 10 years, unable to work, had to give it up for now, although on the rise in that stormy IT world, everything is a fight. Every morning, every night is a fight. I do my best, …and my child is happy.
    Do I get to be a billionaire too ?
    Sorry, had to vent for this one.

    • Shannon

      Isabelle, no apologies necessary. It’s funny, I spent a lot of time debating about the title for the post (knowing that it could be interpreted as my saying that some people deserve to be billionaires, while others do not) but I ultimately went with it because I realized that I DO think she deserves her financial success.

      Now if we start talking about happiness/satisfaction and health and all that I can’t comment on whether or not she ‘deserves’ those things– those are the things that, to me, matter the most and cannot be quantified like success in business or entertainment. Those are the things that someone like you (or me, or anyone else who doesn’t expect to become a billionaire in this lifetime) ‘get’ to have.

      I appreciate your venting and absolutely see where you’re coming from. I hope you can still enjoy the post :)

    • Isabelle

      I do absolutely enjoy the post. And I apprciate you so much for letting me vent.
      I don’t know you personally, my dear Shannon, but I really like you ;) (don’t tell anyone)

    • Shannon

      Isabelle, your secret’s safe with me <3

  • janaegal

    When i was in 4th grade we had to do a report on who we admired, with visuals. Most kids did reports on a president or superhero, with posters. I did mine on Janet Jackson, dressed as her in Rhythm Nation.

    Scoring A’s on reports since forever.

    • janaegal

      And also, I’m going to try real, real hard to forgive you for not including Black Cat on your list. We all make mistakes Shannon.

    • Shannon

      janaegal, first of all you better find a Throwback pic of that 4th grade presentation STAT. Second, I see I’m gonna have to start posting my disclaimers at the beginning of these posts so nobody ends up cutting me, lmao! But you’re right. ‘Black Cat’ makes life happy :)
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  • Alecia

    Yaaass! Penny from Good Times (which I’m watching right now) has jams for days!
    I am feeling this playlist!! But I also want to shout out my favorite slow jam by her, “Come Back to Me, ” reminds me of my childhood listening to the radio with this and “If It Isn’t Love” coming on.
    Anyway, Janet really doesn’t have to come back and give us new music because she’s left a lifetime of good memories.
    Now I’m off to learn the “Pleasure Principle” dance- backflip and all (not really but it’s the thought that counts).

    • Shannon

      Alecia, ‘Janet really doesn’t have to come back and give us new music because she’s left a lifetime of good memories’– I gotta agree with that one :)

  • jessica

    I’ve ALWAYS wondered why she wasn’t acknowledged for her contributions more. Before Lilith fair and Sarah McLachlan, she was making it in a very man dominated music world, with brilliance. Sucks to be overshadowed by your younger brothers success and controversies.

    • Shannon

      jessica, yes, there needs to be more bowing down to her in the music industry. Obviously, she gets lots of love, but I think you’re right about controversies and stuff like that overshadowing her legacy. At least we’re doing our part to give some props :)

  • Britney’sBitch

    I was going to say that I can give you a billion of reasons why I deserve to be a billionaire but I see somebody kinda beat me to it. hehe
    Anyways, I know what you meant. Gotta love me some Janet!

    • Shannon

      Britney’sBitch, you know if it were up to me all you PITNBrs would be billionaires ;)

  • Akili

    This post is EVERYTHING! Favorite Janet video: “Alright.” Love the zoot suits. Love the Cab Calloway tribute/cameo. Love the Nicholas brothers cameo. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Also. Heavy D’s verse? Love. (RIP Heavy D)

    • Shannon

      Akili, so glad you enjoyed the list. I’m watching ‘Alright’ right now :)
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  • Thomas

    Shannon you are my idol. This post is almost Scandal level of amazingness (although that’s a whole other story). Love the throwback to Miss Jackson who rocks. I’ve loved her music for a long time.

    My personal favourite (although you covered most of them in this post) that you didn’t mention is, in my opinion one of Janet’s best songs, especially of the last decade: All For You. That video was so colourful and such an awesome dance routine to a really catchy song!!

    • Thomas

      Uhh I meant to embed that link!
      [video-embed url=”http%3A//”]

    • Krissy

      OMG, I forgot about that one! Love it!

    • Britney’sBitch

      Now THAT is my favorite, along with Feedback and Son of a Gun

    • Shannon

      Thomas, thank you! And THANK YOU for contributing with the ‘All For You’ video– we so needed that :)

  • Iris B

    *squeals and jumps up and down in a empty library* I freaking love this! Always and forever will love her.

  • Krissy

    Thank you for this post! I love so many of these songs!!!!!
    As a little girl, I REALLY loved Janet for not being afraid to be something other than just “sexy”. Escapade, Control, Rhythm Nation, etc. were really great songs that were FUN and meaningful (and the whole album of RN had message songs on it). How badly I wanted the key earring she used to wear! Then as I got older, Janet got a little hotter right along with me! :)

  • Thomas

    And I just watched Miss You Much. Forgot how much I love that video except they cut out the classic chair dance part at the end of the video!

  • Krissy

    Ah, just remembered the video for Runaway, and how I loved her styling in that.

    This post is making me feel all happy and sunny! Many thanks, Shannon!

  • ella

    Shannon! Where’s Together Again?! The Velvet Rope was everything!

    That’s how you know she’s really an icon… you posted 17 amazing videos and the comments are full of people with even more favourites!!

  • Shannon

    AGhhhhhh! THIS!!!!
    [video-embed url=”http%3A//”]

  • The Truth

    I love Janet and in fact I’ve seen her on tour twice during “The Velvet Rope” and “All for you” tour. But there is no way she a billionaire. She hasn’t had a hit album since “All for you” and that was over 10 years ago. She may have tour a lot for her greatest hit album but it was in smaller venues half the sizes of arena she use to play in. Plus there is no way she has made 300 million in movies. First none of the movies she been in has been bona fide hits with exception of “The nutty Professor.” Plus no one would pay her that much money to be in a movie. None of her movies even made over 100 million dollars. She may have made 1 billion dollar in her life time but in her bank account I don’t think so.

  • Tania Quinn

    Love Will Never Do Without you is my all time favorite! I remember sitting in front of my TV, glued to the screen, watching the video on VH1. Brings me back to my childhood. :)

  • Nicole O’Brien

    Shannon, so glad you have a dance recital flashback involving Ms. Jackson, too! Unfortunately, mine involves being one of the shortest kids during the finale number to “Escapade” and I was placed in the very back row behind everyone, including all the older kids (I was maybe 5 at the time), and so I just stood there and cried the whole song because I knew my parents wouldn’t be able to see me from the audience. Traumatized!!

  • Kate

    No joke. I’ve been listening to her Damita Jo and Discipline albums all day.

  • Devonte Antonio

    Girl…YES…Janet is my goto workout mix…but seriously…greatest song EVER…is “That’s The Way Love Goes”….GREATEST OF ALL TIME!…

  • Dania

    Omg! This throwback is by far THE best. It’s so awesome I just had to let you know about it Shannon. Janet, I love you for giving us all that good beats when we were growing up. I know this is relatively late but yeah, thank you so much for this compilation. Although, I have a feeling a Part Deux Janet Jackson throwback is not far from the future too..C’mon, there’s still a whole lot of other music from her – Go Deep, Got Til It’s Gone, Velvet Rope, Call on Me..aahh..I’m definitely going to spend some time making a list to listen tonight..

    Is it just me or is black clothing a must for her videos? some weird way, I’m missing Michael Jackson while watching all her videos :(

    Shannon you rock!