Lindsay Lohan Sued By Her Own 6126 Leggings Line


Remember back in 2008 when Lindsay Lohan launched her very own leggings line called 6126? At the time, she seemed pretty serious about getting the business off the ground … she did a bit of promo work for a spring line of leggings as well as a fall line of leggings … but since 2010, we haven’t heard much about the 6126 Leggings line particularly because, at the time, Lindsay was unable to promote the line due to her last stint in rehab. And then L. Lo announced plans for her own line of shoes instead. It turns out that Lindsay’s reputation as a drug abuser has been very bad for the leggings business and as a result, the company Lohan partnered with to manufacture and sell 6126 leggings is now suing her for $5 million dollars. Yikes!

Lindsay Lohan may have finally checked into her court-mandated rehab program, but now she’s facing a different kind of legal drama.
An apparel manufacturer that partnered with Lohan’s leggings line 6126 is firing back at the actress’ 2013 lawsuit over a licensing dispute, claiming that the embattled star’s tarnished reputation severely hampered the company’s ability to suitably peddle her clothing line to buyers. In a $5 million breach-of-contract counter claim filed against Lohan Friday in a California U.S. District Court and obtained by E! News, clothing company DNAM alleges that while the starlet’s leggings line initially enjoyed some success at department stores in 2010, buyers eventually began to pull back “because they did not want to be associated with Lohan’s drug addled image.” The complaint states that in the spring of 2011, buyers canceled appointments and customers canceled orders, noting that “no one would touch the line.” Lohan, who was in rehab at the time, was unable to endorse the brand or provide feedback, the lawsuit alleges. The company claims that Lohan’s legal troubles and her supposed drug and alcohol addictions devalued the brand, and it its seeking $5 million in damages.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. While I, personally, can see where the plaintiffs are coming from … I can’t help but laugh because, HELLO, this is what you get for doing business with Lindsay Lohan. That this company actually thought they were going to reap lucrative benefits by getting into bed, figuratively speaking, with Lohan is absolutely hilarious. But, that said, I think they have a case … but they’re nuts if they think they’re gonna get $5 mil from Lindsay Lohan. Hahaha. My guess is that this matter will get settled out of court and 6126 will finally be put out of its misery. Ha, even when Lindsay is safely locked away in rehab trouble seems to find her.


  • Jennifer Wilson

    i am going to sue her for making me adore her in the parent trap and then leaving me sad with…well, the rest of her life (except mean girls). rude.

  • Emily

    Perhaps buyers aren’t touching them b/c they’re heinous?

    • Jstar

      LOL totally!!!

  • janaegal

    I feel like Lindsay Lohan did some terrible things in her life. But she made leggings as pants acceptable and for that I will always be grateful.