Watch: Kanye West Performs ‘New Slaves’ And Debuts ‘Black Skinhead’ On The ‘Saturday Night Live’ Season Finale


We should all know by now that when Kanye West hits the stage we can pretty much expect the unexpected. However. I was still unprepared for his performances last night on Saturday Night Live. Yeezy performed New Slaves, which we heard yesterday after he debuted a video to the song in various locations across the world. And he also debuted a new track, Black Skinhead. I was just checking out the lyrics to Black Skinhead on DirectLyrics and I’m still trying to figure out exactly what he means by Black Skinhead… but maybe I’m trying too hard. What do y’all think of the new tracks? I loved his performances for both songs– visually it’s an experience, which is what Kanye is usually going for. Oh, and I was cracking the hell up while he tried to censor his own lyrics during his New Slaves performance– awesome!

Peep the videos for more! The Black Skinhead performance is inside.

Kanye West: Black Skinhead



  • I am impressed as hell. Kanye may be many things … but a very talented and visionary artist is one of them. These were both amazing performances. I’m really curious hear his new album now.

    • cutitout

      His visuals are sick, very NIN. I appreciate showmanship, it really is a lost art.

  • nicole

    i was always excited for this new album…but after the performances, i want it, like, now.

  • SD

    loves it. i still cannot fathom how somebody with this much depth is with…..? maybe that’s all part of it, he’s just that complex we will never understand lol

  • Emily

    Wow. Dayum. This album needs to drop, like, yesterday.
    (Ps – anyone else notice the keyboard player in the 2nd vid?) back right side – very fit & energetic. I noticed him at the 2:30 mark, homeboy just rockin out.)
    @trent – so glad you’re impressed! I know Ye is a tough sell sometimes.

  • Emily

    Ok, 1st vid wasn’t working so I just watched it somewhere else. @shannon – lol – I’d rather be a prick! Amazing self censorship.
    And holy crap the dude on turntables is ROCKIN OUT. I’m the most entertained by him I think.

  • TRue

    I kept thinking when he had that”not for sale background” he’s joking right. I mean all he is for sale. What does he think people buying his single, album, concert tickets for? I mean without us buying what he is selling he would be VanillaIce flipping houses on HDTV. That aside he is amazon performer and visionary

  • NellStar

    I was kinda meh about him coming out with new music. Once I heard “New Slaves” I got excited about his new music.