‘*Swoons* *Faints* *Thud*’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


Angelina Jolie’s open letter regarding her preemptive double mastectomy procedure was one of the biggest stories we had this week (along with the follow-up story about her upcoming ovary removal surgery). We also received a plethora of comments on the post about Wade Robson’s public accusations against Michael Jackson. Before we get to some of the awesomeness in PITNBr-ness this week, I just want to give a special thanks to everyone who shared a personal account in response to these two stories. We’ve had readers who’ve survived extremely difficult situations (related to either cancer or sexual abuse), or they’ve had someone close to them who has, and many of them were brave enough to share those stories in a public space. I just want y’all to know I really appreciate those contributions to the dialogue here. Click inside for more of the best comments of the week!

PITNBr adam, apparently, luuuurved Emma Watson’s look at the Cannes Film Festival:

*swoons* *faints* *thud*

PITNBr Gillian will not be going to eBay to bid on that used bikini from Farrah Abraham’s porno:

There is not enough Febreeze or bleach in the whole entire world, to make that thing clean enough to go near… Ever.

PITNBr Emily expressed her sympathies to Kanye West (who effed up his forehead and lambo, all in one week), and also offered him some helpful advice:

I mean, the last time my Lamborghini got detailed, I picked it up from the shop myself for this exact reason. The gate at my house is also tricky (it’s made of gold, it doesn’t swing nicely) so I don’t trust a plebeian to do it. If you want it done right, sometimes you gotta do it yourself, you know?

PITNBr Lo, you SAVED us all during the Revenge season finale recap! I could not for the life of me figure out why Declan went into the building/straight to his death! Thank you, again:

Charlotte had told Declan on the phone that she was with Daniel when she was actually with Regina.. so I am guessing Declan was in the building looking for her.

PITNBr Minerva also saved me during the Scandal season finale recap. I love how closely you superfans watch the show, and I could not do these recaps without y’all:

AHHH finally, I’ve been refreshing all day lol.
So the girl in Liv’s apartment was the GIRL FROM THE DONUT SHOP a few eps back!…

Shouts-out to PITNBr toyabelle, who also caught the donut shop girl. This is a big deal, y’all!

PITNBr Carl’s Scandal recap (which I’ve abbreviated here, ’cause it’s almost as epic and long as mine) also made my day, so much so that I shared it on Instagram. I don’t know if y’all know, but Carl is famous AF because Shonda Rhimes retweeted him one time. Anyway, his comment had me rolllllin’:

Okay, I said it on instagram and now I have to say it again….”where’s the Cytron card BILLYYYYYY?!?!?!”…yeah, no. Quinn scared the effing bejesus out of me. She was WAY into that torture. And I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who got American Psycho vibes from that, I even mentioned it in a tweet last night…

The super power stuff… lord. Fitz really is it. And it looks like he’s growing some eyebrows, so he’s damn near perfection. Lord help me, he lights up my screen like nobody else.

I feel bad that Jake got thrown in the hole :( now we know that he really cared for Olivia, and sacrificed himself to prove it. I kinda hope he comes back next season, but without a homeless Huck beard…

And damn, I thought *I* had daddy issues…nothing compared to Olivia and Papa Pope! What kind of man wants to watch his daughter get freaky on film (Farrah Abraham’s father aside) and what kind of man tries to have his daughter killed/reveals her affair? I have two theories on this

1) Olivia was an only child and he wanted a boy.

2) She’s got a sibling or two and Papa Pope plays favorites, clearly our dear Liv didn’t make the cut…

PITNBr BGLU Tia had us alllll rollin’ when those Beyoncé pregnancy rumors started to intensify:

I did not pay good money, sacrifice work time participating in the battle royale that is Ticketmaster, and put friendships in jeopardy deciding who I was taking with me to the concert (because I couldn’t get the number of tickets I needed…thank you crappy pre-sales) to see her do pregnant gyrations to “Single Ladies.” She’s got one time to pat her belly instead of her weave during “Get Me Bodied” and I’m going to have a fit.

Pregnancy is beautiful. Be beautiful on your own time… AFTER your world tour, thank you very much. Sheesh…

PITNBr Kayla, like many of us, fell in love with Kelly Rowland’s new song immediately. If you haven’t listened to Dirty Laundry yet (or haven’t listened recently) go HERE and get your life changed:

I think this is the first song that has been posted on PITNB that I’ve actually sat down and listened to multiple times in a row. I can’t get enough of it. It hurts, but it feels good too. If I weren’t already totally in love with Kelly Rowland, this would have sold me.

PITNBr manuel nava, you are sooo wrong for this and I completely disagree with your comment!Kanye West can still go on anti-celebrity rants, even if he dates someone like you-know-who! All that being said, I still LOL’d at your comment:

Dude. You do know you are Kim Kardashians baby daddy, right?

Thanks to ALL of you PITNBrs for another awesome week. I actually have no clue what I’m doing tonight, since Revenge is DUNZO for the season… although I do have hella Mad Men episode to catch up on… in fact. Yeah. Definitely Mad Men’ing it tonight so, nobody call me!

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