Movie Review: ‘Stories We Tell’


Last night I met up with Emma and Josh for a little dinner/movie date after a few days of missed opportunities. Because the pair of them have an uncanny knack for picking excellent movies that most people never hear about, I decided to follow their lead and agree to see the new Sarah Polley documentary film Stories We Tell. As usual, they selected an excellent film for us to watch, even if the “doc” has a few flaws. All in all, I enjoyed the film but mostly, I enjoyed my night out with my fun BFFs.

Stories We Tell is the directorial debut by Canadian indie actress Sarah Polley. Due to the nature of the film’s tale, I can’t really reveal much about the plot so as not to ruin the experience for those of you who might see this film. Polley’s film tells a story about her family that has to be seen to be believed. I, personally, feel that she tells the tale very cleverly BUT I take some issue with the fact that the film is called a documentary. Yes, Stories We Tell features interviews with members of her family and home movie footage is included in the film … but much of the rest of the footage uses was staged using actors portraying members of her family. This fact alone doesn’t really bother me but the staged footage is cut with the real footage so the viewer is tricked into believing it’s all actual footage. It’s not until the middle of the film that you realize that much of the footage is staged, not genuine. To me, this alone invalidates the “documentary” label of this film. But, honestly, the direction isn’t really the draw here … the surprising story that is featured in the film is the real meat and is deffo worth seeing. Here’s a trailer that can tease the film without giving too much away:

Tonight I’m meeting up with my friend Gillian for a hang in the Valley. I predict we will find an amazing terrible chain restaurant to gorge our faces so I’m very excited about that. I have been hankering for a dance party lately so I might go out later tonight. In the meantime, I have a very comfy couch begging me to lay all over it so … let the Weekend get underway! Happy Saturday!!