Britney Spears Tweets About The Leak Of Her New Single ‘Ooh La La’


Yesterday we got our first listen of Britney Spears’s new single Ooh La La after it leaked to the Internets about a month before it was due for release. As a result, Britney posted a message on her official Twitter profile address the song’s leak — which you can read in full below. As with many song leaks, it’s almost impossible to tell if the early release of the song is intentional or not. According to our dear Britney, the leak of Ooh La La was not intentional. HMMM. Click below to read her tweet.

So the song that leaked yesterday was just a demo? HMMMM. If memory serves, Britney said the same thing when her single Hold It Against Me leaked ahead of its official release a few years ago. She claimed the leaked song was a demo … but when the song was finally released officially, it sounded exactly the same. I suppose it’s possible that this leak is, in fact, a demo version of the song because the production does sound a bit weak. I suppose we’ll have to wait until June 16 to find out if Ooh La La will sound a bit better in its final form or if this is the song we’re gonna get.