Watch: Mariah Carey Performs A Medley Of Her Greatest Hits On The ‘American Idol’ Season 12 Finale


Last night was a huge night for American Idol fans, though, since I don’t watch the show I’ll leave it Trent to share the big news. I did, however, have to check out this video of Mariah Carey singing her greatest hits. The incomparable diva took the stage last night for the twelfth season finale and performed a beautiful medley featuring songs like Vision of Love, My All, Hero, and We Belong Together. She ended with her latest single, Beautiful which recently became her 27th number one on the R&B/Hip Hop charts. Peep the video for more, and try not to be blinded by all the bling– it’s Mimi!


  • Iris B

    Mimi should have a Vegas show. Seriously. I’d go to see that.

  • Badaboum

    She barely sang though, it’s mostly lipsynching….

    • MJ

      ….AND it was pre-recorded. :/

      I don’t deny MC is ridiculously talented, but that was a letdown.

  • Chris

    The contestants can manage to perform live, and Mariah Carey can’t? Yes, a huge let down!

  • Brenna

    Since when does she lip sync???

  • nicole

    so…with the former idols that came back to perform, with Jlo coming to to perform, Mimi hit the stage (i dont know about Keith), how bitter do we think Nicki was that she was left out? lol

  • The Truth

    She did sing live but FOX dubbed it. She sang it live 3 times. Here it is if you want to listen to the true live performance.

    In between she even sang snippets of other songs including “Underneath The Stars”

  • Truth

    She sang it live but stupid FOX dubbed it. Here is the proof of the real live performance.