Watch: Kanye West Wears A Ginormous Band-Aid In A New ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo


So, we all know Kanye West recently had a pretty bummer day– it always sucks to walk into a pole… on camera… in front of your girl, lmao. He recently went on a rant about his celebrity (or non-celebrity) status and I must be one of the only people who found it to be pretty funny. It’s Yeezy and– while people may believe it or not– he actually has a sense of humor. He just released a new promo with Ben Affleck and Fred Armisen for this weekend’s upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, and I thought it was pretty funny. Yeezy’s rocking the ill band-aid in the first take, and he’s putting on his best ‘unimpressed rapper’ performance (yes, I think it’s a performance). I’m definitely psyched to see what he does this weekend. And like Trent, I too hope that ‘he drops a baby live on air.’ Sigh. Can’t help it y’all– I’m Team Yeezy!