First Listen: Britney Spears’s New Single ‘Ooh La La’ Has Leaked To The Internets


One month ago today we learned from our dear Britney Spears that she recorded a song titled Ooh La La for the forthcoming soundtrack to The Smurfs 2. Late last night, Ooh La La managed to leak its way online. Click the embed above to hear the song in full … while you can. It’s likely this leak uploaded to You Tube will get yanked offline at some point. The song is … different. I didn’t like it the first time I heard it … but after a few spins, I think it’s growing on me. Give the song a listen, see what you think. Do you like? If so, how many listens did it take?

  • Tom

    Meh. It’s giving me ‘Abroad’ (a Britney track that leaked 2 years ago) vibes. I don’t hate it but it’s pretty mediocre. As long is this is just something to keep the fans busy while she’s recording a vastly different album I’m on board with it.

  • xokimmy

    for me, it seems pretty perfect for a kid/smurf movie. not sure I’ll be jamming to it in my car though..

  • Sam

    I find it interesting how many times you write something like “It will grow on me” or “Maybe after a few listens, I’ll fall in love”. Mainstream radio music is designed to be “catchy”, and always ends up sounding more acceptable when it’s played over and over. Feels like you’re forcing yourself to like some of this commercial crap, Trent!

    • @Sam — I don’t know about forcing but there’s something to be said about repeated listenings. I think people sometimes have expectations of what a song should sound like, especially from an artist they know and love. If it doesn’t sound exactly like a song you already love, your initial reaction might be to not like it. Listening to the song again allows the listener to appreciate the song on its own, rather than on expectation. That’s just a theory but I find it’s very true that some songs, some movies get better with repeated, thoughtful listens/watches.

    • Sam

      Trent, I agree with you, although I am hard pressed to believe that the majority of mainstream radio music has any deeper meaning than what is initially presented. The radio especially has a continuous loop of these songs specifically to shove it down the consumer’s throat until they have no choice but to accept it and eventually begin liking it!

  • ClaireMichelle

    I almost cried because the link doesn’t work, but after some searching I found it! And I pretty much love it. But I like these sweet pop songs from children movies and I looove Britney. This is definitely a song that will work perfectly with the movie, and it’s catchy enough that I know it will tide me over until a new Britney album. ;)

    • ClaireMichelle

      Only part I’m not in love with yet is the bridge. But I get that the bridge part will be a hit with the kids. For suuuure.

  • Ashley

    It’s not working anymore! :(

    • @Ashley — Fixed, I knew it’d get yanked by the morning. New video is working … for now.

    • Ashley

      :) Thanks Trent!! Yea, I went to Youtube after and the first two vids I tried opening said the same thing.

      I really like it, I think it’s really cute! Not a club banger but it’s catchy to me.

    • @Ashley — Deffo perfect for a kids film, I think :D And it does get better with repeated listens … I like it more and more every time I hear it.

  • rOXy

    It’s definitely an interesting mix. At first it has vibe like Madonna’s Ray of Light, then later it has a Spice Girls feel. (What is with the marching band beat lately? It’s popping up in a lot of songs). At 2:36 we get into classic Britney sound. I think it’s cute, but not something that will go in my mix. That’s okay, though, because as much as I love her, I don’t love love every single song of hers. I like the “Come with me and be my Ooh La La” line. Add this one to this year’s growing list of summer beach songs. I can feel the summer calling us already. It’s in the air for sure.

  • nicole

    not the greatest thing shes put out, but its not something for the masses. its perfect for a kids movie & the little ones will eat it up

  • Jaime Morales

    My ears….they wont stop bleeding….

  • Zeke

    The song is OK… But I think Britney has officially lost her voice.
    When was the last time we heard her REAL vocals? Was it in “In The Zone” era? Now, anyone could be her! She used to have such a unique voice and now she’s just a robot. It’s so sad :-(
    I loved Britney’s real voice!!

  • RSAboy

    Its a kid movies, the song has to appeal to the tween market, so it may not be classic Britney, but its not meant to be. Its fun.