Beyoncé Is Pregnant With Baby #2 . . . According To Reports


Earlier this week a rumor started going around that Beyoncé is pregnant with her second baby with husband Jay-Z. One day after that rumor came out, Bey canceled a concert overseas due to “exhaustion” … which had many believing that the pregnancy rumor was true. Today, E! News is reporting that according to multiple sources, Bey IS pregnant with baby #2. HMMM. I’m hesitant to believe these sorts of reports without official confirmation but … where there’s smoke, there’s usually a baby bump.

Blue Ivy’s gonna be a big sis! That’s right: Superstar supermom Beyoncé is expecting her second child with hubby Jay-Z, multiple sources exclusively confirm to E! News. The news follows rampant speculation that the “Countdown” songbird was pregnant, even as the couple remained tight-lipped about their ever-growing family. Rumors first began churning that the Grammy winner was with child when, earlier this month, she walked the red carpet at the Met Gala wearing a custom-made Givenchy gown that deftly concealed her stomach, its bodice cinched high above the waist just as its intricate pattern made it difficult to discern any change in her silhouette. Speculation then went into overdrive Tuesday after Beyoncé was forced to cancel her Mrs. Carter Show performance in Antwerp, Belgium, after doctors advised her to rest “as a result of dehydration and exhaustion.” The 31-year-old recently spoke out about the possibility of giving 1-year-old Blue Ivy a sibling, telling ABC News that she “would like more children” and explaining that she thinks her daughter “needs some company.” Looks like that company is coming sooner rather than later. Congrats to the happy family! Beyonce’s rep could not be reached for comment. Jay-Z’s rep had no comment.

HMMM … no official comment thus far. Welp, E! News has thrown down the gauntlet … and they don’t usually go to press with this kind of story without confidence in their sources so … I think I’m starting to believe the rumor. One way or the other, Beyoncé will have to say something on the matter. If Bey is pregs, I wonder how it will affect her world tour. She just got her tour underway and she has a long way to go before it’s supposed to be finished. I’m seeing her here in LA next month and depending on how early she is in her alleged pregnancy, she should still be able to perform but … HMMMM. I think I’ll hold off on freakin’ over beybay #2 until we know for sure. What do y’all think? Do all of these pregnancy rumors have you believing?


  • BGLU Tia

    I did not pay good money, sacrifice work time participating in the battle royale that is Ticketmaster, and put friendships in jeopardy deciding who I was taking with me to the concert (because I couldn’t get the number of tickets I needed…thank you crappy pre-sales) to see her do pregnant gyrations to “Single Ladies.” She’s got one time to pat her belly instead of her weave during “Get Me Bodied” and I’m going to have a fit.

    Pregnancy is beautiful. Be beautiful on your own time…AFTER your world tour, thank you very much. Sheesh…

    • @BGLU Tia — LOL <3

    • Shannon

      BGLU Tia, ‘She’s got one time to pat her belly instead of her weave during “Get Me Bodied”’ ‘ LMAO!!!

      Trent, I’m starting to believe it. The story is everywhere and considering her first-ever concert cancellation/postponement went down the other night, I feel like this could be it. Still, I can’t imagine her doing this during her world tour, and Bey doesn’t strike me as the type to allow herself a, um, slip-up or ‘surprise.’ But ya never know!

    • Iris B

      This comment is everything.

  • Alecia

    Yeah somebody on Twitter said she should plan accordingly and I’m implied to agree. I’m not saying she should’ve tried not to get pregnant but I have to think she knew when she was going on tour and should’ve thought about what would happen should she get pregnant.
    And I agree Shannon, I’m surprised she wouldn’t have thought this through but I guess life happens when you’re making plans.

  • Linnea

    Oh gad, i can’t wait for another mess at a hospital and those poor daddys who couldn’t visit their newborn.. Let’s not forget the mess she made during her first birth..

  • ashley

    Your above comments are hilarious.

    I will be very surprised if this does turn out to be true considering the timing. She’s ‘on top of the world’ right now and while the pregnancy will be a celebratory thing, she will eventually have to take some time off again. Like said above, I hope this doesn’t affect the tour too much, there will be A LOT of disappointed people.

  • Megan

    I so called this on the post about her bringing blue ivy up on stage!!! Wow.

  • Shivers

    I am surprised to see more sites confirming this because I know surprises can happen, but I honestly would expect Bey to be very meticulous about planning her tour at a time when she wasn’t anticipating a pregnancy. I would think that if she knew she wanted to get pregnant again, she either would have waited until after the tour, or not scheduled a world tour while also trying to conceive. If it IS true, it seems like really bad timing to me as I’m assuming it’s probably not very good for her to be putting her body through the exhaustion of a world tour at any time during a pregnancy.

  • Franki

    Joan Rivers said it best” I can’t wait to meet Blue Ivy’s littler brother Red Fern”.

    I’m thinking refunds and congratulations are in order…