Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ And 10 Other Reasons Why The-Dream Is An R&B/Hip-Hop Triple Threat


Disclaimer: I do not like Terius The-Dream Nash. We all have that one celebrity who rubbed us the wrong way that one time and we just never got over it. Look, I’m not even a big Christina Milian fan. Never bought an album (but do love Dip It Low), but for some reason I got reeeallly mad at The-Dream when he cheated on her, and they got divorced! I don’t know what it was, but I was just kinda done with him after that. Even now, when I hear one of his new songs I always, first, roll my eyes before fully listening to the track, lol. But after I found out that he produced that new Kelly Rowland song that I will never, ever get over and also played a big part in getting Kelly to actually share those powerful stories, I thought it was time to give some props where props are due. As a singer, songwriter, and producer, The-Dream is a triple threat in both R&B and Hip-Hop and–let’s be honest– his music makes for a pretty dope jam session. Click inside for some of your favorite songs, brought to you in part (or in full) by The-Dream!

Beyoncé’s Single Ladies And 10 Other Reasons Why The-Dream Is An R&B/Hip-Hop Triple Threat


1. Falsetto, written and performed by The-Dream


OMG, someone’s about to get sooo pregnant listening to this song, lmao! Seriously though. You need some protection while listening to Falsetto… which is why I love it! ‘Ooh, ooh, baby/ahh, ahh, ahh!‘ See? It’s the simple lyrics that do it sometimes.

2. Single Ladies, performed by Beyoncé, co-written and co-produced by The-Dream


Can you imagine your life without Single Ladies (the song, not the VH1 show that got cancelled, but was kinda fun while it lasted, but was def not as good as the song)? No, no you cannot. Stop tryna do the dance for two seconds, and listen to the production on this ish! So dope!

3. Nikki, performed by The-Dream


Okay, I just got put on to this throwback, and I’m so glad. His vocals don’t always do it for me, but the music is so effing good! And I love the bridge on this one. Throw in a lil’ chopped & screwed and I’m done off!

4. Umbrella, performed by Rihanna and Jay-Z, co-written by The-Dream


Ummm yeah. It’s okay if you forgot about the awesomeness that was Umbrella. Go ahead. Relive the magic. The-Dream is somewhere probably still enjoying the $15 million he got to write it so… that’s awesome for him, lol.

5. Hater, performed by The-Dream


OMG… the amount of times I’ve had to listen to this song blasting from the car thanks to certain people who shall remain nameless, who are obsessed with this song and don’t care if the kids are asleep when they blast it. LMAO. I know, I know. I sound like a hater. Kinda love this song though!

Click over for more of the dope production and stylings of The-Dream!

  • cutitout

    Ciara was trying HARD in “Ride”

    Can’t wait for the full version of his new song with Beyoncé “Turnt” the clip is hot!

    • Shannon

      cutitout, I hadn’t listened to the clip yet but I heard about it. I gotta go check it out.

  • JM

    I Luv Your Girl was theeeee jam… Ps. Didn’t he boo up Nivea before Christina Milian? Damn womanizer. But he does make all the hott shiet.

    • Shannon

      JM, he has a couple of kids with Nivea. Defo a womanizer, demo makes all the hott shiet, lol.

  • nicole

    heres the thing about The Dream. he makes some great singles, but the moment he tries to take on a whole album – be it solo or another artist – he falls flat (IMO)

    • Shannon

      nicole, I hear you. I’ve never bought an entire album of his music and don’t think I could listen to him for 12+ songs, but yeah, the singles are dope!

  • Kayla

    I didn’t realize The Dream had a single redeeming quality until you posted the Kelly Rowland song yesterday. I guess maybe he has a few.

    As a side note, (don’t judge me), despite having heard the song about a million times I had never seen the music video to Umbrella. I have no idea how. I was really underwhelmed by it though. I expected more.

    Second side note… I totally get how you used to work out to Ciara in Ride because watching that video just made me realize it’s time to get out of bed and go do my work out lol.