Here Are The Top 10 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From The Season Two Finale Of ‘Revenge’!


You know. There was some point mid-season in Revenge where I was like, ‘Hmmm, I dunno that I’m gonna watch the third season.‘ I think many of us felt like things had kinda fallen off a bit, storylines were less revenge-y and even though it was still fun, it just wasn’t the same as season one (it never is!). Well, last night the two hour season premiere went down and any plans I might have had for not watching the show in the fall got totally shut down. Last night was insaaaannnnneeeee! The deaths! The lies! And friggen Patrick! Click inside for more!

Bottom line, this episode was so cray we’re gonna need to countdown the top 10 Oh Hell Nawl moments; 5 just won’t do. What the hell happened?! I mean seriously… ish always gets cray in a blackout, right? LMAO… people really don’t know how to act when the lights go out and by ‘people’ I mean Conrad, Victoria, Regina, and all of our other Revenge villains. But the good guys were losing it too. Jack was all over the place with his revenge plan against Conrad, ‘Emily’ was a hot, emotional mess dealing with Aiden’s lies, Takeda’s death/betrayal, and Jack’s almost death that turned out to be Declan’s. And Nolan was right there with her, trying his best to alleviate the drama, but also learning some ill stuff about Padma (R.I.P.) as well. It was just too much! And I really, really loved it (even though I do have some serious questions for season three).

So let’s get to it!

The Top 10 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Revenge:
Season 2, Episodes 21 & 22: Truth


1. Aiden Needs To Go Dark/He Looked Really Hot In This Episode, No?


Oh man. What was it with Aiden in this episode? I know he’s always been hot, but… he was, like, really hot in this one! Maybe I just love a man on the run, but once Nolan and ‘Emily’ realized the Carrion blackout could easily be pinned on Aiden (because he used his Grayson Global login to drain their account, which then triggered Carrion), and he started making plans for his escape… but also tried desperately to get ‘Emily’ to come with him… I dunno. It was hot. And kind of, really sad.

Now here’s a question for season three– how in the hell did he get out of police custody at the end of the episode? He was on the run, they caught him at the Canadian border, and then he showed up at ‘Emily’s house and had a full-on brawl with Daniel? If they let him go, does that mean they learned about who was really behind it all? Or did Aiden escape, with his sexy ass??? LMAO. OMG.

2. Regina Is The New Victoria???


Yooooooo! Regina is so crazy right now! First of all, PITNBr Franki, you called it! You predicted there’d be a Charlotte/Declan/Regina love triangle… but I’m not sure you were ready for this one! Oh shiiiizzzz! Regina is hot for Charlotte and relives their moment of TMZ-esque passion on her phone sometimes when she’s stuck in an ATM during a blackout?! OMG! So, Declan catches her getting all hot for Char on the phone, and accuses her of crushing on his girl. Regina, furious and hella jealous, then plants thousands of dollars on him (Charlotte’s bail money) and shows up in a later scene with a black eye, claiming that Declan went cray-cray on her. Like, she was really on some Victoria Grayson ish with that one, right?! Charlotte believed her, until Declan told her later about the video on Regina’s phone, and then it all became clear. I was cracking up when Regina was like ‘Forget about Declan, we can totally raise this baby without him.’ LMAO! OMG, the madness! Charlotte rightfully kicked her to the curb at the end of it all, but I can honestly say I’m gonna miss Regina’s crazy ass. I dig that actress though, so I hope she gets more work now.

3. Takeda’s Infinity Box


WHHHHAAAAAaaaaaattttt?! I feel like when Takeda first came on the scene, some of you were a little suspicious of him. Like, he seemed a little too invested in ‘Emily’s revenge plot and now we know why. His fiancĂ©e died on Flight 197 and he, too, was seeking revenge against the people responsible for her death. The whole time he was, essentially, using ‘Emily’ even as he made his own revenge-y moves as well. But I don’t know that this makes Takeda all bad. Right? I mean, he still trained ‘Emily’ and he was still her teacher. Still, when ‘Emily’ learned all this she went a lot easier on Aiden for what he did because she realized Takeda was clearly not entirely innocent.

4. ‘Emily’ Did WHAT For Jack Porter?


Okay, so what the hell was this? Aiden goes to Nolan, lamenting about how he has to run away without ‘Emily’ and how she’ll never run away for lurve. But as it turned out… she already had? Nolan told Aiden that, after last summer (AKA last season) and all the craziness, ‘Emily’ ran away to Japan, in hopes of getting away from it all and eventually being with Jack. I kinda didn’t get that, and didn’t see that happening at all. We’re gonna need a flashback episode in season three to clear up this storyline, right???

5. Of Course Conrad Knew All About The Bombing, And Set Himself Up To Be A First Responder


You know what makes Conrad THE WORST? He lit’rally has NO redeeming values! He’s not like other villains, who you kinda fall in love with once they start showing tiny shreds of humanity (i.e. Victoria Grayson). He seriously has absolutely nothing in him that resembles, like, human emotion and/or feeling. He is the worst! He spent all of Part One of the episode trying to get Daniel away from the Grayson Global building, because there was a bomb going off that he totally knew about. But he made sure to send Jack Porter straight to the building by texting him a phony message from Ashley, claiming that he had the laptop which would prove Conrad was responsible for Fauxmanda’s death. Madness. ‘Emily’ and Nolan had to chase Jack down to keep him out of the building, and it was pretty messed up. I totally, definitely thought Jack was dead. But not so…

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  • Jenny

    When the cops came in and told Aidan they wouldn’t let him have a lawyer, he was off the hook because they were tipped off to Nolan, and they let Aidan go.

  • Devonte Antonio

    Uhh…I totally think Daniel killed Aiden and will spark the Greyson in him. Aiden did look good though.

    Jack is going to go off the rails, y’all! Lost his dad, wife and little brother and then come to find out this women he did have feelings for has been lying and manipulating him all this time?! Things aren’t going to be good.

    Declan is just like Amanda. We were annoyed by her but didn’t want the bitch dead!? Damn!?! And why WAS he in the building? Did Charlotte give any indication that she was going to be at her brother’s job?

    And NOOOOO Nolan, things don’t look well at all for him. I don’t see a way to get out of this…noooo…we NEED him in every episode…who else is going to give the one-liners?!

  • nicole

    someone had to set up Declan, i mean why else was he in the building?..unless maybe Daniel wanted to talk to him after that press conference? oh and seeing Conrad standing on that car calling himself a ‘first responder’ oh lord i wanted a piece of the buliding to fall on his head! Jack is going to be insane next season. it was such a great season finale. cant wait to see who patrick is! i yelled at the screen when they didnt show his face lol

  • blaqfury

    Well I missed last week’s so this was like a 3 hour season finale for me! First off, raise your hand if you wish it was Jack instead of Declan.. okay it’s just me… nevermind then. Jack still irks me to no end and I’m totally not for the love story between him and Emanda… I was sad to see Declan go… Charlotte and him were my fav people on the show, since they were the only ones that had any sense!
    I gotta slow clap Conrad…well played and according to him very successful. He saved lives that the Initiative woulda otherwise taken! That’s gotta make him somewhat human, right Shannon?
    Emanda saves a Grayson again… for someone who is hellbent on destroying a family, she’s saved them more times than she’s destroyed them… #jussayin she was even trying to save their money!
    I hope Aiden is gone… was never really a fan, but he’s probably not, but I hope Emanda and Daniel work out for real.
    I’m interested in seeing who Patrick is, wonder if it’s someone new or like the guy who planted the bomb in Grayson Global.
    Poor Nolan… sigh….

    • nicole

      *raises hand* i would scarafice Jack if it brought Declan back.
      and i think the the reason Amanda/Emily stops being from doing something to the Graysons is because she doesnt want the collateral damage – like jack going to jail or something.

  • Andrea

    Shannon–I totally thought Daniel killed Aiden too! That or he has a pretty bad wound himself. Thank goodness “Revenge” is coming back for season 3!

    • Joan

      Whatever was left between Daniel and I…now it is OVER! Over! I feel like all through this episode he kept proving me right. He is more Grayson than he even admits to himself. It has been a while since Daniel was the innocent bystander with awful parents of Season 1. I’ll never forgive him if he killed Aiden, and neither will Emily. *shakes fist in air*

      Ugh, I was kind of happy that Aiden finally got a chance to throw Daniel around a litte bit. (Aiden overpowered him in like 2-seconds. Ha!) Anyway, a gun? Seriously? A gun? Unforgivable. Even more so because Aiden was 100% in what he told him. I was FUMING! (I’m still are, lol) This was Daniel’s ultimate chance to prove he isn’t like his parents. Did he fail? Season 3 can’t come soon enough.

  • Hannah

    As soon as Daniel showed up with blood on him, I thought that Aidae had been killed. In fact I am pretty sure that’s what happened. Though until we see the body we cannot know.

    I figured the whole letting Aiden go was that Emily and co. were wrong with Aiden being the fall guy for the initiative. It had always been Nolan and Nolan was always going to be the new “David Clark”. Daniel was the one that wanted to blame Aiden but lets face it Daniel rarely gets anything right.

    I think Jack knowing will be the final nail in Aiden’s coffin though because Emily has a new revenge buddy.

    And is Patrick supposed to be someone we have already met? Why else is can we not see his face?

    • Devonte Antonio

      Because they probably haven’t cast the actual actor that is going to play Patrick.

    • Joan

      Jack will totally be Emily’s end game (particularly IF Daniel killed Aiden. Aiden’s corpse definitely will not be a contender. Haha!) Hopefully now, the remaining Emily/Daniel shippers (Damily? Emiliel?) just give up now. It’s never going to happen.

      I hope Jack listens to Emily no because he is total reveng-y n00b and, with Nolan in custody, Emily is going to have to deal on her own.

    • Hannah

      I agree. If Aiden is dead there is no hope for Daniel and Emily. Which just leaves Jack.

    • Joan

      @Hannah I see Daniel as a silent accomplice in Fauxmanda’s murder, so I really haven’t seen hope in a while. But some insists there is.

  • Lo

    Charlotte had told Declan on the phone that she was with Daniel when she was actually with Regina.. so I am guessing Declan was in the building looking for her.

    • Devonte Antonio

      OMG! That’s it! You are so right! Thanks for pointing that out!

    • Shannon

      Lo, THANK YOU! Yes, totally forgot about that moment!

    • nicole

      @Lo – oooh i forgot about that! good catch!

    • Lo

      My pleasure guys! I, like many, have been checking the blog for years and never wrote before but I just couldnt hold it in! LOL Awesome episode!

  • Joan

    Shannon, I’m surprised you were able to keep the list to 10 moments, ’cause I was Oh-Hell-Naw-ing all through the freaking episode! SO. GOOD. They totally tapped into Season 1 goodness. Spectacular finale!

    I was impressed by the fact that they answered so many questions while masterfully opening up new mysteries for next season. FINALLY I got an answer as to why on earth would Takeda have a reveng-y school for misfits… And, Shannon, Emily and Aiden had every right to be angry. Takeda manipulated Emily’s anger and desire for vengeance and turned her into his very own weapon of revenge. Takeda used her. He feed Emily’s vendetta for selfish reasons, with his own agenda in mind, that had anything BUT Emily’s well-being in mind. I’d be angry at that, too.

    I was pleased that they also revealed what the hell the Initiative is (or isn’t). Turns out it Conrad and his bastard political friends. Man, dud is crazy! He is the worst indeed. I was surprised the killed Declan. They totally went there! And they totally have my Noan under custody! WHAT IS THIS?! I mean, I already ranted about Aiden a few comments above, so I’ll spare you the encore. But, between Nolan’s arrest and Aiden’s possible death at the hands of Daniel, I just really WANT TO PUNCH SOMETHING!

    Which is why I love this show. I’m so glad they’ll be back for another go. Can you imagined what would have happen with US had they cancel it? Lol Crazy!

  • jessica

    I had so much fun watching that yesterday. CRAZINESS!
    Will point out that technically Charlotte hasn’t confirmed in any way shape or form that it was Declan’s baby. She just listened to people saying they’d help her take care of/raise the baby.

    • Devonte Antonio

      Remember when Declan said it was “impossible” for her to be pregnant…wonder what he meant…hmmmm….

  • LukeBoston

    Great recap as usual Shannon.
    I too why the fk Declan was in the Grayson Global building too. I guess looking for Jack..?
    I always find a bit unsettling to lose a character that has been with a show since the beginning. That said the character had run its course and there really wasn’t anything for him to do.
    They need some more characters besides Victoria’s estranged son. I would totally love it if Tyler came back. Even though we saw him ‘die’, it might be good for Revenge to embrace its’ over the top narrative side and just go with it. He was great.

  • Franki

    Shannon: No no no, you called it: I was NOT ready for THAT one!!! :0 I’m still in shock…like whoa.

    And OMG Devonte Antonio: you are SO right. Declan could be giving her a way of looking “proper” with her misdeeds with ‘Amanda’s’ brother. My head is spinning, how am I going to make it until next season?!

  • warmsun

    The writers must really hate Jack! They have killed:
    His father
    His dog
    His wife
    His boat and now
    His brother.