First Look: ‘Dracula’ Is Coming To NBC


In recent years, NBC has had a devil of a time finding TV shows that will inspire people to watch their network but every new TV season … they try and try again. This coming TV season, NBC is banking on a new TV series based on the classic character of Dracula to whip up viewership … and today we get our first look at the new show, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Dracula will star Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the titular role of the most famous vampire of all. The show will be a period piece, thankfully … click below to get your first look at this new incarnation of Dracula.

NBC has a new take on Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula coming to Friday nights this fall. Here’s the first photos for the limited series drama starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors) as the famous bloodsucker. Here the Count poses as an American entrepreneur who wants to bring modern science to Victorian society but secretly hopes to take revenge on those who cursed him with immortality centuries earlier.

HMMM … another limited series. It looks like the days of 22 episode TV shows are coming to an end. The popularity of 13-episode premium cable shows like Game of Thrones, Homeland and others are inspiring television networks to cut their shows in half as well. Earlier today we learned that the return of 24 (which made a name for itself by offering 24 episodes per season) will only feature 13 episodes and here we have another 13-episode series on network TV. I’m sensing a trend, aren’t you? Meh, I’m digressing. Even tho I hate period pieces (in both film and TV), I am happy to see that this version of Dracula is set in Victorian times. Modern versions of Dracula just seem too cheesy for me. The high drama served by Dracula should be set in the past, I think. I don’t really watch NBC at all but I might tune in to watch Dracula this Fall. Jonathan Rhys Meyers may not be able to properly grow facial hair but the man sure can act!


  • nicole

    i love JRM – so i’ll be watching this just for him

  • Dianna L.

    This would be better if it was actually on a premium channel like HBO. JRM was good in the Tudors and I could see this type of show having the same vibe.

  • Lyss

    Never watched the Tudors, but I loved JRM in the Elvis mini-series… I might just tune in to the first episode :)

  • Mabel


  • Alecia

    I’m sorry but NBC needs to have several seats with this. First of all let’s stop with the vampires like Mabel said and second of all, what in the world can Dracula do in this series that hasn’t been done?
    NBC really are playing themselves trying to force this on us. They canceled hot messes like Smash and Hannibal for this? No thank you.

  • Meghan

    I loved JRM in The Tudors. He was a great Henry even though he looked completely wrong for the part. I love me a good period piece, but I think this series would be better suited for cable. Can’t see NBC handling this properly.

  • missanne

    JRM & Mads Mikkelsen on my tv?! YES PLEASE!!! I am obsessed with Hannibal and will be absolutely FURIOUS if NBC continues their bloodbath of cancelled shows. I’ve been waiting anxiously to hear the news about Hannibal but they say it may be another week before anything is announced :(

  • JC

    cancelled in it’s first season

  • Hampton

    All they need is to have Johnny Depp come back in Dark Shadows as a weekly series each show being introduced by Elvira.
    Are you saying Trent you do not like shows like Downton Abbey, Cranford, Pride and Predjuice ,etc but would rather watch a Nine Inch Nails concert in the Sahara than suffer Jane Austen or the Brontes?

    • @Hampton — I would LOVE a ‘Dark Shadows’ TV series … with or without Johnny Depp. I loved the 90’s remake of the series, I’d love to see them tackle that show again. Downton Abbey is one of the few period shows that I like but 9 times out of 10, I’m not a fan.

  • Brock Martin

    I prefer these limited run series. Sometimes a story *should* be told in 13 episodes, rather than lingering beyond its stronger days.

    • @Brock Martin — I predict that sometime very soon, 13 episode seasons will become the standard season run on TV.