Yes, We Still Have Some Questions For ‘Any Questions,’ Thursday’s Episode Of ‘Scandal’


Sooo… it’s never too late too recap Scandal, right?! Gladiators and fellow residents of Scandalville, I had the last couple of days off from work but that doesn’t mean I stopped doing my job. If you’re following me on Instagram, I let everyone know that we’d be recapping today and to prepare accordingly. On Thursday night’s episode, sooo many questions were answered– but in typical Scandal fashion– sooo many new questions arose. So yes, Mr. President, we have a few questions! Click inside for a belated, mini recap of the last episode of Scandal!

When last week’s episode went off, I lit’rally felt like I was putting my health at risk by watching this show. Could. Not. Breathe. It was awesome, lol. Thursday’s episode wasn’t as intense for me, but that was probably a good thing– I’d like to have some energy left for next week’s season finale.

Now this episode was still a huge deal. I mean, finally, finally! We know who the friggen mole is!
And we learned a few other things too, but I still have some questions!

1. Did Jake Ever Really Like Me Olivia?

Okay, so one thing we learned in this episode is that the dude who’s always meeting with Jake is the boss of all bosses. I mean, he friggen shut Jake down in this episode, then he found Cyrus and shut him down– I don’t think we’ve ever seen Cyrus bow down to anyone like he did this guy (and I have to keep referring to him as ‘this guy’ because he lit’rally has no name on the show– I even checked IMDB, lol). But when he went in on Jake, one thing he said was ‘You’re only job was to get between Olivia and the President, and you failed.‘ I knew Jake was doing a lot of things at once– playing spy for the President and then playing lover to Olivia, but I don’t think I really got that he was commissioned to get betwixt them! When he called Olivia up just before he was about to get Charlie (and they had that awkward moment because Olivia thought Jake was actually Fitz calling her back to talk dirty… hell nawl), and he said I’m not a bad guy, I sooo wanted to believe him, lol! I just need to know if he ever really liked me! I mean Olivia! If he ever really liked Olivia… lmao. I know he had a job to do but I also think he caught some serious feelings for her, because otherwise he wouldn’t be so reluctant to do certain things for that guy, and he wouldn’t have asked to get off the case. Right?

2. Who Is This Fake-Ass Olivia Pope?

OMG, that guy Mellie hired! LMAO! Didn’t you loathe him at first? But then… kinda grow to like him? He sooo wanted to be like Olivia Pope and it was adorable (I know you caught that part where he was like, ‘I thought Olivia Pope handled your needs,’ and Mellie was all like, ‘Olivia Pope handles my husband,’ LMAO). Mellie was so not feeling him at first she almost dismissed his ass but then he revealed to her that he was on to her game from the beginning; he remembered how she brilliantly faked a miscarriage so Fitz could win voters in that one county, and he praised her for showing up in all her new photographs with baby Teddy on her hip (because she just looooves babies, lol). He then spent the whole episode trying to get Mellie to tell him who the mistress was, but Mellie wouldn’t budge. I really liked the end of it when he suddenly realized that she was really holding on to the info because she still hoped that Fitz would come back to her.

Quote It:

I am the first lady of the most powerful nation on the planet. I didn’t get here because someone like you held my hand and called themselves my hairdresser. My hair is done. So. Don’t ask me if I can be honest like I’m some little girl confused by all the books and smart talk. I can be honest. I can also lie. It all depends on what’s in my best interest. (Mellie)

Another thing we learned about Mellie is that she knows her Fitz. When she first learned that he wasn’t going to run for a second term she totally called BS and knew he wouldn’t go through with it. She wasn’t privy to all the ins and outs of the situation (we learned that he’d never really planned to run again since he found out about Defiance, even though he’d been making it seem like he was choosing to be with Olivia, rather than run), but she knew him. And her prediction turned out to be correct. I just wanna know what her next move is, since Fitz clearly doesn’t plan to address the allegations that he cheated.

3. Cyrus, Why You Gotta Make Your Husband Cry Like That?

How awful was this?! How awful? Cyrus went iiiinnnnn on James over that interview he did with Mellie. I mean, this scene was actually difficult to watch. We kinda figured these two were gonna go at it, since Mellie made her big announcement to James on live, national television. Obviously, Cyrus wanted James to shut it down in some way– even though that was basically impossible. But James had been looking at the interview as the beginning of his new career in TV journalism, and had kinda started thinking he was the new Anderson Cooper… and Cyrus shut him down so fast it was embarrassing. I mean, I was embarrassed. Cyrus was like C’mon dude. Did you really think you got chosen for this gig because you’re such a big deal in journalism and/or politics? Do you really think this is your big break? And then he laughed the meanest Cyrus-laugh ever and James cried, because he had to come to terms with the fact that Mellie totally played him and used him to get at Cyrus and Fitz at the same damn time. Madness.

4. Why-Oh-Why Didn’t Huck Just Go On Ahead And Kill Charlie?

Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! This part made me so mad!!! Y’all know I love me some Huckleberry Quinn, but this mash-up did not work for me on Thursday. Huck finally got the name of the mole (after the Gladiators went through all that trouble to investigate Vice President Sally Langston) from Charlie who basically got DUNZO’d by Cyrus. Charlie came to Olivia Pope and Associates seeking help because he thought Huck had some kind of deal with the CIA since he was still out and about and not dead (which brings up another question– does Huck have some kind of deal, orchestrated by Olivia Pope???) but he ended up strapped to a chair and giving up the name of the mole before Huck took care of him. Except, just as Huck was about to pull the trigger, in walks Baby Huck AKA Quinn! And she ruined everything!!! LMAO, I know I shouldn’t want anyone to die… but… um… I kind of really wanted Charlie to die. And the minute they let him go (because Quinn gave Huck that classic We are Gladiators, we don’t do revenge speech) everything went to ish!

5. Can You Believe We Actually, Almost, Totally TRUSTED David?!?!?! Agh?!?!?!?

So. Yeah. No. This is why Drake keeps singing about No New Friends. This is why you can’t have new friends!!! Because new friends are shady! And they lie! And they pretend to be Gladiators when all they’re really after is that damned Cytron card!!! OMG! David!

Okay, so first off, how confused were you when they named the actual mole? I was like Billy who? I recognized the face, but had totally forgotten about Billy Chambers, former Chief of Staff to Vice President Sally Langston. He was the one who was dating Amanda Tanner in the first season and orchestrated her whole affair with Fitz so that Sally Langston could have the upper hand in the campaign. He was also, if I remember correctly, kind of insane? So now that he’s popped back up and is working with David I do not see anything good coming from this.

But really. I can’t believe David played us.

Obviously, I’m psyched for next week’s episode. Remember how I said last week that I don’t understand how Cyrus is still alive, because all his yelling and screaming and running down halls and trying to stop affairs and hide affairs and repair marriages should have long-since resulted in a heart attack? Yeah. Next week. Gonna be cray.

P.S. And shouts-out to PITNBr Stephy Hugz AKA my sister! She called it! Last week she had, like, three different theories on who the mole was, and one of them was David, lol. She also wanted everyone to know that Harrison could get it, so that needs to be acknowledged as well.

  • fab4runner

    Ahhh this episode was crazy!

    Cyrus was SO mean to James! I actually sent a text to a friend mid-show that said “I hate Cyrus so much right now!” lol. I hated that scene so much! I felt so bad for James. He is so adorable and awesome. Ugh. I hope he actually goes on to be successful and good at what he does, so he can say suck it to Cyrus, Mellie and everyone else.

    Whyyyyy, David?! WHY!?!? I so hate him right now. I didn’t like him in the beginning, and then he made me like him, and now I am like, wait…I should have kept hating him this whole time! He tricked me, and I am not happy about it! Deep down, I hope there is some crazy twist and he is actually on the Gladiator’s side, but we shall see. You definitely never know with this show.

    I am obviously glad that Fitz is running for President again, but if this leads to another season of Olitz being wishy-washy, on and off, etc. I will be really annoyed. Obviously he will need to make peace with Mellie, but he needs to be with Liv! Ugh!

    I still have SO many questions! I love/hate Jake, and I want to know what his deal is. I want to know what David is up to. And wtf, Billy Chambers? I thought he went cray and then Charlie offed him. Where has he been and what is he doing?!

    PS….still love my Huck even though he didn’t kill Charlie. He is the best ever and I want to have his children.

    • fab4runner

      Lol, it cut off the last part of my comment. Boo! Harrison looked super hot in this episode. Except for the part where he was like oops, the Cytron card is gone. That was not a good look.

    • Shannon

      fab4runner, I’m also hoping there’s a twist with the David storyline. And I have your same reservations about Fitz’s second term. I cannot deal with another season of the same kind of drama between Olivia and Fitz. Judging from the preview of next week’s episode, it looks like Fitz is gonna try to do the unthinkable– and wife her up while he’s still President. We shall see… !

  • BGLU Tia

    I kept checking back hourly (real talk) for this recap yesterday. When it didn’t show up I was genuinely concerned that something had happened to Shannon. “Is she okay?” “Did her defibrillator not work after the end of the episode?” “Should I call someone?” I was honestly worried.

    • Shannon

      BGLU Tia, LMAO! I was fine! I always work on Fridays but I happened to have taken a couple of extra days off this week. Glad to be back. If you’re on Instagram, follow me ’cause I gave everyone the heads up on there, lol :)

  • Courtney Bryant

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me why Jake keeps watching that tape!! haha

    • Shannon

      Courtney Bryant, ‘Can someone PLEASE explain to me why Jake keeps watching that tape!!’ LMAOOOOOooooo! As we used to say in Cleveland, Olivia Pope must got that KP. Please don’t make me define KP, lol ;)

    • Alicia

      I totally had to look up what KP meant. . . now I know lol

  • Lisa

    OMG, what??? I have GOT to stop stress-playing bejeweled while I’m watching this show! I was totally looking away when they panned to David at the end, and wouldn’t have wised up if I hadn’t read this recap! WTF, David?! Nooooooooo!!

    • Shannon

      Lisa, I hope you’ve learned your lesson. I used to try to take notes for my recap WHILE watching the show and I had to stop because it’s just too risky– you can miss a lot of ish when you look away for 5 seconds.

      LMAO at ‘stress-playing.’ OMG. But yes. David. For reals.

    • BGLU Tia

      I used to stress-play Bejeweled too. And then I missed something one time, I don’t remember what, and that was the end of that. Now I tweet during the commercials and that is IT. I don’t even bring my phone downstairs with me lest it ring, I look at it to see who I have to murder later for calling me during Scandal, and I miss something.

  • Kim-E

    Did anyone else notice that Mellie’s Olivia is actually the hotness Capt. Jack Harkness of Torchwood/Dr. Who fame? I literally got up and raced around my living room.

    He’s got the Scandal speech DOWN already since Torchwood and Dr. Who give plenty of speeches on humanity and whatnot to save the world (literally to save the world/planet earth) in a rapid auctioneer fashion.

    I love how focused he was on the mistress since both he and Mellie know it would lock him in to that position. He would be able to spin things and reveal or hint at the mistress to Mellie’s advantage. The thing is Mellie knows he would destroy Olivia Pope with this news since that’s his main competition.

    I don’t know if anyone realizes but Olivia is relatively new to fixing (maybe?). She worked on Fitz’s campaign then went into it but this guy could have been around for years and now suddenly is put into the shadows by the blazing light of genius that is Olivia. He could totally hint at all her new power was earned on her back and not with her brains.

    My Scandal predicitons. With Jack near the White House he’s bound to have connections and if Fitz is going to make Olivia his wifey he will find out. There’s bound to be a Monica Lewinskyesque tape that shows him hugging her in public or better yet whispers in her ear while she laughs and this tape is replayed again and again putting that thought in her mind (hopefully she’s wearing a blue dress).

    Huck finds out there is a deal with the CIA and the handler (since there is no name for Jake’s boss I’ll call him that) is the one that arranged it. The handler wants info on Liv and gets Huck to give it up in order to visit his son and maybe his wife.

    Hollis Doyle arranged the handler’s interference since he wants Fitz to do certain things for him and having Olivia in the picture is one person against him too many. Cyrus stays and Verna is dead. Jake only showed up after Verna died and this order to “get between Olivia and the President” only occurred after her death. I think this worm can never be fully cut off and he will return.

    Also, I think the Gladiators will be glad to have him now that the pure crazy of Billy Chambers has resurfaced. Does he have money of his own? Is he backed by even crazier people as the least crazy/normal looking option?

    Can’t wait till next season as my predictions should show up then. Never know with Shonda she may give me all my answers next week!!!

    • Kim-E

      Oops want to make this paragraph more clear.

      My Scandal predicitons. With Jack (Mellie’s fixer) being a DC fixer himself, he’s bound to have connections and if Fitz is going to make Olivia his wifey he will find out since he’s out and about near the White House on a daily basis. There’s bound to be a Monica Lewinskyesque tape that shows Fitz & Olivia hugging in public or better yet Fitz whispers in her ear while she laughs. This tape is replayed again and again putting linking the former scandal photo with this one in everyone’s mind (hopefully Olivia’s wearing a blue dress).

    • BGLU Tia

      I tweeted “Capt Jack is on Scandal. Worlds Colliding.” LOVE me some Capt Jack!!

  • ScandalJunky

    I think Quinn is involved with the Moles. She still wants revenge on Hollis and he’s involved in Defiance.

  • Carl

    Okay first off, Cyrus was a total douche to James. I felt so bad for him! I mean he seriously went IN on him, it was completely uncalled for, and definitely abusive. I really hope James leaves his ass after that, it was just unacceptable.

    I was really excited at the possibility of John Barrowman being on the show however the reality….fell flat. It really did. The whole time he was talking to Mellie, I felt like he was some cheap K-Mart version of Olivia. It was sickening to be honest. And I loved how Mellie put him in his place right from the very beginning. Olivia may be the central character of the show, but Mellie gets some great, spotlight stealing monologues that really blow me away.

    I’d like to think that Jake likes Olivia, but I prefer her with Fitz anyway. Of course, they’re not going to last because that would be too easy. So I hope Jake DOES like her so she has a viable option for season 3.

    David’s actions surprise me and yet they don’t. I worry more about how this will affect Abby, she is so in love with him it’s crazy and to have this kind of a betrayal on her hands? She’s going to give up on men forever.

    I am BEYOND excited for this finale, though I’m not looking forward to having to wait all summer for answers/resolution. Such a bittersweet time.