First Look: Solange Releases A Short Video For ‘Locked In Closets’


One of my absolute favorite albums of 2012 was Solange’s EP True. There are so few artists who I can listen to all day, every day, from the beginning of an album to the end, but my girl Solange has got it! Last year she released a brilliant video for her single Losing You and now she’s teaming up with Refinery 29 & Absolut for a new mini-video for her song Locked In Closets. I sooo wanted this to be a full-blown, official video, but it’s still a really fun and funky visual and Solange is now officially apart of their Free Spirits campaign. Peep the video for more and click inside for a recent photo shoot Solange did with Vogue Magazine. They covered her preparation for the 2013 MET Ball, and she looks, typically, fab.

Solange for Vogue Magazine:







  • janaegal

    She is ridiculously stunning. I have been listening to Losing You nonstop this week. I’m not sure if people still say “my jam” but that song is so my jam.

  • JM

    I love this album so hard. It’s amazing. So retro. Soooo good. Loving this little clip, and that pink brownstone is also the best thing, ever. I get giddy every time I see a picture of it!