Watch: Mariah Carey & Miguel Release A Music Video For Their Single ‘Beautiful’


Earlier this week we got to hear, in full, Mariah Carey’s new single Beautiful which features soulful crooner Miguel on vocals. Today we get to check out the just-released music video. Mimi gave the world the first look at the Beautiful music video on American Idol last night and then released the video in full online for our viewing pleasure. Click the embed above to see Mimi and Miggy in action as they sing this Beautiful song together. Enjoy!

  • Badaboum

    How cheezy…
    The song isn’t bad at all but god that video is terrible, if not a little bit creepy… I know it is a horrible thing to say but it looks like Miguel is taking his aunt on a motorcycle ride, not his lover…
    She is stunning in the video but she should leave this type of behavior to 20-30 something girls.

  • nicole

    not what i was expecting, but surprisingly i dont hate it. those chandeliers in the barn? totally a Mimi thing – i love it lol. i need to find an uncensored version of the song.

  • Iris B

    This song is pretty and a reminder of some of her classics – I had to go back to “Dream Lover” lol, but uhhhh…that part from 2:42 – 2:46 – with her mouth open and hair falling in it – aye caramba.
    But this is typical Mariah so you either love it or not lol.

  • Luna

    “You’re beautiful, good lord?” Where? Mariah’s crotch when she lifts up that yellow dress and flashes Miguel? I didn’t know the song was about celebrating crotch beauty.