Watch: A ‘Banned’ Guinness Commercial From 1995, Featuring A Same-Sex Couple, Finds New Life In 2013


Back in 1995, Guinness produced a television commercial that featured a same-sex male couple in a loving (if somewhat messy) relationship. At the time, the company decided that the image of a male couple in an ad campaign was not suitable for airing on TV (largely due to the British tabloid press that deemed the ad “controversial and wrong”). Late last year, the commercial found its way to the Internets and it’s been making the rounds ever since. I am in love with this commercial … which I find clever, cute and extremely progressive … especially for the time in which it was produced. Guinness has long been one of my favorite beers so I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see that a company that I love to support has been a long supporter of gay rights. Even tho the commercial was never officially released, it’s clear the company intent was to showcase same-sex love in a very positive light AND associate that love with the Guinness brand. Amazing. My Goodness, indeed.

  • Dennis

    Funny but the tagline at the end, “Not everything in black and white makes sense.” doesn’t leave me with a very positive feeling about this spot.

    • @Dennis — I think the tagline is meant to allude to the intent that the viewer is meant to assume the person doing the cleaning in the commercial is a doting wife. The revelation that it’s a man is meant to be a surprise. I don’t think the commercial intends to imply anything negative about same-sex couples, that they don’t make sense.

    • Beth

      I actually loved it. To me it meant that people try to simplify what constitutes as a marriage/relationship into black and white i.e. a man and a woman and nothing else. By saying this, they mean that such narrow views do not make sense.

  • Britney’sBitch

    I think it’s quite…positive. I wish I had some Guinness now so I can raise my glass to them now :D me likey

  • rachel

    yeah, its a lousy tag-line, but its a cute ad (especially for being almost 10 years old). and those gents are cute, too. :)

    • Michael

      Agreed, lousy tag line but totes cute all around! But note – almost 20* years old :-)

    • rachel

      oops, i meant almost 20 years ago. the “kids” who babysit my little kids weren’t even born in 1995! ACK!!

    • Britney’sBitch

      omg it sounds kinda scary that 1995 was almost 20 years ago! I feel damn old

  • Megan

    Mmmmm Guinness. Mmmmm Equal Rights :)

  • Spencer

    This may be new to YouTube, but it has been around for quite some time–I remember seeing it on the Commercial Closet website 10 years ago or so…