Justin Bieber Is A Proud Beer Drinker


So … Justin Bieber posted a new photo to his official Instagram profile that shows him happily and proudly holding a can of beer, Amstel beer to be exact. Bieber, as you may know, is only 19 years old … so he is not yet old enough to drink alcohol legally in this country but because he is on tour internationally, it’s likely that the photo was taken in a country where the legal drinking age is at least 19 years old (South Africa, I believe) … so, no problem, right? Well, I’m not so sure. Oh Biebs, why you always lookin’ to cause controversy?

Beers in the jungle

Now … not to sound like an old fuddy-duddy but … there really is no problem with Justin Bieber drinking beer … but if you consider that most of his fans are young kids, far too young to drink legally in almost every country on Earth, it doesn’t seem wise for him to advocate the practice. Trust me, I get it. The 19 year old kid wants to look grown up … he wants to show what a badass he is … it’s annoying but, well, we’ve all been there (of course, I’m speaking to those of you who are of legal age). BUT, by posing with a can of beer he is telling his young fans, “HEY, look how cool I am with this can of beer” which can inadvertently get translated into, “HEY, YOU can be cool like me with a can of beer in your hand … and don’t YOU want to be just like me?” In the end, JB is going to do whatever he wants, which is fine, but will no one think of the poor impressionable children? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?! WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!


  • Ashley

    I dislike Beiber but when our (Canada) legal drinking age is 18 or 19 years old depending on what province you’re living in, it really doesn’t irk me to see him posting this.. Yes, I totally get what you’re saying about how easily influenced kids are (ESPECIALLY “Beleibers” or whatever), and I totally get the humor you’re putting in this post, but whatever, this is no biggie to me. :D

    • Shawn McNeill

      you are right people seem to forget he is not an American, sencnd this picture was not taken in the States it was taken in South Africa where the age to drink is 19. The USA is one of the only countries where drinking age is 21.. Time to stop thinking everything has to do with USA laws..

  • Krissy

    No matter what he is doing, he always manages to look like an idiot.

  • kt

    I gotta agree with Ashley here.. Here in Ontario (where he’s from) the legal drinking age is 19. I’m also a pretty strong belieber (see what i did there?) in it being parents responsibility for what kids do. If Justin were to jump off a bridge, and you catch your tween on the edge about to jump..then you haven’t done your job as a parent.

  • Lulu

    For once I have no problem with something he is doing. Legal age is 19 here where he’s from..

  • Alicia Mayo-White

    Nothing wrong here. Honestly, I think it’s crazy that drinking age in the US is 21. Once you are out of high school you are an adult, and Beiber drinking beer isn’t going to increase underage drinking. The kids who do ti will do it regardless.

  • swile71

    He’s a d-bag regardless BUT he is a role model for a LOT of kids and he should at least try to be a little responsible for what he puts out there.

  • Gillian

    Personally I find this the least offensive of the beibs pictures. He has a shirt on, and no balaclava in sight. Now this is the normal behaviour for a guy his age.

  • adam

    Agreed with the balance of the other posters. I *DO* get the complaint. It has nothing to do with him being 19, but with him specifically targeting 13 year old girls as his demographic. But, I agree with Gillian… I mean, at least it isn’t syzrup (sp?). Justin has tremendous difficulty understanding his place in the world, the context of what is going on around him, the difference between a public act and a private act, amongst many other things. Openly drinking beer at 19 just doesn’t register as a problem for me.

  • robertL

    This kid has got to stop going after air time- the confusion in his mind is the talented vs. celebrity

  • robertL

    adam you need to become his manager – maybe he will get some direction

  • Cee

    Look at me, I’m a big boy now!

    • Krissy

      Lol, exactly!

  • Megan

    It’s one thing if the paparazzi got pictures of him drinking beer…that wouldn’t be a big deal as he’s allowed to do whatever he wants in his personal time and he is of age. The problem is he posted this on his instagram for all his pre-teen fans to see. Think Justin, THINK!!

  • SmartDude

    South Africa??? LOL. Try CANADA, where Bieber is from. Who’s the dumbass that wrote this story?

    • @SmartDude — This photo was taken in South Africa, where JB is currently on tour, which is why the caption reads “Beers in the Jungle”. There are no jungles in Canada.

    • Shannon m.

      “There are no jungles in Canada”

  • Tessie Tura

    Amstel? I thought he’d go for Colt 45 or Ripple. Wid a blunt on da side.

  • Bee Bop

    O dear! Pot on a bus? My my, spanky spank. The media needs a story, Leave him alone. He has enough to deal with at his age. Geeez.

  • Bee Bop

    After a beer or two — I’ll bet his bottom is up. :-)

  • Shawn McNeill

    First he is not an American. People seem to forget that. he is Canadian and the drinking age there is 19 . So what is the problem.. For the record I can;t stand him but I am getting a little tired of how he is supposed to be a role model. Well guess what the USA is one one of the only countries in the world where the drinking age is 21,

    • Emma

      Guess what, there are quite a few countries where the legal age is 21 and 20 so yeah no the US is not “one of the only”.
      The issue even though there is nothing really offending is just when you think about those crazy 13 years old fans. i mean come one they decided to cut themselves when he got caught smoking ! who knos what they are capable of with that.

  • Bjorn Watlington

    HI guys – legal drinking age in South African is 18.

    • @Bjorn Watlington — LOL. Yep, that was stated in the post.

  • Robert

    drugs, booze, just steps away from his spiral downward and it will be on to rehab. Then he will turn up in Miami living in a hotel with his daddy and I am not talking about his father.

  • rOXy

    I love when knowfo’s stampede only to trample themselves.

  • EJ

    would someone please explain to me . . .Justin Beiber?

  • bizinatch

    Could he not also just be home for Mothers Day in Canada where the drinking age is 18?

    • @bizinatch — “There are no jungles in Canada”