First Listen: Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull Release A New Single Titled ‘Live It Up’


Back in 2011, Pitbull teamed up with Jennifer Lopez on her then single On the Floor and the pair enjoyed some bit of success together. More recently, Pitbull teamed up with Christina Aguilera on a single titled Feel This Moment … which has been enjoying a bit more success (you can hear the song featured in almost every TV promo these days). As a result, J. Lo decided she wanted to work with Pitbull again today we get to hear their brand new summer single Live It Up. This new song is being touted as one of the big songs of the summer … it’s even been #hasttagged and everything! Click below, give it a listen, see what you think.

Earlier this month we learned that Jennifer Lopez WILL be returning to American Idol for its season finale to perform this song live so … get ready! We’re gonna hear this song “live” very soon. My guess is that the “live” version will sound very much, possibly identical, to this recorded version … but, that’s just a hunch. In any event, Live It Up is out … do YOU think it’s going to be the jam of the summer?


  • nicole

    i dont mind it, it wouldnt turn it off if it came on the radio. seems like something that grows on you the more you listen to it. but i have a feeling, a pitbull-less version would be much better (much like the pibull-less version of ‘Dance Again’ was a lot better)

    • Ashley

      I agree, Nicole! Pitbull can either make or break the song he’s appearing in, and I think I would much prefer it without him.

  • Matthew

    It seems as though artists these days have 2 options these days with the 2 big musical trends out there in popular music:

    1. Futuristic / electro-pop/ dance / dubsteb club feel.
    2. Retro throwback / old school soul / acoustic feel.

    Chris Brown, Gaga, Rihanna, X-Tina, and now JLO as well have opted for route 1.

    Adele, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Janelle Monae and most recently Mariah Carey have opted for route 2.

    I think there’s room enough for both sounds, even though I’m partial to route 2. The electro-pop can be fun too.

  • Kent

    This makes my ears ANGRY.