Choreographer Wade Robson Now Claims Michael Jackson Sexually Abused Him


Choreographer Wade Robson, who has worked professionally with Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Usher and others, has filed legal documents with the court claiming that he was sexually molested by the late Michael Jackson when he was a little boy. Robson famously spent a lot of time with Jackson between the ages of 5 and 14, even spending the night at the Neverland Ranch by the time he was 7 years old. Robson previously denied in open court that he was sexually assaulted by MJ despite a housekeeper’s claim that she saw Jackson and Robson showering together. For whatever reason, Robson has now changed his story and is now suing the estate of Michael Jackson for this alleged crime. Read on for all the sordid details of this new claim.

Michael Jackson has been posthumously accused of molesting a now-famous choreographer who spent lots of time with the singer at the Neverland Ranch … TMZ has learned. TMZ has obtained legal docs … filed by Wade Robson … in which he’s asking for money from the Michael Jackson Estate for childhood sexual abuse … Wade met Michael when he was 5 years old and they developed a friendship that lasted for years. By the time Wade was 7, he went for sleepovers at Neverland and MJ’s homes in L.A. and Vegas. The sleepovers continued until Wade was 14. Wade even performed to a Michael Jackson song on “Star Search” when he was 8 years old. In 2005, Wade testified in MJ’s molestation trial and DENIED Michael ever molested him. Wade’s lawyer filed legal docs May 1 asking the judge in the Michael Jackson Estate case to allow him to file a late creditor’s claim against the Estate. In the documents, Wade’s lawyer says he submitted a never-before filed complaint “for childhood sexual abuse” … Sources tell TMZ … the complaint specifically outlines the alleged abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson. Wade’s lawyer also mentions a psychiatrist who treated Wade — the doctor is a leader in the field of child psychology. Interestingly … in the 2005 molestation trial, Jackson’s former housekeeper, Blanca Francia, testified she witnessed Jackson in the shower with Wade when the boy was 8 or 9 years old.

Robson’s lawyer, Henry Gradstein, tells TMZ, “Last year, on a career trajectory that was off the charts, he [Wade] collapsed under the stress and sexual trauma of what had happened to him for seven years as a child.” Robson spent many weekends with Jackson at Neverland Ranch and his other homes in L.A. and Vegas between ages 7 and 14. Gradstein goes on … “He [Wade] lived with the brain washing by a sexual predator until the burden of it all crushed him.” Gradstein says Michael would tell Wade, “If anyone ever finds out about what we did we will go to jail for the rest of our lives” and “our lives will be ruined forever.” Gradstein tells us the threats worked, and Wade kept his mouth shut, adding, “This kind of intimidation of a child by a sexual predator is tragically characteristic and effective, keeping them quiet about the abuse – often for a lifetime.” Wade was steadfast for years that MJ did NOT molest him and indeed became Jackson’s star witness at his 2005 molestation trial, adamantly denying any untoward conduct. The lawyer says, “Michael Jackson was a monster and in their hearts every normal person knows it.”

Wow. I have to say … I think I believe Wade Robson here. Unlike the other people who have accused Michael Jackson of these crimes (people who were paid off and then later dropped their cases against him), Robson doesn’t really need to sue for money. I mean, of course it’s possible but it just doesn’t seem that way to me. As soon as this claim was made public, people have been attacking Robson’s character … which is a shame because so many sexual abuse victims get blamed when allegations like this are made. Whether he was innocent or not, it is impossible for MJ to ever hurt anyone ever again … so on that front, there should be some relief for potential victims. It is virtually impossible for this abuse claim to be verified as 100% true so it looks to me like Robson is just trying to find peace of mind by being open with what he says happened to him. Ugh. This disgusting child molestation thing has been tied to Michael Jackson for so long, it’s very difficult to separate the two. Whatever happens with this lawsuit, I hope Wade Robson is able to heal from the trauma that he appears to be dealing with.

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  • me

    As someone who took dance class from Wade, got to know both him & his family & even helped him on his show on MTV, I’m in absolute shock- i always saw him as someone who would go to his GRAVE to defend MJ. I mean, he even was the 1st on the defense side during the 2005 trial! I honestly don’t know what to think or say expect best of luck to him….

    • Krissy

      I find this confusing as well…but a housekeeper did testify in an early trial that she saw MJ in the shower with Wade.

    • Ashley

      Krissy, that housekeeper was fired by Michael for stealing. She sold a story to Hard Copy for thousands of dollars claiming her own son had been molested. Stories got dirtier and sicker the more money that was offered. Her own son Jason testified in 2005, and he was not found credible or believed at all.

  • Joan

    I’m of a similar opinion to yours, Trent. The psychology of abuse victim is so complex that it makes it impossible to disregard his current claims, no matter what his position has been in the past. I’m not saying it’s true, but I do think it is entirely possible for this to have happened the way it did.

    • Ashley

      The newest revelations from TMZ are that the young man had a nervous breakdown due to financial strain, etc. And he started going to a psychotherapist in early 2012 and started remembering. But months later, he did an interview for a documentary and was praising Michael. Why would he do that? You ought to read the beautiful letter he penned for the Official Michael Jackson Opus. Doesn’t sound like the words of a victim to me.

    • @Ashley — I don’t mean for this to be an attack but THIS is the kind of thing that terrifies abuse victims. They make a claim and then they are attacked from the start as alleged “evidence” is compiled against them. We will never know what truly happened between MJ and Robson but my only hope is that Robson is able to find peace, no matter what the outcome.

    • Ashley

      @Trent, but there is NO proof he was an abuse victim. For nearly 20 years, he heaped praise on him, penned letters about him after his death, spoke about him AFTER the time he supposedly realized he was abused, etc. So why are you so quick to take his side.

      Anybody can accuse someone of abusing them. It doesn’t make it true. You hope he finds peace. That’s great. But you don’t know for a fact he was abused. The FBI had a huge file on Michael Jackson with no evidence. If Robson wants to claim he was abused, he had better cough up some good evidence, because right now, he has his word under oath to fight against.

    • @Ashley — Clearly you’ve made up your mind, I’ve made up my mind. I will generally shy away from blaming any victim who comes forward with claims like this because even tho some people might use an opportunity like this as a get rich scheme, I honestly believe that the vast majority of abuse victims wouldn’t purposely put themselves in a situation like this for fame or fortune. Because MJ was such a superstar, he always had and always will have people who will defend him to the end. Those fans didn’t want to believe he was a drug addict and now we know he was a drug addict. I cannot believe that a grown man who spent years sleeping with children is completely innocent. I just can’t believe it. Years, Ashely … a grown man hosting very young children in his home for overnight sleepovers. Think about it.

    • Serena

      My first thought was to judge Wade Robson, and immediately think he is lying. However, reading what you wrote, made me think. You are right, no one knew MJ was a drug addict, until it was too late, and why was a grown man hanging with children and sleeping in the same bed with them??? I guess when the trial was going on, the 10 year old in me couldn’t fathom MJ being guilty, let alone taking drugs. When you said, “think about it” I did. Thank you Trent for helping me look at this from another perspective, i appreciate it.

    • @Serena — It’s just a very complicated situation … and we will NEVER know for sure either way if he was guilty of these heinous crimes. It never sounded right to me so … I can’t help but believe the allegations against him :(

    • Krissy

      Ashley, you are misrepresenting what TMZ said. Wade did not have a breakdown due to financial strain, it was the other way around. He had tons of work lined up, but had a mental breakdown and was unable to complete the work…that lead to the financial challenges.

    • Ashley

      You’ve got me there. Yes, I did read that incorrectly, but the stress and anxiety could have been from ANYTHING. Besides, the article states that it was only AFTER Robson went to therapy that he started to get these repressed memories back, so I doubt the stress and anxiety was from any of that. Still, it doesn’t add up with the fact that 4 months later, he was praising Michael Jackson in an interview.

    • janaegal

      Maybe you’ve never been abused Ashley, i hope not. But victims do all sort of unexpected behavior, including LOVING their attackers. it’s incredibly common and it’s part of the attackers MO. Abusers aren’t always scary, big sweaty men who are violent. They come in all shapes and sizes and demeanors. This sort of attitude of placing the burden of proof on the victim is fairly unfair. We shouldn’t assume that the victim is lying, both parties (victim and alleged accuser) should be allowed to defend themselves. Obviously MJ can’t do that, it’s up to his estate now.
      I’m just very saddened that the first reaction in people is to place doubt and blame on a possible victim. We DON’T know what happened, but regardless there was VERY inappropriate behaviors happening at Michael Jackson’s estate. Having sleepovers alone with CHILDREN isn’t normal behavior, it just isn’t. I think Jackson himself was a very hurt, troubled boy who grew up to be troubled as an adult.

      Side note: Just because a victim was “paid off” doesn’t mean their claim was any less valid. Sometimes they just want the situation to go away, sometimes adults make that decision on their behalf.

    • @janaegal — Yes, exactly. I’m honestly sick at the thought of having to endure this kind of abuse. I just can’t imagine the horror. Ugh.

  • Paul

    I am a little suspicious of anyone whose first step in seeking to heal themselves from a trauma is to hire a lawyer to file a lawsuilt to get money.

    • @Paul — We do not know when he took his first step in healing. Who knows how long he’s been struggling with this.

    • Lauren xx

      Agreed. Especially someone who testified in court saying nothing happened. Isn’t he making himself vulnerable to be accused of perjury? Or does that not apply here?

      The public needs to lay off MJ, and they need to let this go. People were so hell bent on tearing MJ down or using him, rather than getting him the help he very desperately needed. That is the reason why he is dead. MJ never had a chance to get help and fix his mental health, and it still makes me so angry that the public was so quick to condemn him. Why would he seek help if he was being treated like that? That is the state of mental health in this country: condemn rather than heal.

      If Wade is telling the truth, I’m very sorry, and I’m glad he is seeking justice. But I feel like he should be fighting this battle privately, there is nothing gained by battling a dead man with an already poor reputation in public.

    • Joan

      If Wade is truly a victim, then I am very sorry, but no outsider has a right to tell him how he should or shouldn’t deal. We have not live his life.

    • Vicky

      I agree. If Michael Jackson was a normal human being, he would have been locked the eff up years ago. He would have been a playtoy for a guy named Bubba in jail. It’s one thing to testify against your abuser, that’s got to be hard enough, but when the abuser is one of the biggest superstars in the world? And the trial is getting worldwide attention?

    • Krissy

      Lauren xx,
      You say that MJ never had a chance to get help. According to his family, interventions were attempted. He refused their help. He refused to listen to doctors who told him that he was endangering himself.

    • vbot

      obviously thats not the first thing he did. the first thing he did (i suppose) was spent years trying to cope with the situation. As an abusee myself…why would you want to say anything like that if it never happened. it is a shameful circumstance that i hope nobody ever has to experience. at the same time people shouldn’t assume to propose they would know what might be happening in the mind of someone who may or may not have gone through something like that. imagine how you would feel if it were you…

    • Paul

      As an abusee myself…why would you want to say anything like that if it never happened.

      I think the obvious answer is free publicity.

      imagine how you would feel if it were you…

      That is exactly my problem. To me, a big, public lawsuit against a dead man would be close to the bottom of my list of things I would do in the same situation.

  • Alecia

    I agree with Paul. I know that I really can’t speak from the place of a victim but how does asking for money provide healing? I don’t know, I just wish I could understand why he waited this long to say something. And what about Michael’s kids? Did he think of what they are going through now with the current trial?

    • @Alecia — MJ is dead. He cannot be punished for this crime. How else can Robson seek justice? My guess is that the already very wealthy choreographer doesn’t care about the money. Who’s to say that he won’t donate it to abuse victims charities if he wins?

    • Ashley

      So, Trent, you’re saying it’s ok if he sues the estate, essentially, Michael’s children, and takes away from their inheritence, even though there is ZERO proof that Michael EVER did anything wrong?

    • Krissy

      Ashley, you are making assumptions when you say there is zero proof that Michael ever did anything wrong. You do not know the full extent of what Wade knows and has the ability to prove.

      Secondly…I find it troubling that you are trying to shame Helen away from asking questions that are pretty logical in this situation. If a person could have harmed children, it makes sense to look out for all of the children they interacted with. You shouldn’t be ashamed for the human race because someone like Helen who cares about children’s well being asks a logical follow up question.

    • Ashley

      If Wade has proof, than he certainly would have had proof back in 2005, therefore the repressed memory theory would be out the window, and Robson should be in jail for concealing evidence that could have won the Arvizos the case and put Michael behind bars.

      As for Michael’s own children, ask them and they’ll tell you that Michael was a great father.

    • Krissy

      Maybe Wade wasn’t ready to deal with it back in 2005, while his alleged abuser was still alive. Please do not discount the amount of power an abuser has over their vicitms. And yes, if he did lie on the stand then he needs to be held accountable.

      I don’t think anyone but a trained professional who specializes in childhood abuse should be asking MJ’s kids if they were abused so I certainly won’t ask them. I find it odd that you are so passionate in your claims that “Michael was a great father”. What makes you think that you have the perspective to make that kind of claim?

    • helen

      Maybe he does worry about the kids. I’m just assuming here, but if (and only if) any of the allegations are true, who knows what the Jackson kids had to endure while living with MJ. Maybe the fact that he spoke up could help other quiet victims face this and seek for treatment or closure. I hate to be the one to say what a lot of people is thinking, but if it’s all true, the possibility of the Jackson kids being victims too, should definitely be considered.

    • Ashley

      I really hope you are not insinuating that Michael molested his own children. That is shameful and disturbing. I am so ashamed for the human race that anybody would think such a thing.

    • Vicky

      If he would abuse other children, what would stop him from abusing his own? I can’t believe no one has said this yet, but… SHUT UP.

    • Serenity

      @Alecia I once heard an abuse survivor say that, for some people, the money awarded by the court is acknowledgment that the abuser did something wrong.

  • blaqfury

    Guess there’s no such thing as “Rest In Peace” for MJ. His death is just as disruptive as his life was…

  • Hannah

    I have always been in the camp that Micheal Jackson was guilty of a lot. I have never been a victim of sexual abuse to cannot even begin to fathom what a person goes through during and after to heal, but asking for money (which will only hurt his innocent children) seems off.

    People have been punished far more for crimes far less so I understand the want to punish him, but he is dead and cannot be punished any more (unfortunately).

  • Rebecca

    Wade has no way to get his childhood back. I believe him, especially since by making this public now, he has a lot to lose and has opened himself up to criticism. In the end, nobody wins in these cases. What a shame.

    • Ashley

      So you believe him now? Did you believe him in 2005 when he testified under oath that nothing happened? I don’t believe this repressed memory nonsense for a second. If anything was going to trigger the recollection of repressed memories, it would certainly be more likely to be intense grilling from the defense and prosecution ABOUT child abuse and NOT financial distress.

    • Krissy

      I think the mental manipulation that abusers use on their victims can be very powerful and very destructive.

      I am not saying that anything is proven at this point, but it is possible.

  • Lulu

    I don’t really know what to say, but I do know denial is a very powerful thing, and he might have honestly convinced himself it never happened. Then it all probably came crashing back with some trigger in his life.

    No one can really know, so I choose not to judge, and wish him the best.

    • Tonya

      I think it goes beyond denial. My best friend was raped as a child and though she knows it happened her brain has completely shut out all memories of her youth and I just don’t mean the rape – years are gone for her memory. I’m sure if she was in therapy and made to work through some things they would resurface. The brain is an incredibly powerful thing. I don’t know where I stand on the Wade/Michael thing (Though I do hope it isn’t true) but I do believe if your brain needs you to forget something to function – it will.

  • James

    I think it’s a bit hypocritical to condemn those who speak out against the troubled Michael Jackson, and then dispute and question Wade Robson, the potential victim of child molestation. If Robson is a victim and needs to go to the courts to find justice like the majority of American citizens, I am nobody to judge. I also don’t think that Robson should have to consider the convenience of the perpetrator while trying to come to terms with this. If Wade Robson is only ready now that Michael is dead, I don’t think that really matters. Maybe it’s upsetting for his children, but if Wade is the victim then it’s Michael’s own fault this is happening. If after all is said and done it’s determined that Wade was making it all up, then yes he’s behaving in a disrespectful, manipulative manner. I just don’t feel comfortable immediately blaming the victim. to me, THAT is the problem with this society, particularly in regard to sexual assault.

    • Kate

      I completely agree that just because children are involved that doesn’t necessarily mean that justice shouldn’t be sought, but I feel that applies more when the perpetrator of the crime is still alive if an “estate” is being sued. From what I understand (and I may be totally off on this, I know very little about law) his estate was left to his children. So isn’t suing “the estate” effectually suing the children themselves? Isn’t it their money that would be taken from? I’m sure they have plenty, but it still seems odd to me to take something directly from the children when they are completely innocent. Again, maybe I am misunderstanding the “suing of the estate” situation. Also, I don’t necessarily BLAME Wade per se if this is the case, I just think that this his seeking of “justice” might be a bit misdirected. If someone wronged me terribly and they were no longer alive, I don’t believe it would make me feel better to retaliate against their heirs.

    • Krissy

      Katherine Jackson and others are also a part of the Jackson Estate…and the legal team that set it up. Not all of the money goes to Jackson’s children.

  • Devonte Antonio

    Here’s my thing. I will not begin to pretend to know how he feels or what his mind is doing, I can only think logically as someone outside of the situation. I would logically think that suing the estate would not serve any kind of viable and substantial “justice” other than money. Regardless of what he does with that money, donate it, keep it, whatever, it’s not “justice” and will not reverse the effects or make amends. What so ever. Had he just come out with a statement or a book and just confessed to either get it out there or off his chest in a way to heal or begin to deal with it, that is something we could of felt for and tried to understand and be sympathetic…Not someone trying to get money from someone who isn’t alive anymore to defend himself. I, for one, believe that he was molested but someone needs to tell him, this isn’t going to help him deal with the pain and mental distress it has surely caused and yes, we are going to lash out at him for it because it’s just tawdry. I’m sorry, Wade, I don’t support you suing the estate. He could have easily made money writing a book about it or something.

    • janaegal

      How is making money off a book any different? Because it’s not taking money directly from the estate? Then people would have said he is making money off accusations. Either way he can’t win. It sounds like you believe Wade. I’m just confused why anyone would waste negative energy towards the VICTIM. Michael Jackson’s children will be taken care of, financially no matter what. it’s not logical to think otherwise. Even if Wade were to drain the estate(which isn’t realistic), they have plenty of wealthy family members who will see to their care. How a victim goes about seeking justice/revenge/closure shouldn’t be dissected and torn apart.

    • Devonte Antonio

      I only talked about money as if it was what he really wants. I admit that I am not aware of what the money has to do with anything, I just know money is involved for whatever reason, and just suggested a book as another option other than suing the estate. I said nothing about draining the estate or his kids. As far as dissecting the victim, I am in full right since again, suing a dead celebrity’s estate is in the public domain and subject to it. You can’t expect anyone to give him solace and privacy when it’s intended to be public. Again, especially when you count the fact he is SUING A DEAD MAN…that’s the real issue anyone has with the victim. And the only source of negative energy is that.

  • jo

    Here in the UK, we’ve had a massive explosion of sexual abuse cases from the 60s and 70s onwards, committed by various tv personalities in what seems to be decades of coverups/excuses made. Victims first came forward after a documentary about the systemic abuse carried out by someone who was considered a national treasure. he was dead by this point and it was the first time people felt they could speak out after being threatened for years by the perpetrator that there was no point as no one would believe them. Since then, people have come forward about people who are still alive and charges are now being brought.
    Abuse victims always feel they won’t be believed. Look at the MJ trial and how people were suspicious about the victims. And then there’s the fact that you may have to sit in a dock and answer probing questions about your own integrity. A renowned classical musician here killed herself after giving evidence against her former teacher, another powerful figure who threatened her that no one would believe her. She was called a liar in court.
    So I have no suspicions towards wade. bravo to him for coming forward. We should respect sexual abuse victims. Not suspect them.

  • Rus

    oh come on!!!! MJ has never been richer. He got so much $ after his death it’s not wonder people like this are still trying to sue….

    MY GAWD the world sickens me sometimes. The first step to healing is by forgiving NOT suing!!!! come on people.

  • taikwan

    I don’t believe him…. at all.

  • taikwan

    ^^remembering this is the same dude that provided the cheating material for Britney – and wasn’t he a friend of Justin, too? How does that work for “character”?

    • @takwan — What does that have to do with anything? By your rationale, sex abuse victims have no right to claim abuse if they’ve ever make a mistake?

    • janaegal

      Yes!! The first step is to attack the character of the victim!! it’s incredulous! Victims can be shitty people, they can be dumb people, they can be nice people. Victims are humans and they don’t fit a stereotype. They are still victims, even if they don’t match up to your Lifetime movie version.

    • Krissy

      That is kind of like blaming the “other woman” for breaking up a marriage…and not the person in the marriage that cheated. More importantly, young adult romances don’t reflect on matters as serious as this.

  • HeatherLea1340

    I just wonder what makes this claim different than the men who waited 15 years to come out against Kevin Clash? Many people poopooed those claims, yet are willing to defend Robson, who has basically done the same thing.

    If the whole “repressed memory” deal is true, and this really did happen.. Then I am very sorry. If it were me, I would just let the situation go. Write a book. tell people your story. Michael is dead. His money should go to his children. IMO, this is a money grab.

    Personally, I don’t think MJ did these things. And, to me, to say that his children might have been victims is disgusting. I understand things like that happen, and we all wish they didn’t.. But those kids love their father. You can just see that. You could see Michael’s aversion to his father. Prince, Paris, and Blanket don’t have that.

    • @HeatherLea1340 — “If it were me, I would just let the situation go”

      But it’s not you, it’s someone else. I would NEVER put on someone else what I would do in a situation, just like I wouldn’t want the same placed on me. Of course we are all free to believe what we want but I believe him. Repressed memories are real and unless you’ve been the victim of sexual abuse, I think it’s very shortsighted to say what you would do because we cannot know the true horror of what that kind of abuse does to a person. We need only look at the stuff going on in Cleveland with that psycho Ariel Castro to know that people can be very good at hiding their evil. Ugh, it just makes my head swim.

    • HeatherLea1340

      Trent- I left this out of my original comment, but i now see that it is essential for understanding my logic. I was never abused by a relative or someone I knew well, but I was harmed by a friend’s visiting cousin about 6 years ago. I was 14, and no one believed me. After struggling with it all for a long time, contemplating self medicating and suicide, I finally came to terms. I forgave the guy that hurt me, moved on, and am now the happiest person. My situation may not be exactly the same, as my abuser was just some 20 year old from New York that I never saw again. But I do know what it feels like to be at that age, doubted and struggling after. “You just want attention.” I heard that one a lot. I found it best to just continue on, but that was what worked for me. It might not for him. And like I said, if they do find MJ guilty I will certainly accept it without a fight. But, until that day, I do have my doubts.

      And I agree, the world is a horrible place.

    • melissa

      But what if you had to hear that person on the radio daily, had to constantly read about him in the news? What if the abuse had lasted years? What if, after being abused, your abuser was charged with doing so to many other people and then was found innocent even though you knew for a fact he was not?
      What happened to you was awful, I was a couple of years older when something similar happened to me, but I am still affected. I won’t think about it for awhile, and for awhile when it first happened I blocked it out, but when I see pictures of the guy (because he was a friend of a friend) I have flashbacks and then nightmares for weeks after.
      Anyway, to each their own…I hope Wade is able to heal and honestly, I hope he has some sort of irrefutable evidence because I’m so sick of everyone talking about Michael Jackson as if he had been a saint. Obviously that was not the case. Insanely talented? Absolutely!!! I love MJ the artist. MJ the person…..not so much.
      Wow that became a novel, sorry….rant over!

  • Ashley

    I very much wish that people would do a little research before setting judgment on someone. TMZ says that Robson had a break down in March of 2012 in which he began to remember. In JULY of 2012, he sat down in an interview and heaped praise on Michael. This was a full 4 months AFTER Robson supposedly started remembering the alleged molestation.

  • Lalala

    The only issue I have with Robson is that it is hard for me to believe that these memories were repressed. It kinda sucks that he may have stood in the way of those other boys getting justice… and now he wants his own.

    Complicated story…. but I hope he finds peace.

    • @Lalala — Be thankful that you cannot understand how repressed memories can happen. I think only the people who have been truly traumatized can really understand how it works. Ugh, I cannot imagine.

    • darcy

      @ Lalala – I can see how it would be hard to understand the concept of repressed memories, but I can raise my hand as a witness that they are completely real. You can’t really know that as a fact unless it’s happened to you though. And it’s very confusing and frustrating for the victim when they’re being told something happened and they just don’t remember it. Or they remember it in a completely different context. The mind does it to protect us from something incredibly horrific, but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I don’t even know how to comment on any of this. I just… I’m at a loss no matter how this all shakes out.

  • Stephanie

    As someone who has been on the other side of this, when a dear family member was accused of sexual assault on a child that the now-adult child alleged took place years before he made the allegations, I am a little leery of people who pursue civil remedies instead of criminal ones. The standard of proof in a criminal case is much higher (beyond a reasonable doubt) than civil cases (preponderance of the evidence). In my family member’s case, the criminal suit was dropped fairly quickly because the state determined there was no supporting evidence, which of course is what we knew all along. The accuser than filed a civil suit, which he fought for years, and it destroyed lives and drained a lot of finances in the process. I’m not making a judgment on whether this person was sexually abused by Jackson. I think there has been more than enough evidence over the years that something strange was going on in that house. I just wonder why he did not pursue the criminal case while MJ was alive, and I think the fact that he didn’t weakens his credibility, rightfully or wrongfully. I also don’t think it’s wrong to question his motivations behind making these allegations now in this setting (even if they are true), because in my experience, money can be a powerful motivating factor. I wish I didn’t have this experience, but I do.

  • Lorraineliloe

    This is so sad and disappointing, all around. Yeah, Wade has a sketchy history but by now we know that these accusations are coming from multiple sources. I was pretty convinced Michael had some mental illness when that documentary was aired but so many people choose not to believe him because they hold his talent and music so dearly. It’s such a shame but someone should have stepped in back when it was going on and got Michael the help he really needed. Ugh, I hope the victims are getting the therapy they need and his kids aren’t completely wounded from the truth. As for the music behind, it’s really hard if not impossible to appreciate it as much.

    • Lorraineliloe

      believe it*

  • Gillian

    Sexual abuse is a horrendous crime. The psychological damage can take years to fully register. Unfortunately for justice to happen, you need come forward as soon as possible. Especially if your attacker leaves physical proof. Without physical proof, it’s essentially impossible to prove without a shadow of a doubt that you were attacked/abused. Physical evidence is so crucial. It becomes your word against your attackers/abusers without it. Which is why everyone appears to go after the victims character. If you’ve had a questionable past… It looks bad and people are less inclined to believe you. Even if you are telling the absolute truth. In order to reduce these types of crimes, we need to get rid of the stigma associated when it comes to abuse. People NEED to come forward as soon as it happens, they need to go to the police ASAP. Innocent until proven guilty is the law. Without proof, the attackers/abusers will continue to get away with their horrible crimes. I hate to say it but… MJ has been accused sooo many times. There hasn’t been any evidence to actually prove he did it. If there was physical proof he would have gone to jail. Now I don’t know if the lack of evidence was “bought” or not. If he had done it, I really hope that a victim didn’t pick money over getting a conviction. Especially if it would have prevented future abuse from happening.

    • Krissy

      “People NEED to come forward as soon as it happens, they need to go to the police ASAP.”

      So true…but at the same time, if the victim is a child who is 7-14 years old and being mentally manipulated and threatened, how are they going to know the right thing to do? That is why so many people get away with it, because they prey on children.

      As for proof, I found that one of his victims knowning about the discoloration on the underside of MJ’s groin to be pretty strong evidence. To say that there hasn’t been any evidence isn’t accurate, IMO.

    • Gillian

      Which is why we need to do something about abuse as a society. Parents need to be having open conversations with their children. Discussions need to happen in schools. EVERYONE needs to know where they can go to receive help. That it is okay to talk about abuse, and you should not feel ashamed by what happened. Instead as a society we tend to judge the victim and make up excuses on why it happened.
      Personally I really hope that MJ didn’t do what he is accused of doing. Not because he is MJ, but because the thought of that many people being abused by him, and not having actual evidence that could convict him found…..Evidence that could put him in a jail cell without the shadow of a doubt. Is absolutely repulsive. If that boy could in fact give specific detail, and those details were in fact accurate. It’s horrible that his evidence wasn’t proven enough to put him away.

  • Serenity

    The first thing I thought of when I read this post is that maybe Wade went through something like Stockholm Syndrome.

    The second thing I thought of is a friend who recently got out of an abusive relationship. As she worked her way towards that point, however, there were a lot of times when she doubted herself. As somebody who has not been abused, it was shocking to see the way abuse messes with a person’s perception: maybe it was understandable that he forced himself on her when she said no because he does have needs, and just because once a week is good for her doesn’t mean that she has a right to say no. Maybe she deserved to be hit and shoved around because she knows that he gets angry when she does or says “x,” so she should have been more careful.

    Also, I think Wade knew what he was going to open himself up to when he decided to sue, but he did it anyways. He doesn’t need the money, so why would he put himself through it?

    By the way, I think it’s sad that a lot of people’s default seems to be “let’s punch holes in his story.” Is it because we think that, if we can find a flaw, it means this sort of thing can’t happen to us or our loved ones?

  • Kiki

    I understand that this is a serious topic… but can we all pause for a second and remember that the real reason we really know who he is is because of “Cry Me a River”? And maybe the Wade Robson Project? I had no idea Wade was ever involved with MJ cuz I was really just spending all these years wondering why he stepped between Britney and Justin. But, in the long run, I guess I should be thanking him because he helped JT dodge a bullet (sorry, Trent!). Bros before hoes, Wade. Bros before hoes.

  • rOXy

    I know someone who was sexually, emotionally and physically abused as a child by a stepfather. I knew him before the abused occurred, knew him while it was happening, and know him now that he is an adult. We tried to get help for him because we were people outside of his “family” who realized what was happening. The psychological changes in him after the nightmare started happening were astounding, and the happy, loving child we once knew ceased to exist. His mind locked that sweet child away in a safe place, and the person we encountered after the attacks began was a mere shell of him. He had a distant, far away look in his eye. We tried to intervene, but were frustratingly unsuccessful because that boy would not tell the courts what was being done to him. His mind would just not let him process the horror. His young mind also knew being labeled a victim carried with it a stigma and all he wanted to do was fit in with the other kids at school. As an adult, he will acknowledge privately that we were right, but he will not level charges against the monster who abused him. That part of his past is locked safely away in some memory vault and he just doesn’t want to access it now. He just wants to move on with his life as it if never happened. Making those decisions is the ONLY control he, as an abuse victim, had and has in the situation. It may be subconscious, but it is a way for him to cope with having been so helpless and having control of his body (and his childhood) taken away from him.

    It takes MASSIVE COURAGE for Wade to come forward with this now. So many victims just live with the aftermath of psychological pain that abuse inflicts. I believe him, don’t think it is any wonder why he previously testified as he did. I’ve seen it firsthand, and it is devastatingly heartbreaking. If telling the truth now is a step in his healing process, then I support him 100%. It’s more about him than it is MJ.

  • Tru

    At first I thought it was about money. I mean he really hasn’t done anything since pre breakdown Britney and Justin was still in n’sync. My first thought was why now? Especially since he’s been dead for a while and testify during Michael trial he didn’t touch him. But now with more information out I really think he hide it from himself deep inside and believe it didn’t happen until his breakdown when he finally admitted it to himself. I mean during Michael’s trial a maid who worked for him testify that she saw Michael and Wade in the shower together

  • Justice

    I was abused when I was younger as well and whenever my abusers names came up in conversations (my abusers were my babysitters husband, son, and friends), I ALWAYS, for about 8 years, talked positively about my time being tended there–anything to avoid giving people suspicion of what happened to me. I did not want people to find out. Even though everyone was clueless and just talking about a town we lived in etc, it gave me this huge panic-adrenaline rush to try and hide what happened, hide what they did, hide how sad/scared/hurt it made me.
    Through my childhood I’d have intense episodes of depression and sadness where I would just relive those moments, in these times I’d find a closet or somewhere quiet and just cry until my mind would stop thinking about it.
    I finally only told my mother when she found me at 12 curled up in the living room at night. She had found me before, but I always made up some excuse for my sadness. For some reason, I decided to just talk about it that night. Later I learned that a couple years after moving away from that town, that man had gone into hiding and was running from authorities for doing the same thing to other kids.
    Sometimes I felt I went overboard trying to “defend” the people that hurt me out of anxiety that people would find out. Some things you really want kept a secret, but these kinds of secrets eat at you, your mental health, your happiness, and they will come out eventually at unexpected times.
    Perhaps when the trial was going on, he wanted to keep what had happened to him private? I know that I was afraid of what people would think of me knowing I’d been molested, I’d assume as a boy being molested by a man would affect the way you felt about yourself in a masculine way.
    If this did happen to him, I think suing the estate is a very reasonable action. Even if he keeps any money for himself.
    I’m only 20 and have spent a lot of time trying to come to terms with what happened to me, I’ll never see the people who did this to me punished, sometimes I want it, sometimes I don’t want to think about it. Whatever action he feels is best to find relief for his pain.
    In another note, (if Michael did these things, which I believe he did), these are the consequences of his actions, his estate, his children inheritance, his public view, his reputation, these are the things he sacrificed and put in jeopardy by violating the rights of children.
    A mention on the repressed memory, I know for me, the few memories of my childhood I can’t get rid of, are those moments, yet years of my childhood are just blank. I know these memories are gone because of me just trying to repress and not think about it.
    So whether Wade’s claims are valid or not, I believe these types of crimes are SO damaging (I don’t believe that no matter how much therapy and self healing I go through, I will ever be the person I could have been, and I know I can never regain all of my childhood free from that burden) that Wade deserves the most thorough of investigations (not just for his sake, but for the sake of abused kids everywhere) as a sign to these perverts that we won’t allow it. If after all of that, Wade’s claims prove to be false, then he should be punished appropriately.
    It’s very hard for a victim to come out, I carried the burden for eight years, only told my mother in the last eight years, and now at twenty my family knows. It’s very scary, so kudos to him. The guys who hurt me put intense pain and burden on me for 16 years of my life. 16 years. Think about that. That’s not right or okay. So even if he did lie on the stand (which is wrong), I doubt Wade spent the years between than and now free from distress. It’s always there no matter what you do.

    • TouchofGrey

      Justice, you say: no matter how much therapy and self healing I go through, I will ever be the person I could have been, and I know I can never regain all of my childhood free from that burden

      As someone who has dealt with it for 40+ years, I agree with you. But what you may not know yet is that the person you are becoming (as reflected in your words) will be strong, emotionally rich, articulate, perceptive, empathetic–any number of qualities you have and will develop because of your experience. To paraphrase an Adrienne Rich poem about Marie Curie: your power comes from the same source as your wound.

      Embrace you who are, wounds and all. And yes, I know that’s easier said than done. Take care of yourself and remember to be kind.

  • Kelly

    i really don’t want to believe this. really really really don’t want to. this makes me so sad. i hope, selfishly, that it comes out that the allegations are false. i hope, if robson is telling the truth, that he finds peace in his path. at a total loss

  • Ro

    I always thought there may have been truth to the allegations. But my feeling is that there is no real reason to bring it up now. The alleged perpetrator is dead. I would think that would be justice for this man. The fact that he wants money for his suffering is preposterous. That makes me wonder if money is his only motivating factor. And Michael is not around to defend himself. He already did that back then. And even if he were alive he was already charged, he couldn’t be charged with the same crime again so Wade’s lawsuit should be thrown out.

    • @Ro — “But my feeling is that there is no real reason to bring it up now”

      Yes, this is YOUR feeling. What about the feeling of possible victims? What if you were the victim of abuse like this and no one would believe you. What if people told you, “get over it, the person who victimized and assaulted you is dead so your feelings don’t matter anymore”? Would you be willing to just let it go? Even if so, that still should have no bearing on how another person decides to deal with this kind of victimization.

  • cutitout

    I think we must be careful about tossing around the label “victim” People LIE, especially when they can stroll away with a couple million with no real repercussions. I mean what dies he have to loose? His career has been dead ever since he screwed his good friends girl…..He is suing Michael’s mom and children for allegedly doing something a long time ago that he has chosen to vehemently deny…Conveniently after the person is dead and he does not have to look him in the face like a man and accuse him. After he gave statements twice, the first time during the time when he was supposedly still being molested and again as a grown-ass man, torpedoing another supposed “victims” grab for mone…”justice” Repressed memories my ass, he’s trying to keep himself from getting popped for perjury obstructing justice.This smells like a pile of bull. Too late buddy. If he was not broke and making a mad-dash for cash and just made a statement without looking to get paid, maybe it would have some merit but seems to me like he tried to sneak this in under the table while The Jacksons are busy with the trial in hopes of a hush hush payout under the table but Catherine Jackson is Gangsta. I would not put it past AEG to have put him up to it….

    I understand the concept of “repressed memories” but allegations about Michael have been on front-street 4 years and his ass was in the middle, if that did not jog his memory I find it hard to believe this would magically popup right in the middle of the lawsuit that’s going on right now.