British Olympian Tom Daley Dives In Fort Lauderdale, FL


So … you’re gonna hafta indulge a bit of gratuitousness in this post but … when I came upon these new photos of British Olympic diver Tom Daley doing his thing at a training facility in Fort Lauderdale, FL yesterday … well … I simply had to share the wealthy. Altho I’m not a big sports person, there are some sports that catch my eye from time to time. I become a hockey fan when my beloved Detroit Red Wings make the playoffs, I become a baseball fan anytime I go to the ball park (either here in LA, at home in Detroit or on vacay in NY) and I’ll be a soccer fan as long as David Beckham still plays professionally. Tom Daley had made me a bit of a diving fan because, well, it’s a fun sport to watch. Click thru the gallery to see Daley in action as he practices his diving skills. I think these photos might make you a bit of a diving fan as well ;)