Here Are The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ‘Engagement,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Revenge’


During last week’s episode of Revenge it became apparent that this season was gonna go out with a bang, and last night’s episode further proved that point. Y’all know I love this show but it’s been a while since I seriously Oh Hell Nawl’d through the entire episode, but last night?! I pretty much Oh Hell Nawl’d from the Paris/engagement announcement all the way to the moment when we met the baddest bitch on the show right now: Carrion! Click inside for more!

I friggen looooved this episode. Drama all over the place. Drama betwixt Victoria and Conrad, who was getting all that inside info from the governor’s wife so he could win the election. Drama with Charlotte, who we thought was on the verge of poppin Ecstasy with Regina… though now it appears that she’s been poppin prenatal vitamins. Whhhhhaaaaatttt?! And hella drama between Aiden, ‘Emily’, and Nolan, none of whom seem to be on exactly the same revenge plan anymore. Madness.

Oh, and then we had Jack and Ashley continuing to plot against the Graysons, but who knows where that’s going? Although, I did like hearing Ashley admit that she purposefully snitched on Jack and ‘Emily’ back in the day because she had a thing for Daniel. But I’m more concerned with the fact that there’s a friggen blackout happening right now courtesy of Carrion/The Falcon who we thought was in jail. WTF?! I love it.

Let’s get to it!

The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Revenge:
Season 2, Episode 20: Engagement


1. To Paris We [Allegedly] Go


Oh my gosh. PITNBr MJ, I think you’re right– we’re probably never gonna see this wedding pop off. Too much drama! A wedding in Paris? Very hawt, but way too complicated for these two, lol. And Victoria– you gotta love her because she is sooo not fooled by ‘Emily’: ‘I know what a woman in love looks like and that’s not you.‘ Damn… she’s not wrong! Even if ‘Emily’ still has feelings for Daniel, they’re complicated by her relationship with Aiden and their revenge plot to end all revenge plots. Even though Vicki’s busy tracking down her son (or not… seeing as how we learned from Nolan’s visit with the Falcon that years ago she actually paid his ass to stay the eff away), you can tell she’s gonna be watching ‘Emily’ closely.

Quote It:

Emily and I are re-engaged. (Daniel)
Yes. How… repetitious. (Victoria)

You’ll make a terrific grandmother Victoria. And we’ll put a picture up so they can see you. (‘Emily’)

2. Nolan And Aiden Plot AGAINST ‘Emily’?!


Oh boy… I knew this was gonna end badly. What is it with Aiden?! He gave ‘Emily’ permission to marry Daniel in the last episode and this week he had a whole new game plan for ending her revenge plot and taking her away from it all. Dra-mahhh! I mean, what he said to Nolan is correct– she’s never gonna feel that imagined sense of satisfaction that she thinks is going to overwhelm her when her task is complete. But Aiden had to figure that out for himself (after finally avenging his sister), and so does ‘Emily.’

So I thought it was a horrible idea that he went behind her back and asked Nolan to try once again to get into the Grayson bank account. This time Nolan went to the currently imprisoned Falcon and got a hint that gave him access to the account.

But ‘Emily’ FLIPPED when she caught Nolan and Aiden just as they were about to drain the account! I don’t know why she was so against that plan, but don’t you sometimes feel like she wants her revenge task to drag on? We know ‘Emily’ is all about being extra-careful but I honestly think she sorta kinda liked the idea of a phony (or not-so-phony) marriage to Daniel.

3. No But For Real, How Many People Is Aiden Gonna Kill This Season?!


Ummm, I didn’t see this one coming! Takeda was so over ‘Emily’ and Aiden’s love affair/revenge plot that he ratted Aiden out to Daniel. It then became clear to Daniel that Aiden was out for revenge (since his father had connections to the Grayson/David Clarke situation), so he fired him once and for all from Grayson Global and alerted his parents too. Takeda made it clear to ‘Emily’ that he wanted the two of them to call it quits, and then he went on to enter into a Kill Bill-esque sword fight with Aiden. And lost!!! WTF?! Aiden’s body count is lookin’ sooo crazy right now, lmao! And I’m very curious to see how ‘Emily’s gonna feel when she finds out that he killed their teacher.

4. MAMA CHARLOTTE?!?!?!?!?


Oh hell nawl. Oh. Hell. Naawwwwwwlllllll! Now we know why Charlotte was pining away for Fauxmanda in this episode. It’s so much easier to talk about the awkwardness of getting knocked up with someone who’s been there. Sigh. No, but for real. How did this happen?!?! And why am I NOT entirely convinced that Declan is the babydaddy?! When she confessed to Daniel that she was prego, she did not say by whom… and I just don’t see Declan puttin’ in work like that, lmao! What?! No, for real though. Who’s the babydaddy?

5. CARRION!!!!!!!!!!


Yo, I was sooo psyched when the blackout happened! What is going on?! Didn’t the Falcon tell Nolan that Carrion could not pop off with her in jail? All of y’all who were questioning whether or not she was actually the Falcon last week– is this our official proof? Also, remember when she was getting arrested and she looked in the camera and started yelling at Nolan?

Quote It:

You messed with the wrong person!

What if she meant that literally, lol?! As in, You messed with the incorrect person because I’m not the Falcon. I’m so confused/excited! And all this is happening whilst Declan and Regina are locked in an ATM together (hmmmm), and just as Conrad is about to become Governor (because Vicky clearly leaked that convo she had with the governor’s wife in an attempt to help him win… but probably because she learned from the governor’s wife that political life can kill a man: NICE).

Did you guys love this episode or what? Are you ready for next week’s effing two-hour season finale?! I have a zillion questions and they alllll better get answered by 11 pm EST next week. Like, who in the eff is Vicky’s long-lost son (I love all the different PITNBr theories about how Nolan or Aiden could be Patrick, lmao)? Who is Charlotte’s babydaddy? Are ‘Emily’ and Daniel ever the eff going to get married? Is that chic or is that chic NOT the Falcon? Now that there’s a blackout, what’s about to go down?

And finally: how can I get someone to give me a ring exactly like the one ‘Emily’ got from Daniel only maybe slightly bigger with a little color in it like canary yellow or something, not that I care.



  • Fifi4life

    Could Charlotte be pregnant for Emily’ foster brother? They were pretty chummy during his visit, and she seemed to be always off giving him “tours”, lol.

    As evil as Victoria is, she gives the best one liners on the show, well besides Nolan of course.

    • Shannon

      Fifi4life ‘Could Charlotte be pregnant for Emily’s foster brother?’ OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Best. theory. ever! I totally forgot about that ish!!! I love it, I love it. Even if it turns out to not be that guy’s baby, I’m totally gonna live in a world where your version of the story is what happened. Thank you :)

  • Emily Thorne is Amanda Clarke

    It was really good, this whole season I’ve been like “ehhh” but these last few episodes are winning me over. They just need to keep it up next week and do what I think they are going to do from the previews and have Emily tell Jack who the heck she really is. I know a lot of people don’t like Jack but he is more down to earth than Daniel. I can’t stand Daniel, he is so arrogant and stuck up now. I want Aiden to kick his ass lol.

    • Joan

      I have to concur with everything, especially with your Daniel ass kicking wish. Either by Jack or Aiden, it doesn’t matter. I just want to see the ass kicking and get him out of his deluded Grayson high-horse.

    • Hannah

      Yes, Daniel should definitely have his ass kicked by Aiden. Daniel annoys me more and more every week.

      I also feel more and more sorry for Aiden every week. His heart is going to get stomped on. Things will not end well for him.

      Does anyone know if season 3 has been picked up? I will die if we never get to see Victoria find out who Amanda Clark really is.

  • Devonte Antonio

    “I just don’t see Declan puttin’ in work like that”…ma’am…I am through…With…YOU! No you didn’t!!! LMFAO! You sho’ll right though! He ain’t laying it like that and I am SOOOOOO SURE it’s Emily’s brother…emphasis on BROTHER! OK?! Vicky G ain’t gon’ be happy…a mulato grandchild…she will usher him right on through to the Catholic church too….

  • nicole

    this episdoe just set up an amazing season finale. i cant wait to see how all of this plays out! so much happened in that episode, so many tiny details. cant. wait.

  • Liz

    Emily tried to stop the whole bank account thing with Aiden and Nolan, because Aiden used his id to get in the account. It is easily traceable.
    I can’t wait for the day that Emily finally tells Jack who she really is!! This episode was really good, full of drama and suspense!

  • Parnell

    what is the song playing when charlotte tells daniel she’s pregnant

  • Becca

    I don’t get the whole Paris-deal! I mean – we probably won’t see it happen all permanently like “Emily” is presenting it. But that is the official intention and what she’s feeding everyone. So the question is: How the hell does she plan on being revenge-bitch from way of Paris?? Or is this some deep seeded longing of hers to get out of it all? But I mean. It’s not like she disappears off the map just because she moves across the Atlantic, she’ll still be married to freakin Daniel Grayson… What’s the deal???

    Confusion is on overload and I am psyched about next week!

  • Becca

    And why do I get the feeling that Daniel is going to end up shooting someone? ;)

    • Joan

      Um, good one. Part of my dislike for Daniel (lately) is that he is more Grayson than he admits to even himself, so this is totally plausible. But if he shoots Aiden, WE ARE DONE! Forever!

  • Franki

    This episode was awesome! Regina & Declan stuck in an ATM during a blackout…mmmhmm, it’s going down! I called the whole Regina-Declan-Charlotte love triangle last week, but an OMG! thought passed in my mind of Declan having two baby mamas when they got stuck! And I agree with Becca..totally see Daniel shooting someone! So excited for next episode!!!

  • Jeff

    Im pretty sure that what activated the blackout, was the drainage of the grayson account… it makes sense cause the blackout happened right after… so it was probably a trap set up by Falcon even in jail….

    • Hannah

      I agree. That was my first thought and why it was so easy for Nolan to get the info from the Falcon.

  • MJ

    Ooo, thanks for the shotout, Shannon! :) I’m just sayin’…I’d love to see a wedding, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    This episode = so. many. feels!

    Declan might win my love forever if he busts out “I’m trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre!” But he won’t, so off with you Decs! We know that baby ain’t a Porter… Emily’s head might explode if her faux-bro and bio-sis did hook up, tho.

    Aiden, Aiden, Aiden….so dude knows what Takeda’s real plan is?! Something tells me his training Emily was part of HIS revengenda. Something about him still rubs me the wrong way after all this time. I still wonder if he’s been playing Emily someway. Which leads me back to…he’s Patrick!

    Carrion: I still feel like this chick is a pawn of The Falcon’s. And I’m curious to see where they go with the blackout. I just hope we don’t end up in an empty stadium looking for Suspect Zero…but I on the plus side, while there is no power no one can check the computer records to see Aiden stole the money.

    • Shavonne

      “Revengenda” OMG I love it!! You are officially too cool for me.

  • jessica

    i took it as Falcon setting things in motion through the bank transfer that activated Karion. hm.

  • nicole

    heres my question about Karion…it took the bank account be drained to activate it. did the falcon know that Aiden would do something like that?

  • Shavonne

    I’m pretty sure my ovaries exploded after Aiden did that whole katana finishing move. Ugh, one man should not be allowed to be so hot!!